Industry Reviews

  • Kirchhoff-EQ

    Michael Brauer

    7 Grammy Awards (Coldplay, John Mayer, The Rolling Stones)

    I was not expecting to have the Kirchhoff-EQ sounding so musical. Usually graft EQs are more like a surgical tool and very transparent. This plugin had a lotta warmth and punch if I chose it or smooth upper midrange almost in the pultec feel. Nice work!

  • Kirchhoff-EQ

    Paul "Willie Green" Womack

    The Roots, Wiz Khalifa, ScHoolboy Q

    The Kirchhoff is a do-it-all EQ. It's incredibly customizable and light on the CPU. Use it everywhere!

  • Kirchhoff-EQ


    Multi-platinum mixing engineer

    The sound, intuitiveness, and precision of this EQ are very impressive. I love that I can easily get to the exact place I want with it without much effort at all and without creating unwanted resonances. It's very musical! My favorite part is the options for the dynamic EQ function.

  • Kirchhoff-EQ

    Maria Elisa Ayerbe

    Multi-Grammy & Latin Grammy nominated Engineer (Mary J Blige, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony)

    Kirchhoff's EQ offers a variety of possibilities rarely found on a single plugin. From surgical cuts to musical boosts, this EQ will be part of your everyday toolkit.

  • Kirchhoff-EQ

    Skyler Gibbons

    Recording engineer (Syko, Lil Wayne, Moneybagg yo)

    After some time with the plugin, I am extremely happy with the sound and versatility! You guys nailed it again. It’s quickly replacing EQ plugins that I’ve had in my sessions for years. I’m extremely excited to continue to use this tool and show my fellow engineers and producers this great new product!

  • Kirchhoff-EQ

    Lucas (Luke) Pimentel

    Grammy & Dove nominated, Gold, Platinum & Diamond awarded Mastering Engineer (Jeremy Riddle, Miel San Marcos, Marcos Witt)

    Kirchhoff is the most comprehensive equalizer with full dynamic control that I have ever used. It rules with sonic royalty, fidelity and uncompromising quality!

  • Kirchhoff-EQ


    Latin Grammy Winning Producer, Engineer, Mixer

    For now, this plugin is replacing my go to EQ for any type of application where I need a quick EQ solution, filters and corrective EQing. Phase is amazing so it gives me confidence too on mastering low and high pass filters and frequency lifting. Great work guys!