Customer Reviews

  • HG-2MS

    by Gior Van Roig
    Si estás buscando el sonido cálido que ofrecen los equipos de tubo este es el que debes escoger. Lo más real que he escuchado y hace una gran diferencia usarlo para la masterización.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Muchas gracias!
  • HG-2MS

    by TRV503
    Let me start at the top. This thing has changed how I approach mixing for the better. I've used it on my submix buss, and it provides that "dirty gloss" I've been wanting. The videos I've seen and heard made me decide on the Mix and Master bundle and I'm glad I did.
    Great job. Now to use it on my tracks.....
  • unbelievable improvement

    by Black Frost
    The HG-2MS is so much better than the already mandatory first version, I cannot believe it. Sits on every channel. I am a recording musician, I record ITB 100% and I want to reduce digital feel. This is one of the tools I need for that. It is simple as that. If you cannot afford hardware like me, you need this.
  • Mo Betta

    This is a major improvement over the previous version of the plugin and is not merely an MS and EQ enhancement. It's sounding better and closer to a real tube. I will definitely be using this.
  • HG-2MS

    by Max KLM
    Beautiful for mastering and for groups of instruments.
  • The Best Satch, you can Buy

    by Studiorat
    Cant Live without it, I always look for Saturation, for. all kinds of things that normally wouldn't want saturation, like Cellos, and Glockenspiel, and Marimba, All kinds of stuff, that may be just what ya need ...PA is my Go To for the Last year or so...
  • Loving it within minutes

    by Heart of Cygnus
    So, right "out of the box" (and in the box), I'm loving this plugin. I put it on the electric guitar bus of a new tune I'm fiddling with (heavy 8 string guitars) using a preset for a starting point, I was able to immediately mellow out some of the harsh mid frequencies and tighten the low-end using the mono maker knob.
    I'm sure I've tapped into 1% of what can be done with the plugin in the enormous time I've spent using it (cue the laugh track), so I'm excited to get to know it better. I'm pretty sure it will end up on my mix bus as well as in my mastering chain.
    I really love the quality of plugins from Plugin Alliance. It's universally understood that they are making waves in the plugin world ;-)
  • Amazing!

    by Folia Soundstudio
    This thing really sounds stellar. I'm not even trying to guess how they made it, but it's absolutely worth the hype!
  • HOLY CRAP!!!

    by StudioMagic
    Just when I thought the HG-2 couldn't get any better, this thing is OFF THE CHAIN! Do NOT underestimate P.A. like I did, because they are NOT kidding with their products! I'm sold for life on this company. I bought the original HG-2 when it was on sale with my voucher and I'm glad I have the subscription so I can use the new version because I would be devastated if I didn't have this one. It's that much better than the original...if you can believer that's even possible.
    The Mid Side processing just takes your mixes to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL...and the stereo widening is amazing...the mono maker which I like to use for anything below like 80-100 hz or so depending on the song and it's key etc. Really helps keep the low end in phase and keeps the bass pumping and making the best use of the drivers instead of trying to make the low end into some stereo expression. Just amazing.
    I thought maybe the groove and vibe wasn't going to be that much different or better than the HG-2, but it IS! It's more intricate, has more vibe, more separation and more of everything we want. This really is "next level" GOAT level of talent here. Totally love this plug. It's my favorite plug in of all time right next to the Waves Renaissance Compressor for vocals and THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING! Use it...and become a fanboy like I am...and the rest of anyone else who uses it. There's a reason it's 5 stars all the way with everyone. Lives on my stereo buss now. I get all excited about this plug in to an embarrassing degree...and yet...I don't even care. It's cool to be this pumped up about a plug in and music. Thank you Black box Analog Designs.
    Makes me kinda feel bad for the folks who purchased the hardware unit and don't have the extra added features now, not to mention after dropping all of that cash they only have one instantiation. LOL....who are we kidding? I don't feel bad for them...they have the real thing and the hardware DID sound better when compared to the old plugin. I dunno about the new one though. It might sound better than the hardware with all of the added bells and whisteles. This thing sounds SOOOOO GOOD!!! There are only a few things that make me this over the top about audio...and that would be my modded Neumann m269....brilliant preamps like the legit 1073's or a crystal clear grace...maybe the vibe of an SSL desk and their g buss compressor for drums much like the townhouse etc. There are just some things that are home runs and THIS IS ONE OF EM! An instant classic and legend. What a great time we're living in for digital audio.
  • M/S works great

    by Naji
    Great plugin, great presets, as well