Customer Reviews

  • Crunchy

    by Ed Brandon
    I love this on the guitar bus. The ability to dial in some extra crispy high end saturation with the high pass mode is GREAT for increasing perceived brightness without harshness. Great plugin.
  • Instant Satisfaction!

    by Swisha G
    This literally takes your track to a whole new level with the simple click of a button! A must for every track I mix and master.
  • saturation

    by Trackformers
    Probably the best saturator Ive ever used. I try it constantly on different stuff and more often than not it works magic. If u can afford it, GET IT!
  • HG-2MS is a Monster

    by MrNiceGuy
    The Dream Tube Machine
    I like using it on vocals, it adds a nice saturation. It's magic on the mix bus but sounds great in your master bus as well. The interface is easy on the eyes and looks great. Highly recommended
  • It's a must have saturation tool

    by digiNiX
    The best saturation plugin I've ever used. No more words. Fantastic!
  • HG-2MS

    by Kwal
    An INCREDIBLY powerful and colorful tool that I use on nearly everything to give it a touch of saturation. Being able to adjust M/S saturation and onboard TMT make this a staple in my projects.
  • Sounds great

    by MS
    Really like this version on the mix buss or in mastering. Gives that extra "something" without smearing the mix.
  • The One and The Only

    by Wojtek
    All my other saturators are now gone, because Black Box ALWAYS sounds better.
  • Awesome

    by JP
    Super great, it's hard trying to decide which box to use. I like the HG-2MS and a parallel crush with the settings on the Vertigo VSM-3.
  • Fantastic!!

    by Julio
    I'm not one to usually write reviews, but I couldn't pass on commenting on this one. Just short facts here: I bought it on Christmas, installed it, put my already mixed song through it using the "41 MB_Mix Buss" preset and it just went, as if by magic, from 2D to 3D in my ears. I sent the new audio file to various other people, and they all hear it. In short, unmissable plugin!!! Thanks for the promo offer PA!!! All the best.-