Trash is back

Delve into a world of sound manipulation with Trash. This radically improved distortion plugin, boasts over 600 presets. Break through creative barriers by embracing randomness. Discover novel combinations. Blend up to four distortion effects with the Trash module and up to four impulse responses with the Convolve module. Harness your imperfections and master the craft of distortion.

Distortion that’s Trashier than ever 

Get ready to create and destroy, with an intuitive interface engineered for inspiration. Go from subtle warmth to sonic mutations. With trash everything is possible.

Trash module: The joy of breaking things 

Explore fresh sonic territories by venturing into novel, distorted realms, or simply delight in combining various elements with more than 60 distortion varieties, such as Rusty Bits, Cactus, Noise Art, and Distropia. Merge up to four distinct distortion configurations using an intuitive XY pad. Infuse dynamics and liveliness into your track with the Drive parameter, regulate distortion's strength, and sculpt frequencies dramatically with the Tilt control.

Convolve module

Transform your track into alternative objects and environments with more than 600 imaginative impulse responses, encompassing reverse reverbs, piano cabinets, and plexiglass tubes. Combine up to four IRs seamlessly using the XY pad and delve into fresh sonic realms. The Impulse Response Loader empowers you to incorporate any audio file, be it your dog’s woof or the latest viral clip, infusing its sonic traits into your track.

Multiband - Distort across the spectrum

Mold specific sections of your audio by dividing it into low, mid, and high frequency bands. Introduce a touch of distortion to particular parts of the spectrum, or get adventurous and mess everything up.

Envelope Follower 

Enhance mundane loops with Trash's dynamic distortion features, enabling the creation of sounds that seamlessly blend into one another. Uncover audios you never imagined possible with this intuitive Envelope Follower.

iZotope – mixing, mastering, and audio repair

Developed by the experts in intelligent audio technology, the iZotope product line includes award-winning plugins powered by the highest quality audio processing, machine learning, and intuitive interfaces. 

New Features

Intuitive interface
Trash’s new user interface has been redesigned to be as easy-to-use as possible. Everything’s on one screen, so you can play, experiment, and stay in the flow without menu diving.

Mix controls
Apply Trash and Convolve to your full mix, or blend both modules in and out across three frequency bands.

Randomly change the settings of both Trash and Convolve XY pads.

Add even more chaos and color to your sound with this self-oscillating low pass filter. It screams – if you want it to.

Autogain and Limiter
No need to worry about blowing your speakers. Trash takes care of output levels for you with intelligent autogain and limiter settings.

Switch the order of the Trash and Convolve modules in the signal chain for each frequency band and experiment with endless combinations of distortion and spatial effects.

Mix controls
Apply Trash and Convolve to your full mix, or blend both modules in and out across three frequency bands.


  • Iconic distortion engine with over 600 distortion types and impulse responses
  • Intuitive interface designed for creative inspiration
  • Trash module for breaking and transforming sounds
  • Explore over 60 distortion types like Rusty Bits, Cactus, Noise Art, and Distropia
  • Blend up to four different distortion settings with an intuitive XY pad
  • Modulate distortion intensity with the Drive control
  • Carve out frequencies for dramatic effect with the Tilt control
  • Convolve module with over 600 creative impulse responses
  • Shape specific parts of audio with Multiband distortion across low, mid, and high frequency bands
  • Dynamic distortion capabilities with Envelope Follower, allowing for creative sound blending

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Operating Systems

macOS Monterey (12.7.2), macOS Ventura (13.6.3), macOS Sonoma (14.2.1). Compatible with Intel or Apple silicon (M-series) Macs (in native & Rosetta)

Windows 10, Windows 11

iPadOS 17 or greater

Plug-in Formats
AAX, AU, VST3. All plug-ins are 64-bit only. Note: VST2 format is no longer supported.

iPad only: AUv3

Supported Hosts
Logic Pro 10.8, Pro Tools 2023, Ableton Live 11, Cubase 13, Nuendo 13, Studio One 6, REAPER 7, FL Studio 21, Reason 12.5, Maschine 2, Cakewalk by Bandlab.

iPad: Logic Pro for iPad 1.1


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