Robert Venable is a Grammy nominated, Dove Award winning record producer/mixer/engineer in Nashville, TN who has worked with GRAMMY-winning and multi-platinum recording artists including Megadeth, Kelly Clarkson, Twenty One Pilots and many more. He is also a chart-topping songwriter with Shoalsville Music and SESAC.

Robert's recording studio is just 20 minutes south of Nashville, where he produces and mixes his projects. In addition to music production, Robert has mixed sound for feature length films, television, and commercials. A few of his sound for video clients include Sony, Saturday Night Live, Lexus, Burger King, Disney/Pixar, and more.

In addition to music production, Robert is also a drummer. His band, As We Ascend, comprised of former We As Human members Jake Jones and Justin Forshaw, has won multiple awards and had 3 Billboard to 5 charting singles, including "Tell Me," which stayed at #1 for several weeks.

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Product Reviews

  • Fuchs Train II

    After playing through the Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 and the Fuchs Train II amp plugins for a few hours, and scrolling through the various presets, tweaking settings, messing around with the FX panel, I can honestly say that these are a couple of the coolest sounding amp sims I've messed with. Doing as much rock music as I do, these will quickly play a major role in upcoming productions. There's just something really cool about the tone they create: almost spongey, but still cutting and raw. I love how you can see the signal chain that was used while creating these plugins... they didn't cut any corners.

  • Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Class A

    This plugin gives you a spot-on emulation of the top-dollar mastering compressor we all know and love, but can do things that the original can't! The headroom adjustment abilities, as well as M/S controls are perfect for fine tuning your mixes and masters. Throw this on your drum buss with some deep optical compression and run it through the nickel transformer to take your drums to the next level. I'm using this on everything right now!