Born in Brazil in the late 70's and based in Los Angeles, CA since 2004, Lucas (also known as Luke) has received credit as songwriter, recording, mix, master engineer and music producer in dozens of Albums, EPs and Singles in the Americas and Europe.

Currently he works independently, providing services to Music Production and Film Divisions from Warner Bros Entertainment US, Sony Gospel Music and Universal Music Brazil as well working with local and international independent artists.

Owner at The FunAttic Production & Mastering Suite, Lucas has established a strong presence in social media and has become a reference in the pro audio/music community. "We are all learning something new every day", he says.

He can often be seen working and accompanying sessions in some of Los Angeles' state of the art studios such as Capitol Studios, United Recording, East West Studios and sound-stages like Fox, Sony, Eastwood (Warner Bros).

Some of his latest credits include: June21, Gabriela Rocha, Prisma Brasil, Taylor Scott, John Turri, Ministério Avivah, Shikaka, Joshua Estrada, Jessica Cabral, Libby Decamp, An Ordinary Day, Kevin Straine, Alfonso Hernandez, The Chunestudy Men's Choir, Kennedy Williams, Suelen de Jesus, Jack and The Bear, UNA, Andre Aquino, Celina Borges, Nova Voz, Quarteto Arautos do Rei, Ronaldo Arco, Felipe Valente, Rafaela Pinho, Projetart, Paula Chacon, Monique Milbratz, Jony Mendieta and more.

Other participations on editing/pre lay/soundtracking on American Sniper, The Man Who Knew Infinity, If I Stay, The Water Diviner, Discovery Channel "India", The Following, as well various collaborations on projects that are under non disclosure agreement (NDA) and therefore must remain unnamed.

If you love music, I am truly confident that you will enjoy meeting "Luke".

"Josh Guild" - A&R - WB

Lucas Pimentel's Website


Product Reviews

  • ADPTR AUDIO Streamliner

    Streamliner is the one stop tool to ensure you are doing dynamics and loudness right!

  • Bettermaker EQ232D

    Not all EQs are created equal, some are just made better! The Bettermaker EQ232D is likely to be one of the most gratifying and effective tools you can add to your master bus.

  • Knif Audio Soma

    The SOMA EQ will get used more often than any other ITB EQ emulation I own. It’s not invasive and yet adds just the right amount of color to the program. It was definitely worth waiting for!!

  • Brainworx bx_rooMS

    Man, this thing is ridiculous! After a few hours of playing with bx_rooMS, all I can say is that it's fantastic. Absolutely full control over every single relevant parameter of an FX processor! This is a home run! Big time!

  • Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

    This has been my bread and butter whether I’m mixing or mastering. It is not a transparent sonic tool. There are plenty of boring boxes out there :)

    However, it will not be invasive coloring nor change your program in a bad way. The ability to engage both compressors or just use one, makes the SHMC incredibly versatile. There’s enough dynamic control to make you go crazy and squash the life of a source or to simply tame the unwanted peaks. Three sets of transformers to choose from is like having multiple consoles at your fingertips. The Dual mono and stereo option is a must have and although my personal preference is the first, there are many occasions where linking the channels has saved the day on mixes in need of a punchy and solid low end.

    The Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor is my desert island dynamics processor and what Brainworx has done, is a meticulously accurate emulation of my beloved hardware. No compromises. It just works like it should. No shady business. Without a shadow of doubt, the one tool you will always be reaching for!

  • Lindell Audio 80 Series

    The 8028 is the missing piece in my sonic puzzle. It has the character and texture that everyone relates to when the word analog comes to mind. Having both 1073/1084 accessible with a single click, makes this emulation a dream come true.

  • Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Class A

    Wow, just wow!! The New Version of the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor has taken this tool to a whole different level. With TMT and M/S features alone, this emulation is now replacing other plugins in my chain. I never thought I would consider selling my Hardware until now... .