Customer Reviews

  • Optiocom sounds good on everything

    by PublicRecords
    Quickly became one of my favorite compressors. Does so much to the sound, very non linear and colorful. Super thick glue-y optical response, each speed has a personality it's own. Amp mode makes this work well as a saturation and color box. Very solid useful compressor, sounds good on almost everything.
  • I would use this plugin just because of its GUI...

    by Alex Sate
    ... but it does sound good also
  • Good Warm Compressor

    by Alex Picciafuochi
    I use it to smooth the edges of the sound and it works great!
  • ACME Opticom XLA-3

    by Sean Fullerton
    OMG, I am in LOVE. The amp mode alone
    makes me want to re-record everything I've
    ever done :) As a compressor, what unlimited
    yummy and gluey goodness... quintuple wow! sf
  • Amazing!

    by Gabrijel Prusina
    Amazing compressor. My favorite. The vibe, the punch, the sound. Come on man. This is a beast!
  • Analogue 2 go

    by Reto Rausch
    I immediately fell in love with this compressor. Just throw it on your master or any other bus. It makes things sound more appealing even without any compression.
  • Incredible tone box

    by Ben Collier
    Adds instant vibe to everything I've put it on, injects life into lacklustre vocals, works really well on orchestral busses for gentle squeeze and colour, definitely a secret weapon!
  • Character and color!

    by Francesco Scarpa
    La-2a type compressors have always had little color, which is why their use has never been creative type in my workflow.
    In the case of Opticom XLA-3, the character and color make a compressor similar to La-2a a very effective, creative and rich sounding plugin.
    With extreme settings, the audio material has a lot of difficulty being used for use outside the creative sphere, but at intermediate settings, you get an excellent compression for the three tracks and add color and harmonics enriching the sound.
  • VIBE

    by Nick F
    Unique, can be subtle, but shouldn't be used like that. It's a monster on any source. Recommended.
  • is great

    by riley
    I've never used the actual Opticom, so i don't know about how it sounds compared.... but as far as emulating the way real tube compressors and circuits are this is very very good. It can be clean and transparent or SUPER hairy. I've never heard a more interesting tube circuit modeled in software. TONS of tone shaping possibilities.
    Love it on vocals, parallel squishy drum crushing, guitar bus. Just tried it to blow up a reverb send and it was amazing. It's actually quiet versatile, I'm sure I'll find many uses.
    Be warned it's pretty heavy on the CPU but it's not unreasonable. I do sorta wish it had a "headroom" or "THC" switch like a lot of the other bx models have. I've gotten used to that on the townhouse and bx_consoles.