Customer Reviews

  • OMG!!!!

    by George G
    I hoped for, never did expect though, something like that...!!!
    I own almost a dozen "famous" compressor plug ins, and somehow I was often at a point where I yearned for the sound I had gotten from a pro - all analog - studio a few years back. I use harware preamps and comps, tube mics, a good converter, yet there was always something lacking. Till this thing came along!! They say "it's full of mojo"...what an understatement!! This will press the unpressable, this will make your mixes pumped and stay coherent, this will press your stiff shirt collar that came out of the dryer!!! I'm done buying more compressors. This, along with the Neold and a couple more hi-end ones, sealed my toolkit!! Definitely among my top 5 plug ins of all time!!
  • Que color

    by Pablo Fiore
    Sino tenés el teletronix, este en modo slow es una excelente opción, suena delicioso. Y dichosamente no falla en lo que dice, SON TONELADAS DE COLORACIÓN ARMÓNICA.
  • Acme Opticom XLA-3

    by tonyMaserati
    One the my favorites. I've used this on vocals as a parallel and directly on a channel. It give some bite as well as added energy and excitement. It's also useful on Bass, Guitar and even snare drums. Give it a try and you won't be disappointed!
  • Opticom XLA-3

    by DJ PureFire
    I love this plugin and i use it a lot. The different settings make it very versatile.
    Awesome work, thanks so much.
  • ACME XLA-3

    by Z
    I love this thing! basic comp but with lots of analog flavor. sounds good for vox tracks. It's plugins like this that make it fun to buy plugins.
  • Awesome plugin!

    by Faydit
    This compressor does, what a lot of other compressor plugins only promise. Beautiful "vintageizing" of the tone in a very positive way.
    Also works great as a bass or guitar (pre)amp, just add an cabinet IR and you get excellent clean to decently smoothed/clipped tones. Or add it after an already great sounding chain to improve the results even more.
    Also great - in my opinion - if you have miked a hang or frame drum or other comparable acoustic instruments. Still improves the results very much.
    Highly recommended!
  • BeastMode compressor

    by Keating
    If you could build a compressor out of tank parts and then turn that compressor into a plugin, it would sound like this. This plugin just sounds heavy and weighty in the most awesome way possible.
  • Opticom

    by azbest
    Beautiful sound, but for the love of all thats holy, please add a window resize option.
  • THE Vocal Compressor

    by Nokes Music
    This is my favorite compressor plug-in available from any company. I like to use a mixer channel strip to eq and compress lightly, then put this one after it for the final touch. Makes the vocal sit perfectly in the mix. Gives the vocal a lead vocal attitude.
  • Amazing Compressor

    by Mario Aguilera
    I used this plugin on bass and the character that provides to bass is amazing!!! always sounds good, I also use this in a parallel bus to compress my kick and snare and give them a little bit of that character this compressor has, definitely you want this compressor in your toolbox for mixing.