Customer Reviews

  • ACME XLA-3

    by Z
    I love this thing! basic comp but with lots of analog flavor. sounds good for vox tracks. It's plugins like this that make it fun to buy plugins.
  • Awesome plugin!

    by Faydit
    This compressor does, what a lot of other compressor plugins only promise. Beautiful "vintageizing" of the tone in a very positive way.
    Also works great as a bass or guitar (pre)amp, just add an cabinet IR and you get excellent clean to decently smoothed/clipped tones. Or add it after an already great sounding chain to improve the results even more.
    Also great - in my opinion - if you have miked a hang or frame drum or other comparable acoustic instruments. Still improves the results very much.
    Highly recommended!
  • BeastMode compressor

    by Keating
    If you could build a compressor out of tank parts and then turn that compressor into a plugin, it would sound like this. This plugin just sounds heavy and weighty in the most awesome way possible.
  • Opticom

    by azbest
    Beautiful sound, but for the love of all thats holy, please add a window resize option.
  • THE Vocal Compressor

    by Nokes Music
    This is my favorite compressor plug-in available from any company. I like to use a mixer channel strip to eq and compress lightly, then put this one after it for the final touch. Makes the vocal sit perfectly in the mix. Gives the vocal a lead vocal attitude.
  • Amazing Compressor

    by Mario Aguilera
    I used this plugin on bass and the character that provides to bass is amazing!!! always sounds good, I also use this in a parallel bus to compress my kick and snare and give them a little bit of that character this compressor has, definitely you want this compressor in your toolbox for mixing.
  • Nasty!!

    by Gerard
    Absolutely love it! I demoed and bought immediately. So different to my other compressors, really gives me a unique vibe . You can be so creative with this creamy and smashy tool!
  • ACME - Wonderful!!!

    by Mr.C.
    If you are looking for a vintage compressor sound with lot of punch and soft transients аt the same time, this is your best choise for it.
    For me, actually, I am working with lot of live recorded stuff ( rock, funk, reggae and so on ) this compressor became a secret swiss knife in big part of my production. It sounds very musically and punchy on a drum bus and on bass-guitar tracks.
    I am very exited about this plugin of PA-сompamy! Keep going to make a new stuff in that direction!
  • Amazing on BUS in AMP mode

    by Yetcop
    Just put it on your BUS (Bass, Guitars, Drums, Vocals) and listen, your mix will sound amazing.
  • Opticom XLA-3

    by BluelagoonStudios
    First time I tried this one, it brought my vocals to another level, just by switching it on. Since then, it's in my Plugin top ten. Where I hear that a track needs some color, this one comes up. And never let me down.