Customer Reviews

  • xla-3

    by kjm2239
    Plugin Alliance response
    Shortest 5 star review ever! :-)Thanks.
  • Attitude!

    by A.M. Music
    Kid Rock track? Oh yes. Celine Dion track, maybe not. nuff said.
  • ACME Audio Opticom XLA-3

    by Andrew
    I've been putting this on the input chain for recording my vocals, it adds density and gives it plenty of character on top of smoothing out the peaks. Lovin It...
  • Acme Audio Opticom XLA-3

    by Angee
    Simply loving the harmonics/character that adds to your track. Specially on Bass track. It helps to hear the notes of the bass not just Vibration. Very easy to use
  • its a nice comp

    by spockstudio
    Nice looking comp, and acts amazingly similar to hardware. I haven't used it on too many different sources yet, but its impressed me so fr.
  • LA-2A’s Angry Brother

    by Adam Bruns
    I’ll put it simple, great opto plug-in with nasty character and grit. If you want a clean opto-compressor, go with something else. This plug worked great on rock and pop based instruments and vocals, and I will contact bye to use for rock/pop genres. EDM and electronic genres may not have a need for its sound.
    Either way, this is a great plug and I’m loving my purchase of it.
  • The Opticom XLA-3

    by Bounce
    This is such a great compressor ! It sounds fantastic and with the ability to turn off compression is great ! It's a wonderful tool to heat up tracks ! I'm trying out the SSL 400 E channel and it's goes great with this plugin or by itself. The SSL will be my next purchase when it goes on sale. Plugin Alliance has done it again !
  • Opticom Excellence

    by Zac M
    I don’t mix a song without it. It’s always part of my vocal chain. Works great on all my mix busses as well. Another great product from Plugin Alliance
  • Great Comp!

    by krisnatry
    This comp isn't going to work everytime but when it works, its really great compressor or just using this as a tone box. It's really coloured plugs, when you need something to be a little dirty, this plugs doing it so well especially on anything digital (eg. softsynth)
  • Punchy 3D dirt

    by Thermal
    I finally demoed this compressor when it came on sale, I had to check what all the fuss was about. What an amazing plugin it is! It has more of a "hardware" sound to it than pretty much any of my other plugins. I describe it as adding a "3D" definition and presence, it sounds meaty and can really pack a punch. As far as I know it's supposed to be like an LA-2A on steroids, but in my experience it is a different beast (I used the old version of the UAD LA-2A a lot previously). Much less subtle.