Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic sound

    by styxxs2004
    This compressor adds just the right amount of harmonics and grit, for lack of a better term, in a good way to make things sound better. I love it!
  • Just Buy It Already

    by Bassfingerz
    I have heard the real deal outboard version of this baby at a session.
    Fell in love with it when I heard what it did for the vocalist.
    I wanted to own it, but couldn't afford it.
    But when I discovered you guys came out with a plugin version I HAD to check it out.
    I figured I'd demo it for 14 days and make my decision, if I'd buy it or not.
    Well...I made my decision in less than 10 mins.
    This will now be my go to compressor when I record bass.
    I love how it brings it to life, and sits right in the mix.
    I highly recommend this to anyone who's looking for a really good compressor, in plugin form, but sounds like warm analog outboard gear.
    Keep up the great work Plugin Alliance!
  • one of my favorite go to comps

    by uberlab
    This is by far my favorite compressor for "coloring". It can handle everything from vocals to percussions, to even orchestral elements (I love to use this on cellos - magic!)
  • Opto

    by Alex Hepting
    I head this one the first time. It lifts the dust and boxyness as if the audio went trough a real custom made tube amp. It makes a very analog warm sound. Not always my favorite to use it on everything but certain sounds.
  • What a comp!

    by C-bird
    Amazing plug-in! It may be not for all occasions, but it's capable of adding some sweet "colour" and musical distortion...
    Last but not least, its "less is more" attitude makes it a joy to use.
  • Amazing Opto

    by SeanRayaMusic
    This has to be one of the best sounding algorithmic opto compressors I have used. I absolutely love the versatility of it. It can do everything from smooth LA-2A like compression to saturated tonal shaping. Highly recommended!
  • Amazing

    by KOsborne
    This thing is amazing. Truly, there are VERY few "tube compressor" plugins that I actually enjoy using, because they don't sound like my tube hardware units. I won't say this thing sounds "just like" a hardware unit, but who cares -- because it sounds GREAT. That's all I care about. Very colored, very goopy and true "opto" action - nonlinear, fun to use, and tons of great plugin perks - parallel, noise adjust, input pad, etc.
  • Miguel Garcia

    by Miguel Garcia
    I am using this emulation for to get fat bass lines and you know what..? This is Awesome!! Congratulations
  • Acme Audio Opticom XLA-3

    by Rick Veneer
    I was attracted to this plugin because an optical compressor with the features of the Acme is an unusual beast.
    The ability to go from clean leveling to vintage colour, the amp section and saturation controls as well as the wet/dry balance, trim control etc along with that musical optical response makes this a versatile unit.
    I bought this plugin, however, because of it's amazing sound quality.
    I have a lot of very good compressors that can smash drums and basses and make vocals shine, but when I put this one on the master bus of a rock song I thought I had mixed already, the sound blew me away!
    Just starting with the preset "Master fattener" and tweaking the output gain to match the track, everything started happening. The sound was solid, the highs were sweet, the stereo imaging was fantastic, the bass popped out of the middle, the snare and vocals sang (no pun intended) and it all came together.
    This is quality. That "expensive" sound. Very impressed.