Customer Reviews

  • Great tool

    by Don Bastiano
    This probably is the most useful plugin I bought recently. I already found out a lot about professionally mixed & mastered recordings that I was unaware of before.
  • Great for referencing.

    by Jonnie
    This is a great tool for referencing your tracks, however the Windows version does not fit on the screen. I have to remove the Task bar to access the bottom of the application.
    Please fix!!!
  • This plugin is very unique

    by PATA
    I've been looking for a plugin which does what this does for a while now. I'm so happy I discovered it. Any music producer or engineer worth their salt will know, using references is essential to getting consistent mixes everytime and this plugin helps to achieve that tenfold! Most referencing plugins have a/b comparison only... Metric has 6 modules within the GUI and means you can assess far information about a track then any other plugin I've used for this purpose! Also has really advanced options within those modules to really customize how you want to read the ballistics. Under the hood this plugin really shines... Demo it and try it out! You wont be disappointed!
  • Excellent tool

    by Matt C
    This plugin is so sick. I've been using it to A/B my mixes as well as to dial in EQ on individual tracks. The octave view on the spectrum tool along with the option to isolate frequency ranges (high, mid, low, sub, etc.) makes this super easy to do. Since I got this my mixes have definitely improved and they translate way better. I didn't really think there was a point to plugins like this before but I got it on a good sale and figured I would give it a shot. After using it it's become an essential plugin for me and I would easily pay full price now that I know what it's capable of. Do yourself a favor and pick this bad boy up!
  • Best meter !!

    by Musician B.
    I love this meter, it is best on planet! Thanks Plugin Alliance!!

    by 2fP
    Like a suped up version of of Magic AB. This is one of my most useful plugins. Every mix I do now has this on the master buss.
  • Very versatile metering

    by Niko
    This thing is perfect for beginners and seasoned veterans. This thing makes level matching a breeze. You get all of the metering data you need plus more. I couldn't imagine mixing or mastering without it.
  • とてつもなく便利

    by ikech
  • Great tool!

    by Zodiac
    ADPTR AUDIO Metric AB is a great tool and does much more than just A/B. I would like to have the option to choose the physical output of the B side.
  • Metric AB - Awesome!

    by Paul
    Great tool however a little CPU intensive and also please incorporate the features of iZotope Tonal Balance Control which would make this perfect! Note: The crest factor is similar to the dynamics section but it would be really useful to see the "crest"/dynamics of just the low end. Hope this helps with development! Let us know if you implement this!