Customer Reviews

  • une merveille !!!

    by jordan
    Une merveille, ce (Metric AB) grâce a ce plugin vous pouvez tous analyser et être très précis il est très complet c'est un de mes plugin préférer merci plugin alliance ;-) n' hésitez pas a le testé !
  • Moly

    by TonVE
    Ok, this is what you all need. At least, thats wot I think, but hey I guess I needed it the most to get ahead finally.
    Took a while in the learning curve, but now I m amazed at what this brings to my mixes, while loading and comping some latest Steely D. cd' s.
    You ll get Miles ahead with this plugin.
    Thanks PA ! This is the best ear opener I could find!!

    by Charlie
    Finally the right plugin to start every work session!
  • ADPTR Mtric

    by Happy Folkie
    The best tool you can have in your kit! Irreplaceable.
  • Amazing

    by Generalpk
    This plug-in has changed my life , it’s amazing to match up to your favourite tunes in dynamics and width, stops you from over cooking your mixes
  • Metric AB

    by KaiN
    I never write reviews. But with Metric AB, I'm so enthusiastic, I want to give ADPTR Audio credits for creating such a versatile tool. It's so easy to use and learn, and gives you incredibly profound insights in your balancing skills, it is groundbreaking. Definitively one step up. Yessir!
  • This is a product everyone should know about

    by FF
    I’m only giving it four stars due to the fact that it’s missing a couple of things for it to be the ultimate audio metering and check tool.
    The “Plot” on the Spectrum page could use smoothing options.
    Other loudness meters such as Waves WLM, Voxengo Span and the plugin included with Pro Tools all have some form of clipping report and or count.
    I realize there’s lots of things crammed into one window. But the window is huge. The ability to stretch/shrink the plugin window would be indispensable.
    With that said, this is the most valuable plugin I’ve bought in a long time. An absolutely fantastic product. Thank you.

    by Johannes Mazur
    If you've always wanted to compete against commercial releases - this is your tool! I can't describe how essential Metric AB is. It literally slaps all the necessary changes and tweaks you have to make on you mix straight into your face.
    This is not your average analyzer or stereo scope. Believe me, get it, learn it... and your mixes and masters will never be the same.
    Warren Huart once said something like: "It is not the tool you use, it is the intention why you use it."
    This plugin tells you what your intention should be. By showing you how THEY made that song you love so much that you took it as a reference track. (and by revealing that even those big name guys aren't perfect Metric AB can push your confidence.)
  • Amazing tool for a fast workflow

    by Michi VGC
    I mean, you can technically do the same within your DAW, just pick a reference track, load a frequency analyzer, then a dynamic meter, hopefully you also have LUFS metering vst to check different standards, then match the levels of your track and your reference track; add another reference track, match levels, then another one, etc.; maybe you are gonna have to go back to the mix session to change a couple of things;
    ¿What if you wanted to do the same in the mix project? Maybe you don't wanna start cluttering up the session with heavy cpu vsts, or if you want to do the same there, you are probably gonna have to repeat all that process for every song project you have, and by doing that, you are probably wasting a couple of minutes on something that could be set up with just one plugin;
    Metric AB is one of those plugins that makes the workflow really easy for everyone, specially when mastering.
  • Awesome Universal Tool!

    by LorenzoMJr
    The Metric AB plugin is an awesome universal tool that allows potential purchasers the ability to compare any reference track to a current audio -"mix" and/or -"master" session for achieving the best possible sounding (final) "mix" and/or "master".
    Aside from music -mixing and -mastering, I use this awesome "game-changer" tool (as one of many components) in my post-production process for creating the highest quality of professional dialogue- and foley- audio. As such, I wouldn't be able to achieve the great results that I have so far, if I hadn't purchased the Metric AB plugin. The Metric AB plugin is a 5-star plugin.