Customer Reviews

  • Great tool!

    by Zodiac
    ADPTR AUDIO Metric AB is a great tool and does much more than just A/B. I would like to have the option to choose the physical output of the B side.
  • Metric AB - Awesome!

    by Paul
    Great tool however a little CPU intensive and also please incorporate the features of iZotope Tonal Balance Control which would make this perfect! Note: The crest factor is similar to the dynamics section but it would be really useful to see the "crest"/dynamics of just the low end. Hope this helps with development! Let us know if you implement this!
  • Nice but...

    by Textrider
    I really like it. Very comfortable A/B plugin with good analyzing tools. But i miss the possibilty to adjust the window size when i wotk with a laptop. Please! Implement this feature!

    by TTLangen
    Great tool for mastering comparison. We live in a era of countless revisions so being able to A/B efficiently different versions and also being able to pin point the differencies is crucial. Outstanding metering as well.
  • Awesome

    by ArdaAudio
    Just for the fact that in the loudness section there's a death magnetic master setting i give it 10 stars for humour. But seriously... I have used this for 20 mins now, tried it on two different tracks that are 90% done and it's just immense. Haven't even used the a b function yet. Lots of info nice to see commercial mastering targets, the dynamics graphing is awesome. Well done, a true and helpful tool to help me know that have made the right choices at the when inserted at the end of my mix session. Or to correct a few things. So good had to write some nice things before i know how to use it all. Once again great job
  • Its a staple for Mastering studios

    by Compound Audio
    Before using Metric A/B for Post Audio Master applications, I had to create send & return channels in order to hear the before and after.
    although this was fine, I found that I would take 2 or 3 mins matching loudness levels & freq response etc.
    With A/B Metric, its just a touch of a button to get equal loudness of the before and after, as well as getting the same loudness as other commercial records.
    It also comes with some amazing features, Its 100% made my work flow faster and helped me choose better decisions when mastering for clients too.
  • Metric AB: Best out there

    by Daedalus
    Easy to use, chock full of incredibly useful features. Volume match alone is worth its weight in gold. It is on the fuller side of features, where one could almost argue overkill, but I'd rather have them all and not use them than miss the flexibility when in need. Was using another plugin previously to do the same thing, but this is far better, hands down.
  • Fantastic Tool

    by m2
    Since my mix environment is the definition of a 'not perfect', referencing as I go is absolutely critical. Metric AB has everything I look for in a reference tool: it's simple to drag and drop in multiple references, the metering options are top-notch, the various listening modes are super helpful, and it's light on the CPU to boot. Highly recommended.
  • ADAPTR Metric A/B

    by John Durant
    The Metric A/B plugin is another one of those PA must-have’s that combines several essential metering and analysis tools into a single extremely useful plugin. The efficiency and design of this product tells me that those who developed the Metric A/B are experts with mixing and mastering workflow.
    The ease in which you can load up and analyze several reference tracks (including multiple versions of the tracks you’re working on) while making adjustments in your mix is what makes this plugin so valuable. The tools and layout make perfect sense, and the extra large A/B button gives you a nice big mouse cursor target to land on when quickly scrolling around the screen.
    The Metric A/B is primarily used as the last plugin on your output chain before any monitor calibration software, but I think it could also be useful on soloed tracks or groups when trying to analyze particular track elements. This plugin strikes the perfect balance between A/B referencing by ear, and having precise real-time measurements for things like EQ, loudness, and panning.
    Don’t underestimate this audio referencing workhorse. This is another exceptional PA plugin that will help ensure that your mixes are on par with your favorite proven industry hits!
  • Top in the game

    by Carlos Mosqueda
    I Love it!! it really Improve my workflow, I used 4 plug ins fo qhat this one Does!! Really beatiful interface!