Customer Reviews

  • wow

    by L.R
    This has been such a great help, great job plugin alliance!
  • Clean sweep Pro

    by Uteowl
    I started out with the free version and graduated to this. The CSP is the first thing I have on every track.
  • Important Tool!

    by JMCX
    If I would start all over again, this would probably be the first "Tool" that I'd add to my collection. The included presets are excellent for cleaning up tracks and making light prep work for better mixing decisions down the road.
  • Clean as a whistle!

    by Darkcharm
    This just makes things too easy, buy it!
  • First plugin on all my channels.

    by Backstrom
    Great plugin. Use it first on all my channels. It makes you listen and dial in the sound to be musical instead of relying on spectral analyzers.
  • wooo

    by nice
    thank you
  • Great for Vinyl

    by Alex Picciafuochi
    I love to attenuate the highest and the lowest frequencies with this eq when I do mastering for vinyl
  • bx_cleansweep Pro

    by sampradana
    simple and so powerful and useful plugin! it's on my each audio track by default when opening. So smooth and/or so wild and creative you can get with it!
  • Not just a filter

    by Stereotactic
    Very useful filter, transparent and with lots of different flavors to choose from.
    A creative tool that does much more than just filtering.
  • No brainer filter

    by Tim
    This filter does what it says it will - provides a variety of high and low pass filters which can be effortlessly tweaked to your taste. The range of filter shapes is broad, and the controls are simple and intuitive. Sure beats all the standard EQ filters I've been using...