Customer Reviews

  • bx Cleansweep Pro

    by babytrash
    A very different plug-in to achieve the unusual in your music. It is a multi-mono plug-in effect that can inject vibrance and life into dull and monotonous tones. You can add ear-candy interest with subtlety, or dial up the effect to achieve extreme effect.
    I've experimented with the unit on a variety of audio files and was very satisfied with the quality of the sound bx Cleansweep Pro produced. I'm looking forward to applying this on my next recording!
  • Clean Sweep Pro

    by Sidney T.
    I have been trying to control or take out a bad slide guitar frequency for months but after purchasing Clean Sweep Pro, I was able to take the frequency out in 20 min! It was gone, completely gone! Way to go Clean Sweep Pro!
  • Well worth it!

    by Tom Waters
    I demoed this for about 15 minutes before deciding to buy it. It's great for cleaning up individual tracks, and some of the presets are pretty good for creating different sounds. For that alone it's a great tool for exploring. It's been a staple since I bought it. Recommended.
  • bx_cleansweep Pro

    by GV
    Not just high and low cut. With it's resonant filters, this thing will do some serious special effects with automation. The name is not a gimmick--it is clean.
  • Superior Tone Shaping Tool

    by Harold
    I find this tool rather useful and I'm glad I purchased it. I'm using it now frequently. The filters sound very good and the x/y pad makes adjustments that feel more organic than clinical. I get superior results quickly especially with broadband sources like loops and complex synths.
  • The mixers best friend

    by Instamental Man
    This little bad boy finds its way onto most of my audio tracks. It quickly gets rid of mud or sizzle that can cloud my mix. Its the one plugin i'm not afraid to over use.
  • The one you didn't know you needed

    by Schoeps where are you
    Brilliant plug-in. The kind of thing you'd think you wouldn't need until you use it on ... everything.
    Plugin Alliance response
    You´re not "really" Donald Trump, hm? ;-)Thanks for the positive review though.
  • Low Cut

    by Keith Moore
    My favorite EQ for cutting that unessesary low end.
  • bx_cleansweep Pro

    by Ebro
    It's been one of the first plugins in my toolbox since I got it, and it's worth of every cent. Thanks.
  • I overlooked this one, That was a mistake

    by MixedbyMe
    Super simple but amazingly effective, no need to wonder how to get the sound you want from your recordings, this little tool takes out everything that will muddy and mess up your track with ease.