Customer Reviews

  • bx_cleansweep Pro

    by Alex Hepting
    For all kind of progressive sound effects this thing is a must have.
    A filter setup combination of LP and HP can be used to push the sound forward and back. This ability gives more depth to production without additional routing. The chebyshev filter in automation is just crazy.
    I demoed before a purchase, which caused to buy it finally.
  • cleansweep pro

    by Little Cloud
    I brought this plugin because it was cheap and I saw what it did..I now use this shaping tool every single day in my work.
    I find the speed it lets me get to what I am hearing in my head in shaping any track imaginable for a mix is pretty astonishing.
    Ive used it on crushed drums to a ukelele to synth sounds of all kinds to atmos trax.
    God bless cleansweep man haha
  • An essential tool

    by Eric Snodgrass
    You don't know you need this until you have it. Then you'll wonder how you worked without it. This is as essential to your audio tool-kit as a pair of pliers to a regular tool kit.
    Sometimes as a mixer you will get tracks that are not optimally recorded - maybe all the instruments and vocals were recorded with the same budget preamps, which can give a poor uniformity of sound and make difficult separating the different elements within the mix. This tool will help correct that problem simply and quickly.
    I am not much of a user of presets, but I have found that the presets on this plug-in have been dialed in very well, making them perfect starting (and sometimes ending) points. It can give a problem track just enough to make it stand out, yet still fit in the mix. It can also make good tracks even better in the mix.
  • Stability

    by Randy
    The main difficulty I'm having from this plugin is not what it does with the sound, but the way it handles. The entire plugin moves about the desktop when you try to move a dial or the joy stick, the dials don't even move at all and the joy stick doesn't seem to respond to the computer's mouse cursor. It's frustrating and shouldn't happen at all. Making me wish sad to say, that I never brought it. I don't need this kind of time wasting fight.Stability is what it's all about.