Customer Reviews

  • a sound revelation!

    by earthymusic
    These filters are beautiful, powerful tools for sound shaping. I record acoustic instruments and have heard lots of what I consider great recordings. I've also tried many plugins. Some are cool, some are tricks, and some leave scars. To my amazement, these filters sound and behave like instruments. And even in extreme settings, the results are always musical, interesting, and inspiring.
  • Genius

    by ROJH
    This is genius! Use this, a compressor and balance. Add some spices like delay and reverb, maybe saturation and boom! You have a clean mix!
  • clean and fast

    by JJBOT
    Provide easy and fast way to sculpt your sound.
  • Brainworx bx_cleansweep Pro

    by Vas
    High quality. Worth the price.
  • upgraded V2

    by H Helms
    Used the free version quite a bit but finally discovered that upgrading was completely worth it.
  • bx_cleansweep pro

    by pk
    Everything I want in a filter.Power and flexibility. It's become a vital creative tool in my productions.
  • Vital

    by Bookie
    An absolute core necessity that is some how over looked in certain daws. The linkable control makes it so easy to find the sweet spot.
    The analyzer and other functions from within also make it great for being able to do pre mix judgments from within. If I was making electronic music getting this plug would not even be in question. Some interesting filters as well.
    Why did i wait!!!
  • bx clean sweep pro

    by wylhill
    awesome filters , great work bx
  • Like a Pro

    by eric b.
    Really powerful and effective. Sound great!
  • bx Cleansweep Pro

    by babytrash
    A very different plug-in to achieve the unusual in your music. It is a multi-mono plug-in effect that can inject vibrance and life into dull and monotonous tones. You can add ear-candy interest with subtlety, or dial up the effect to achieve extreme effect.
    I've experimented with the unit on a variety of audio files and was very satisfied with the quality of the sound bx Cleansweep Pro produced. I'm looking forward to applying this on my next recording!