Customer Reviews

  • Amazing!

    by Billabong x
    I have tried it on a vocal track and compared it to a number of other channel strips. It sounds pristine, clear, AND musical. No matter what EQ I dialled in, it seemed to increase musicality. Even the notes' primary frequencies, where things can easily go muddy or dull, came out with just more substance and body. I am actually blown away, and I am not usually someone to write over-excited reviews.
    Note: some of the other channel strips were more vintage, but I compared whether those would give more of 'their' vintage musicality. I think with vintage (I mean SSL E/G etc) you got to know what it is good at and use that. The AMEK just seems to be good at anything you ask of it!
  • AMEK 9099

    by sjcongo
    once you listened with this thing... your music and you will become addicted to this ;) Maybe this sound will become the standard in high class audio files, thanks so much
  • Stunningly good and fast

    by MS
    I used 9099 to remix an orchestral composition that uses Spitfire's BBCSO library that I had spent days fiddling with all sorts of plugins to finally get a decent, but not stellar mix. Literally fifteen minutes remixing it with 9099 and it sounds commercial. Talk about game changer.
  • very good

    by Ndal
    I feel like...
    amek 9099 : warm(smooth), thick
    ssl 9000 : open, clear(NICE!)
    focusrite : open(air), warm(bright)
    API : colorful & aggressive
    It's all so good. But The amek9099`s the options are excellent!
  • AMEK 9099

    by XoNaR (Raf)
    This is by far the best channel strip out there, Brainworx really outdid themselves with this one.
    It is absolutely unreal how a single instance of this plugin can make any track/channel in your project just sound so much better. And it's incredibly efficient!
    Familiarize yourself with the various modules and throw this on any and all tracks/channels in your templates, existing songs and work-in-progresses, you will not be disappointed.
  • Maybe the best bx channel strip

    by TTQ
    Easy to use, lovely interface, thick and balanced sound. With the bx_console SSL E and G I find myself often reaching for another compressor, but the AMEK seems to have a wider range from subtle balancing to getting some serious punch and crunch. The compression just sounds great on pretty much all settings. Same with the EQ, great range from subtle sheen or removing uwanted rumble, to drastic sound shaping that I wouldn't expect on an analog modeling channel strip. I guess that's true on the actual console too, but like most of us I have never even seen one in the real world. The main reason I use a channel strip plugin is to get as much done on the tracks as early as possible, with coherent and simple approach and AMEK gets it to the next level. The GUI is clean and clear, and with the amazing range and smart additions like Mono Maker and Stereo Width there's less and less need for me to stack plugin after plugin on the tracks. AMEK has replaced 4000 G on my templates, and with it on every track and the GOAT bus compressor bx_townhouse on the bus there's rarely need to add anything else to make things sound superb.
  • AMEK 9099

    by RonBrain
    Not all channel strips are created equal. I've demoed all the BX kit and bought a few. When the AMEK came up on sale, I demoed it on some songs and loved it. It doesn't just make things louder. I had a coupon too. That sweetened the deal.
    For this one, I actually sat down with the manual to make sure I understood how it all works. Well worth a few minutes to get familiar. Presets are a good starting point. I had no problem dialing in the tracks needed.
    It's nice to be able to add some useful plug ins to my set up at a realistic price. I will emphasis that last point. I think developers would rather sell ten copies at an affordable price, instead of just one at full release list price. Thank you

    Super produit je suis vraiment satisfait de la qualité Sonore
  • BX_console AMEK 9099

    by spyderman
    This is an amazing tool that I use all the time, and I have an AMEK Big 44 console. It saves me time and is so musical. I use it on tracks I send back through the hardware AMEK just for the mojo! Thanks Brainwork, great product.
  • The Best..

    by Goldenchild / WM
    I'm Gonna keep it short.. In my opinion the AMEK 9099 is The Best Channel Strip plugin on the market both sound wise & feature. Plugin-Alliance you did it congrats thanks for such amazing tools. Now please add the AMEK's console Pre Amp to the strip, or have it as a separate plugin. Just like you guy's have the separate bus plugins for the Lindell 80 & 50.. Looking forward for this add-on that would make this channel strip unbeatable for years to come in my opinion.