Customer Reviews

  • Workhorse of a plugin

    by Matthias P.
    Brainworx has found something quite good here. Each section has numerous modes that makes them adaptable to about anything I run through it.
    The gate/expander is one of the most useful I have found and the compressor doesn't feel heavy handed. There is even a limiter, which saves me from having to load extra plugins to control dynamics. So nice. The EQ really shines on the high end and the different modes for the mids. Very flexile.
    The only real complaint I have is that input gain did not feel very sensitive, though that may be reflective of the real world model.
  • Great!!

    by CLNyc
    This is my new fave. The feature set is awesome (just about anything you would need) and it sounds great.
    Love that it can be run on DSP.
  • 9099

    by TB
    Wow! Speachless...
    The sound of our 9098 in the box. Amazing!
  • Works on absolutely everything

    by Ben M
    If you don't have a go-to channel strip plugin, and you can afford to rent or buy this one, then there is no need to look any further. It has absolutely every option I have ever wanted in a channel strip, not to mention the sound quality and analog qualities you get from this thing are out of this world good.
    Even if you already have a channel strip you love and use every time, this one is worth a look because it might just be better sounding or more flexible.
    I've begun putting this on every track, and it sounds like I have the kind of incredibly high quality hardware mixing board that I could never afford.
  • AMEK 9099

    by posbol
    An amazing plugin console. I really like my Console N. Great emulator of the Neve console, but this one is more powerful, warmer, more accurate, it has a lot of resources like notch in EQ for precision cut, auto listening too, Gate, Comp, and it sounds amazing. Congratulations guys !! I already have it working on all the channels of my DAW !!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts with us and enjoy your new tool!
  • I Love The AMEK 9099

    by Chiren Music
    I'm glad I decided to check the demo. Doing so made me come back to PA.
    I have a lot of hardware, but of course I also need a workhorse EQ to use on most individual channels. The filters and the EQ section off this channelstrip blow me away. It's the best sounding digital EQ I came across. Love it!!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Welcome back, thanks for your support & enjoy your new tool!
  • bx_console AMEK 9099

    by Trevor The Technician Mckenzie
    This is one extraordinary VST console channel strip plugin.
    Trevor The Technician McKenzie
    The Art of Dub
  • AMEK 9099 - Impressive

    by Audiodemon
    Loving this console plugin. All of the BX console plugins sound great but this one is has reached another level. Such great, inspiring tones and some seriously useful additional functions available, especially the TMT, Mono Maker, and Stereo width.
    If you're new to all in one channel strips, no need to be scared off by the complexity of the interface of this AMEK 9099 plugin - just work your way through it section by section. Or start by just engaging key features like Filters, Comp, and EQ sections.
    This is my latest go to channel strip. Impressive sound.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Many thanks for sharing your thoughts and enjoy your new tool!
  • Five Star Channel Goodness

    by Love At First Sound
    I love PAs offering for channel strips. I own or (thru the Mix & Match) rent all that they offer. I love all the flavors for any and every occasion. However, the AMEK 9099 is the one I can use under every circumstance. Headroom rivaling the SSL 9kJ and Lindell 50. A dynamics section with flexibility and more than one kind of 'smack' available. I'm even using the 'clean' UI vs the 'dirty' UI as a way to keep tracks organized! Multiple pairs of filters, a nice pre and THD? YES! I'm still testing it out, but it very likely will be my go-to template channel strip. TBH, I've been waiting for this strip since I heard PA was working on it. THANK YOU and Cheers to your team on a fantastic audio tool!
  • I'm Blown Away!

    by Mixedby8i
    I bought the SSL 4000E cause you know, standard (And even that is good). But the AMEK9099 is now my go-to channel strip! I love the sheen that the high shelf provides! And what a simple plugin to use! Buy this twice when it comes out!!