Customer Reviews

  • BX_console AMEK 9099

    by spyderman
    This is an amazing tool that I use all the time, and I have an AMEK Big 44 console. It saves me time and is so musical. I use it on tracks I send back through the hardware AMEK just for the mojo! Thanks Brainwork, great product.
  • The Best..

    by Goldenchild / WM
    I'm Gonna keep it short.. In my opinion the AMEK 9099 is The Best Channel Strip plugin on the market both sound wise & feature. Plugin-Alliance you did it congrats thanks for such amazing tools. Now please add the AMEK's console Pre Amp to the strip, or have it as a separate plugin. Just like you guy's have the separate bus plugins for the Lindell 80 & 50.. Looking forward for this add-on that would make this channel strip unbeatable for years to come in my opinion.
  • bx_console AMEK 9099

    by PMT Studio
    Wow, not because of the hype but because of the performance of this baby loving it.
  • A true swiss army knife

    by Kristian West
    Ever since this became possible to own as a perpetual license, I've been looking to add it to my arsenal, mainly for overall coherent mixing across the channels, but also for surgical sound design and pushing my sound forward. And today it happened - slashed to 99$ and the additional deduction of my monthly 25$ voucher made this a no brainer and great alternative to the Lindell 80. I have promised myself that this will be my final channel strip. It will be for a good while, anyway, thanks to the versatility of options. Happy New Year, me. 2022 is sounding good already!
  • Stunning!

    by Rutger V
    Once again Brainworx created a wonderful sounding plug-in! The Ambiance function in the compressor section is a great creative tool.
  • Amazing!

    by scorpio909
    This channel strip is the best on the market. They all have their place but this one is my favorite. It is definitely worth it! Best plugin ever!!!!
  • AMEK 9099 Dark UI

    by neal1047
    I totally love the new Dark UI. Really badass - thanks guys!!
  • Amek 9099

    by Rosta Foret
    I purchased from September 2021 3 plug-in + bonus = MADDMIX BX_CONSOLE AMEK 9099 / Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Class A / Black Box Analog Design HG-2 / Black Box Analog Design HG-2MS. He put on recordings, the background of my band. It is more than surprising, pleasing, functional, the band sounds completely different about what I reach, works, everything jumped in speech, readability, result compactness. Lord Engineers at P.-a. Thanks from Europe, Czech Repault. Rf
  • amek 9099

    by servet K.
    I've been renting PA's monthly plan from time to time. I installed the trial version of Amek 9099 and I am still confused. Everything is so delicious, the functions of the add-on are so clear and satisfying that I decided to switch to the annual plan. I'm on the annual plan. I congratulate you for your hard work and this delicate effort. Thank you.
  • Workhorse of a plugin

    by Matthias P.
    Brainworx has found something quite good here. Each section has numerous modes that makes them adaptable to about anything I run through it.
    The gate/expander is one of the most useful I have found and the compressor doesn't feel heavy handed. There is even a limiter, which saves me from having to load extra plugins to control dynamics. So nice. The EQ really shines on the high end and the different modes for the mids. Very flexile.
    The only real complaint I have is that input gain did not feel very sensitive, though that may be reflective of the real world model.