Customer Reviews

  • ええやん!EEYAN

    by 初音もっこり(え?)
  • Great sound but not for the faint of heart

    by Joey
    Generally speaking the presets always enhance whatever sound I'm putting through them, but it is a bit of the deep end as far as trying to figure out how to make your own patches.
  • Superb

    by Albornocero
    There is something super sweet in this consolé emulation. I specially LOVE the high shelving, its like adding magic air. I only miss sidechain comprensión, but It is still Magic.
  • Lovely EQ

    by The Second Law
    Before I got this, I thought, EQs are EQs. They’re all really pretty much the same. (Yes, I was an amateur.)
    Then I got this guy. These filters are amazing . I especially love the two low bands. Just so beautiful. It doesn’t feel like I’m EQing; it just feels like the sounds get better. I’ve found myself pushing the knobs all the way up without realizing it as a result.
  • Absolutely Beautiful

    by EBNY
    I own at least a dozen channel strips from Waves, UAD, to several PA products and have to say the Focusrite SC is my absolute favorite. Not really what else to say... its just sweet and wonderful sounding.
  • bx console Focusrite SC

    by Fran
    beautiful sounds! This Focusrite console emulation is simply awesome! A MUST HAVE!!
  • Really Freakin' Good

    by IncandescentAudio
    I've never been a huge fan of channel strips until I discovered BX's lineup with the THD knob and selectable TMT, which are incredible features. I really like this particular strip for its clean and clear sound, it's become my go-to for pop vocals. Parameter-wise it's more flexible than most console-modeled channel strips: variable attack and a dry/wet knob on the compressor, sidechain filter section, variable Q and sweepable frequency on the EQ mid bands, and a de-esser that's surprisingly good.
  • Excellent plugin!

    by duffharris
    Wow - I can't believe this thing was free with my Clarett. It's worth the buy.
  • Good

    by Carlos
    Nice plugin!
  • Excelente

    by Pablo Fiore
    Combinado con mi previo Focusrite ISA one lo llamo el combo peligro, debido a que el sonido apunta a lo mismo entonces sentís que se llevan de maravilla y logras un sonido clásico de Focusrite, si grabaste con un ISA y aplicas esta consola, realmente no hay diferencia entre tener la consola real o no, porque lo que le puede faltar ya se lo da el preamp con el que grabé, enseguida lo experimenté, y el resultado fue la genialidad esperada.