Customer Reviews

  • Aqua

    by Francisco
    Congratulations very, very excellent ...!!
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  • bx_console Focusrite SC

    by A€
    As a long-time studio musician, producer & remixer; it took about 30 seconds for the Focusrite channel strip to make me a believer.
    A bit of background... I recorded professionally for the first time at the age of 7 in Nashville and spent many years as a live musician & vocalist before transitioning to mainly a session musician & eventually producing. Simply put, I am far from being a newcomer to professional audio recording and well remember the days when having a studio at home for a normal musician/singer was just a dream.
    The Focusrite SC was the second brainworx plugin that I gave a serious try out and within 30 seconds I was hooked. The mix sounded more open and spacious and had a depth that I love and
    I didn't have to spend hours tweaking settings to get the sound I love.
    My one complaint is that it is a bit resource-hungry but there are work-arounds to keep that from being a serious issue.
    I own and use a variety of plugins (several channel strips as well) and they all have their place and uses but the bx_console Focusrite SC quickly became my go to channel strip.
    Great work brainworx!! This is definitely a hit!!
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    Thank you!
  • The Focus is definitely right on this one!

    by B.O.S.S. Shawn
    Stunning! I have finally found that go to desert island channel strip. I'm a hip-hop guy so this thing sounds so beautiful mixing 808's and thick layered synths. Brainworx if your superb engineers could just add a pan pot to this channel strip then it would be the best one on the market. If I can get really greedy maybe if you could get the CPU usage as low as your other channel strips that would just make my day.
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    Thanks. The algorithms in all of the console emulations are different, based on the original circuits. That's why this plugin uses a bit more than the other consoles.
  • The core of my workflow

    by Xiyu
    This has quickly become my go-to plugin for mixing. It has everything I really need (save for reverb, delay, and occasionally saturation). My workflow has been simplified by this plugin, yet it's surprisingly effective and versatile. Most importantly, it sounds clean and precise, but still has a subtle and musical character.
  • when ya focus is right

    by Rock Solid
    I always idolized the sound of old school hip hop. For nearly twenty years I've sought to replicate the signal chain that championed the sound of my idols. This exceeded my expectations and I find it indispensable in the manifestation of my vision that goes back to the 90s. I tip my hat...
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    Thank you!
  • this is nice

    by Finck von Finckenstein
    I would never have dreamed of getting my hands on one of those rare Focusrite desks. Actually, I have never even heard nor touched one at all. But I had a Focusrite Control 2802 once and loved it, even though this was just a rebranded Audient mini desk. Anyway, this plugin sounds great. It is also totally different from the other bx_consoles. It's built-in de-esser is working like a charm and I really like the colour it gives to vocals. Try it for yourself, maybe it's to coloured for your stuff, but I like it A LOT.
  • Focusrite SC

    by GM
    What a great piece of coding! The best channel strip I have used period - digital has come a long long way in the last 10 years. It is so easy to get the lowend right, separate kick and bass with this plugin. The whole concept of modeling THD and TMT is just brilliant, the way you can drive the input to add character, the way the frequency bands interact in this plugin, the way the mixes become wider sounding without spatial enhancer ... I could go on for days. Brainworx puts a great sounding tool at your fingertips - try it for yourself!!
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    Thank you!
  • Super Glue

    by BC
    I have a male vocal that sounds great through the mic and pre. I had tried a bunch of options for plugin chain but couldn't get it to sit in the mix exactly how I wanted. I put this on it, pulled up one of the male vocal presets and knew I was in business. Some minor tweaks and it is perfect. I'm instantly sold, this thing sounds great and is easy to use but also extremely versatile. Can't wait to set it up on all channels for mix down.
  • I think I fell in love with it

    by Alex Sate
    Gentle, almost invisible changes or sculpt sound from scratch - it does not matter what you need to do, this thing can do everything. I am five minutes from making this plugin default on track insert
  • Great Console!

    by Phoneticsound
    Tried this on an electronic tune (overkill?) - used it on every group!
    It really does feel like hardware, the sound is great. A little low end, a little lift in the highs - did the trick for basses, drums, lead synths too.
    I tested out the De-Esser quick - it will be handy having such a simple efficient (2-knob) tool available.
    I expect I'll be using this a lot, if my comp can handle all the channels!