Customer Reviews

  • this is amazing!

    by lidoug
    beautiful sounds ! Thank y ou so much Plugin-alliance family
  • My default on every channel

    by Yev B
    This plugin is my default on every channel. The compressor on this plugin is probably the most musical and universal one I’ve found. Love TMT and the fullness it adds to the mix when each channel is modeled differently from all the others.
  • Cristal clear

    by Edu Z
    Oh man!
    This Focusrite console emulation is simply awesome! Used on jazz and acoustic recordings and got incredible results.
  • Excellent plugin

    by Mateusz
    I wasn't using the plugin when I bought it at first, but few weeks ago I tried it on the vocals and this thing is absolutely amazing. EQ is super easy to use and rich sounding, filters are soooo smooth, really like the thd in this console. The compresor sometimes reacts unnatural so I use it very subtle like at most 4 db of gain reduction just to bring things a little. I forgot to say that the TMT feature gives some nice depth and analog feel. I own several plugins from PA and they are all super useful. Looking forward to buy black box hg 2 ms.
  • Focusrite SC

    by Rick
    I bought this plugin blind without testing the demo and it sounds amazing. I tried the SSL9000 on a demo and it was good but not exactly my taste.
    This Focusrite console gives me absolutely the sound I was looking for. Mixed an old recording from my old band with it and the result stellar. Give it I try, you will love it !
  • Good Channel strip

    by guillermopulos
    Excellent EQ and filters, but I don't like the compressor too much.
    I like the individual switches for each EQ band,
  • Love this!

    by Withajay
    Another fantastic console emulation by Brainworx! I use this often and can't say enough good things about it! I love that when Plugin-Alliance brings out new recording plugins, they are automatically added to my monthly subscription! Amazing!
    Thank you once again Plugin-Alliance!
  • Highs with clarity unmatched

    by GRNS
    Really doesn't get better than this. Ever since I became aware of its existence, After the first couple of uses, became my go to Channel Strip when mixing.
  • One of the best channel strips!

    by Henry
    I have a year with this Channel Strip and the sound is really amazing. I have also the 4000 E and the 4K G one, and I love them -in fact, I always use those channel strips for my tracks.
    But when I tried the Focusrite Console... damn! The sound is amazing, I really love it on my acoustic guitars, and synth leads. Also you can try it in every single instrument, and it will works.
    Also, I tried it in the mix buss and I can say that it really turns your mix into a consolidated mix for the color that this console gives to you.
    5 of 5 stars!
  • Focusrite SC Plug-in

    by Ihdmedia
    This console emulation is spot on. It can make sweet moves when needed and then absolutely crush a bass or drum bus. Sitting 10 inches from my screen is the ISA One. Using these in tandem is a sweet vocal combination! Love all of my Brainworx Plu-Ins.