Customer Reviews

  • gonzalez

    by matias
    excelente plugins
  • Tasty

    by Shakes
    It's very detailed I love it.
  • focusrite sc

    by brainworx

    by Jarh
    Este es uno de mis plugins favoritos!
    Su sonido, su estética, simplemente maravilloso!
  • amazing effect

    by amazing
    very nice
  • leonel

    by djcowen
    lo mejor que eh probado!
  • hector

    by hp
    muchas gracias
  • good :)

    by Ina
  • sb

    by ks
    I like
  • Avoid the obvious

    by Daniel Z
    When I get my license of it I installed, but didn't use it. I already had my "comfort zone" plugins that helped me achieve my goals but then I decided to give it a try.
    As long as I getting familiar to work with an Duality Delta console at the studio I worked for a year, I decided to use the analog mixing approach, so here in my studio I decided to insert just the Focusrite SC into my channels. All of them with just one instance of it. Damn If knew it! It just blowed up my mind with an incredible sound in every single channel and audio sources I could imagine. Specially in drums I started to crank up and down the knobs and noticed how gentle the plugin is, but how aggressive it can sound if you give it some time to tweak and understand every module of the strip.
    Everyone wants "the SSL" sound because it's amazing and I could check it by myself...but I'm sure it's because just a few had a chance do really listen to a Focusrite console and if you want to "avoid the obvious", this channel strip will get you...