Customer Reviews

  • Good Channel strip

    by guillermopulos
    Excellent EQ and filters, but I don't like the compressor too much.
    I like the individual switches for each EQ band,
  • Love this!

    by Withajay
    Another fantastic console emulation by Brainworx! I use this often and can't say enough good things about it! I love that when Plugin-Alliance brings out new recording plugins, they are automatically added to my monthly subscription! Amazing!
    Thank you once again Plugin-Alliance!
  • Highs with clarity unmatched

    by GRNS
    Really doesn't get better than this. Ever since I became aware of its existence, After the first couple of uses, became my go to Channel Strip when mixing.
  • One of the best channel strips!

    by Henry
    I have a year with this Channel Strip and the sound is really amazing. I have also the 4000 E and the 4K G one, and I love them -in fact, I always use those channel strips for my tracks.
    But when I tried the Focusrite Console... damn! The sound is amazing, I really love it on my acoustic guitars, and synth leads. Also you can try it in every single instrument, and it will works.
    Also, I tried it in the mix buss and I can say that it really turns your mix into a consolidated mix for the color that this console gives to you.
    5 of 5 stars!
  • Focusrite SC Plug-in

    by Ihdmedia
    This console emulation is spot on. It can make sweet moves when needed and then absolutely crush a bass or drum bus. Sitting 10 inches from my screen is the ISA One. Using these in tandem is a sweet vocal combination! Love all of my Brainworx Plu-Ins.
  • bx_console Focusrite SC

    by AaronNiduk
    This is my favorite plugin
    I use it everywhere, regardless of the genre of music !!
    In a couple of clicks, your main track will change beyond recognition!
    THD, TMT functions will make your dry instrument bus sound like in a professional studio !!!
    I really like to hang this channel strip on each track during mixing and create that very sound.
    This gives me great pleasure.
    He brings those colors that we all love so much !!
    Insanely cool equalization and versatile compressor.
    very pleased with the function (Deesser / Expander)
    This is currently the # 1 console emulation from the Plugin Alliance.
    The most lively console with real soul and character !!
  • Great

    Great sounding; low-end punch without killing the mix busting your ears.
  • Voice Over

    by Stringtree
    Within about 30 minutes, and after reading the manual, this thing knocked my socks off.
    There were two other reviews here that mentioned voice over, and that might seem a basic task for a spaceship control center like this, but I immediately was able to do things I'd never been able to do before.
    U87 midrange honk was so easily cured; downward expansion fixed residual noise (you see it working along with the compressor in the lower right!); the De-esser is fantastic with its listen function, and really effective. Separate enable toggles on each section are really helpful.
    For this purpose, and I have others, the EQ section is enormously flexible and sounds great. I didn't buy a channel strip, I bought a console! This is a work of art.
  • bb

    by bb
  • bx_console_Focusrite_sc

    by Franky
    Desde que me suscribí a MEGA he descubierto grandes plugins que son increíbles, pero ninguno me había cambiado tanto la vida como este. Es INCREÍBLE, ha cambiado mis mezclas de manera radical, devolviendo la vida a mezclas e instrumentos que sonaban muertos y que no era capaz de revivir. Me alucina especialmente como funciona en las guitarras!, les da una vida y un color que no he conseguido con ningún plugin. Como dicen los sajones, A MUST HAVE. 5 estrellas y porque no hay mas!!!