Customer Reviews

  • bx_console_Focusrite_sc

    by StratRat
    My first bx_console purchase and what a difference it makes. Like many, I was using Waves console plugins. Very good, but not like this. All the positive words about this console are true - big, open, clear, flexible, historic, etc.
    I am not a trained audio guy, but now I sound like one. I don't say the lightly. My mixes are different now, better and more focused. People notice the sound and when I show them my 'humble' studio, I am not sure they believe what they are hearing out of the speakers was created in it, but it was. :)
    Thanks Dirk!
  • bx_console_focusrite_sc

    by mvh
    With this inserted on all channels what a huge difference. i’m loving this channel strip. Perfect addition to my selection of channel strips and soon to be my go to. Great job bx.
  • Focusrite SC

    by BluelagoonStudios
    This channel strip has a very clear sound, more clear than the SSL plugins. Depending on which project we're doing, this plugin is used. Let's say more easy listening music. The EQ section is perfect. If it has to be more dirty we use the SSL 9000J. And the refreshing colors are also a great on this channel strip.
  • Beautiful

    by Tryggvasson
    My favorite channel strip after the SSL E console. Has the same kind of subdued brilliance, with a smooth and sleek character, but a little more neutral than the SSL. The 3rd EQ band is a blessing. And the compressor is one of my favorites. Wish the preamp was emulated, too.
  • bx_Console Focusrite SC workhorse

    by Neno - The Blend Orchestra
    When working in the box Focusrite SC is my to go channel strip and it sits on every channel, I even built and map dedicated midi controller just for this plugin, rarely there is a need to add another plugin in the chain to shape the sound. It just sounds great, very silky and sweet.
  • Focusrite SC

    by Donny
    I LOVE the Brainworx Focusrite SC.
    From the first time I used it, its sound immediately became addictive to my ears; offering a beautiful palette between transparency and color, with a great dynamics and EQ section, useful routing options and side chain filtering... this channel strip is feature rich.
    I’ve recently used the SC channel strips on tracks I’ve recorded through my Focusrite ISA One mic pre, and it’s taken these tracks to a whole new level... vocals, acoustic guitar, bass... the combo between the ISA One preamp and the SC Strip is fantastic.
    So...are there any plans in the works to model the Focusrite SC Master Section as well? I can’t believe I’d be the only one to think that this would be the perfect mate with the channel strip; having the features and TMT character of the console’s channels, along with having the summing and sonic vibe of its master section?
    (Please think about it). :)
  • Perfection

    by NeonGray
    Tried the demo. Couldn’t live without it. Bought it. The warmth and clarity this adds to single tracks and buses is incredible. A+
  • Brainworx bx_console Focusrite SC

    by Metal
    Amazing quality and sound!
    Was looking for a console plugin but most were way out of my budget.
    This one really interested me and when I saw it on sale at $29.99 I just about fell off my seat and ordered immediately.
    Thanks for making this plugin, the only one I use on each mix.
  • Fire!!!

    by Majik
    I put this plugin on a few tracks just to test and found myself finishing a mix......all i can say it FIRE!!!!
  • Finally

    by Brockero
    Here to echo all the rest - finally found something that adds all the positive sonic qualities I've been looking for. A huge step in the evolution of mixing in the box. Fantastic EQ with an interesting benefit I didn't expect - no graphic display to shade your judgement. Extremely pleased.