Customer Reviews

  • nice N consoling

    by J
    Like all the plugins I've from Brainworx the bx_console N works real well sounds great the hd tweak adds that great analog character that I want and the extra little options it provides over most channels in the dynamics section is real cool top job again
  • N-channel

    by Shoremultimedia
    Just got this plug-in because I love the neve sound and while I've only used it in one mix I'm liking it a lot. The dynamics section is very good and the EQ is smooth. Got that Neve vibe for sure. A welcome addition to any collection of plug-ins you may have.
  • Console N

    by Mr. Chiboiborn
    I love the sound of the Neve Channel strip, very intuitive plugin, the character of the different channel. You have to cop this plugin to understand me
  • Wasn’t I wrong !!!!

    by anjay
    Absolutely amazing..... it does this special something just by inserting on the track..... it’s hard to explain without hearing it for yourself. Next track you mixdown download the demo and just insert on each track so you can hear it for yourself
  • Wonderful! This and the Console E are the best channel strips I've ever tried.

    by In-Stereo
    Fantastic sound and some fantastic expanded functions. Can't go wrong with this one! The EQ is wonderful sounding, the compressor is punchy and glue-y as needed, and the THD function is a nice addition. CPU use is very low. And you can turn off the noise, which every single plugin manufacturer out there should let you do (I'm looking at YOU, Lindell!).
    I'm giving it four stars because even more things could be expanded like the ranges of the filters. Also, you can't punch in values, which is essential for me in the modern day and age of plugins. Hopefully these will be incorporated in a future update.
  • Excellent!

    by rburgosnavas
    Versatile, easy to use, sounds great. The way it distorts when one pushes it to the max, and how the distortion responds to the EQ is just fantastic.
  • Console N Channel Deluxe

    by Faron3
    Most channel strips fall short of the analog board simulation but not this one. I can't say it simulates a Neve console to a T but it does deliver the goods in spades. Excellent presets to get started. Dial one in and tweak it to the sweet spot. It does take some getting used to getting around the strip, learn from the presets they are your friend
  • Bx Console N

    by Steve Paine
    To be honest I wasn't a fan of Channel strip plugins, but something made me give the Console N a try and I was an instant convert. To me this is the first channel strip that has managed to hit the magical nexus of Character, Flexibility and low CPU hit. You can use it on every channel if you wish and it wil give you a smooth defined silky sound on virtually any source. Indeed I have mixed several projects where the N was the only signal processing plugin used.
    You might be forgiven for thinking that the TMT element is just a clever marketing gimmick, but honestly it is a fantastic feature. In my opinion it surpasses all other Non Linear Summing plugins. It is subtle but if you put everything on a different TMT channel (or use the randomise feature) It makes the overal mix gel very easily whilst improving the soundstage depth beautifully.
    If I were to have any quibbles with the N, it is simply that I would have preferred that the default mode, when loaded, had the THD and V Gain controls set to off. As the THD at default levels on every channel of a mix can make the overall sound a little too 'fuzzy' and the V Gain noise floor does get quite high, especially with 30 or 40 instances. But this is easily rectified by saving a null patch in the library. So it really is a very minor quibble, but one that can catch you out when first using it.
    Overall this plugin has somewhat revolutionised my view of channel strips and as a result has had a huge impact on my mixing work flow. The only problem is once you have the Console N is that you then NEED the E and the G too!
    Thank you Brainworx for a great line of products... if I may be so bold might I suggest perhaps a Console T for Malcolm Toft's Trident range with switchable A and 80 series EQs and a FET Comp? I am sure it will make a great and extremely popular addition to this inspiring range of products!
    Steve Paine - Lyonesse Studios - South Wales UK
  • Best console simulation I have ever used!

    by Martijn van Dongen
    This is the first plugin I bought of P.A. and what a beast it is! I use it on everything! It has such a nice sound and analogue feeling. It do has a learning curve but when you master it, you can do everything on it. I use it in all my projects on almost every bus group. I have compared it with the other Consoles of P.A. but found this the most versatile of the 3. Maybe I will buy one of the others to but for my this is my first to go plugin, without any doubt!
  • Console N

    by JKR
    I’ve owned the original Console for over a year now so I’m very familiar with it’s sound. The Console N adds what I like to think of as “mojo improvements” along with some simple randomization functionality that works nicely to hear what would happen if you suddenly repatched every channel at once (I’m the sort that worked on consoles for so many years that I must have them line up in channel order and I’ve set my templates up to do just that!) The sound differences between this and Console are subtle but can be distinguished. The EQ is truly a standout, the compressor (as in the first Console) is a utility compressor that does what it says on the box, and the THD function lets you emulate that first channel that has always held the kick drum and been beaten up by it for 10 years! Put together in a mix, you end up with a fantastic glue and punch....this product, used right, makes things simply sound like a record.