Customer Reviews

  • Wonderful Channel Strip

    by A.M. Music
    I was using another companies SSL channel strip and I am now using the bx-console N from now on. It has a pleasant open sound. The high EQ shelf is quite steep, but when you don't use the shelf, the bell is very wide and musical which lets you add air very easily. Be aware the plugin defaults with the V Gain, or noise, pretty high so I always turn that off. The THD saturation adds an analogue beef to make the sound a little thicker in a musical way. The slopes of the High Pass and Low Pass filters are steep enough to use effectively. There are many features built in, but it just sounds very musical no matter how you use it.
  • Wow

    by PAT
    Je l utilise partout . La fonction all qui attribut un strip dif pour tout les entre donne une chaleur au mix c tellement cool. La différence est facile a entendre.
  • Console N Wow!!

    by Paul_N_Ator
    MOVE OVER ANALOG GEAR. Brainworx has completely changed the game to “MIXING IN THE BOX”. I’ve been using another companies analog plugins for mixing since I started mixing back in 2006. But the Brainworx Console N & SSL 4000 E & G & Townhouse Buss Compressor are my goto plug-ins from now on. Sounds & feel like working on an SSL or Neve consoles. Great job and kudos to Brainworx. I’ve had more compliments on my mixes than ever before. I’ve even had clients ask me if I actually mixed it on a BIG CONSOLE. And in someways I can say I did.
  • Warm and Fuzzy

    by Bhang
    Another fantastic plugin from Brainworx. When I can get the sound I want from the SSL I go for the Neve. I think Brainworx are definitely on to something with their TMT! I have all of the Neve UAD plugins and I still use this over the 88rs most of the time. IMO that speaks volumes!
  • BX console N

    by Ned
    This is a great sounding addition to a channel even without engaging any of the functions!
    The filters at the front end of the chain are superb.The EQ is amazingly musical,I could not believe just how.The Dynamics and Gate/Expander section are just as intuitive and super functional as the rest of the unit.The big master fader is the classic finishing touch.Kudos gentlemen,very very nice work,thank you.
  • Bx Console N

    by Brunetti
    This is the best sounding and working channel strip i've worked with. As far as I never mixed with a real analog Neve console, the harmonic distortion, the capabilities, the eq... everything sounds nice in this plugin.
    Congrats to Brainworx for your excellent quality plugins.
  • bx_console N

    by Eon
    Gorgeous EQ and KNOBS! As someone who "grew up" mixing on consoles in the 80s and 90s this is extremely natural, comfortable and intuitive to use. Sounds expensive and the addition of the THD control and channel randomiser are just the icing on the cake. Love it!
  • bx console N

    by Dave O'Higgins
    Console N has nailed the console emulation thing for me. I'm done now with the other contenders and thanks to TMT / THD combo I no longer feel the need for my hardware summing mixer or other plugin emulations. Very smooth EQ and transparent compression.
  • bx_console N is my go to channel strip

    by Alex
    Everything I've purchased from Plugin-Alliance has been outstanding. But the bx_console N might be their best work. Its such a fantastic plugin. Since I've purchached bx_N. Its bee the first plugin I insert on every track. And sometimes the only plugin I need. I'm a firm believer in their TNT technology. It helps glue my mixes together in a perfectly subtle way. 10 out of 10 for me. I recommend it to every engineer I know!
  • Very natural but great effect

    by NT
    Wherever it is natural.
    You can do it without overdoing what you want to do.
    I will not know this wonderful feeling I felt unless you use it.
    I wonder if I do not know by merely checking videos.