Customer Reviews

  • bx_console N

    by ATN69
    I work 100% in the box and bx_console N has given me the opportunity to have the console character without actually buying any expensive hardware. I never used any Neve channel strip so I can't say how good bx_console N actually emulate the original. What I can say is that bx_console N have a very nice character regardless and the work flow is very easy. It require very little effort to tune the settings in order to get the result I want. The nice GUI is a bonus
  • Neve bx_console

    by Calton
    This plugin is great, I love using it
    Thanks again
  • Fantastic!

    by Richard
    What do i need to say about the the bx_console collection besides what's already beeing said. They are just amazing sounding. I never worked on any hardware, so i can't compare it. But i love the sound of all three. Also the cpu usage is very low, which i think is also a big plus.
  • Console N

    by Dove & The Serpent
    I have recently discovered the difference between Cubase Pro 9.5 and Pro Tools sound when in the DAWs. Without question, Pro Tools has a more analogue sound to me, while Cubase is far more efficient and still has a more true sound (sterile, No character unless added).
    I implemented Console N into the mix on every channel, the analogue fatness came to life and the sterility was gone. It is a tool that will find use on everything in my mixing endeavors. While I cannot speak to whether or not it sounds like a Neve Console, it certainly has gr8 character and is more analogue sounding than any plugin that I've ever used. Gr8 job BX!!!!!
  • Great plugin!

    by Mix by Roy
    The bx_console N is my new favorite! I already own at leat five other channel strip plugins, so I was kind of bored when I started to try it. But WOW, this was different! What a great sound! It really delivers a warm sound like no other plugin I have. And it is modern, with the compressors 2.nd release, built in parallel compression and other features.
    I advise you to read the manual, written by Dirk (founder of Brainworx), it's like a little course on how to create good sound. Thanks for the good work.
  • Bx_console N

    by Kez
    Great analogue sound. The eq section is warm and great for tone shaping. Big boosts and cuts sound great and without harshness.
  • Bx_Console N = It Don't Get Better

    by Goldenchild / WM
    Ladies & Gents, Boys & Girls listen to me it don't get any better than this, one word WOW!!! I'm not the review type but I had to. The clarity, openness, depth, tightness on the low end, best I've heard. This Channel Strip has changed my whole workflow for the better. When you start moving those EQ's you will for sure know what a real analog desk feels like guaranteed. It's like nothing you have experienced before & I own a lot of analog gear and a vintage Ramsa mixing board. It accounts to 95% of the plugins I use in each mix now, the rest are just reverbs, delays, Plugin Alliance TE-100 / NSEQ-2 / TCL-2 & Black Box Analog HG-2. Dirk Ulrich what can I say phenomenal job on this plugin A++++++ Almost forgot that THD knob is something special man ooh man.. Lastly CPU hit is minimal, don't believe they pull it off while retaining such quality. Even when I'm running 192khz sessions I can add numerous channel strips no problem.
  • Auto Random Channel Feature!

    by Zach T
    The auto random channel is so helpful and the THD control really brings out the character of the console.
  • bx_console N

    by JonG
    As a former owner of the "real deal" console, I can honestly say this plugin is true to it's hardware counterpart. It sounds really good! The GUI is quite familiar. The dynamics behave as they should and the EQ is outstanding.
    Get this!
  • A beast

    by Mangelo
    It really adds colour and saturation. I haven't tried every feature yet but just the response and colour of the EQ makes it a goto plugin for some sounds. The compressor is also very useful and has a unique character. With the mix knob it's very easy to achieve the desired compression for different kinds of sounds.
    However for people like me that haven't worked on a true analogue desk, it does take some time to learn all the features and everything it's capable of.