Customer Reviews

  • Good Delay

    by Natemasterflex
    It’s a solid delay that sounds good. Easy to use and never crashes or glitches out. Interface is easy and intuitive. The only complaint is that I wasn’t wowed by anything new or different sounding, but I guess it wasn’t really meant to be that sort of product. Great plugin from my favorite software developers!
  • BX Delay 2500

    by Beat Laden
    Good sound, lot of shaping capabilities, and easy to achieve what you want.
    Interface is well designed so you don't loose time understanding the plugin.
    For me it's the "go to" delay in any situation.
  • Bx_delay

    by Alex
    5 stars for sound quality and versatility. A bit more time is needed to fully grasp the unique functions like the enveloppe shaper of the delay. But when you get it it makes extremely nice sounds that resemble a reverse ramp delay when exagerated. I like it.
  • bx delay 2500

    by Btrax
    Beautiful sound and excellent possibilities!
    Firm and clear, very distinguishable delay. It is one of the best I've ever heard. I also like the design and the presets very much. Go Brainworx!!
  • Lovely Delay

    by trolls
    Lovely Delay and very useful for foreign language user. I strongly recommend this!
  • Love it

    by adi
    Indeed my new go to delay Plugin. Takes a moment longer than other delays to get going at the start, but worth it. For example, if you want a ping pong, you have to figure out how to dial it in, rather than just press the ping ping button. However, the sounds you can get are rather unique, without having to open any other extra Plugins, so it is definitely worth your time.
  • bx_delay 2500

    by Verdi
    Hi there, bx_delay 2500 is very useful DLY plug-in. I use it in sync mode and also in tap mode mostly for vocals. It's very versatile, sounds natural but you have an opportunity to ad some distortion in terms of wah, chorus etc. What I have not find yet is ping-pong DLY, other hand I use it no very frequently. Simple bx_delay 2500 I recommend.
  • Bx_delay 2500

    by Mick Evans
    Whats left to say. Another winning plug from Brainworx.
    I own a SSL 48 channel Duality and all the analogue gear I love.
    Brainworx has moved into my life as my go to plug-ins and the new bx_delay 2500 has found it's new home into my Pro Tools template that opens on startup. Thank you Brainworx you just keep on delivering the goods.
  • Fantastic Delay

    by Ron
    As fate would have it, I was looking for a good delay with ducking and other features and this one came up for sale, so after a short demo I snagged it. It is excellent in every way - sonically and features. This plugin is now my top delay choice.
  • Exellent delay with extraordinary features!

    by Aliaksei Patapeika
    Love it from the first sight. No iLock or any usb protector required. Just install and enjoy on 3 devices. This is what no other can offer! Awesome!
    2500 delay has lot of useful knobs to allow delay become a music space part. Does his job accurately and musicaly.