Customer Reviews

  • bx delay 2500

    by ToK
    One plugin that does all this? Wonderful.
    I've been using this delay for about a month now. I already have some excellent processors in this realm but I believe investing in both Spatial and Time-based effects is worth it.
    I love Dub, so most of my delays are overdriven and filtered. I generally have to process the signal via a chain with several plugs providing me with the final timbre and effect; until now.
    I've been able to drill down to the elements I'm after all within the one plugin, which makes for a greater focus upon the creativity and less upon the structure of the effects chain. I'm also loving the Ducking feature along with the Distortion and Bit-reduction elements.
    All these make for a creative palette in the time-based effects but the tonal colours available with the other features are unique to a stand-alone delay.
    Thanx BX... again !
  • bx_delay 2500 - serious tone

    by PluginAllegiance
    I’m a guitarist and for reference own the following: PCM 70/80, LXP-5 (excellent for delays) H3000DSE, H8000FW, Soundtoys Echo Boy/Primal Tap (lot’s of others, Yamaha SPX-xx-xx, etc). To me, the most important thing in a delay is its character and I know a great delay when I hear one: the bx_delay 2500 strengths are: (very flexible) character/tone and easy-of-use without having to use “esoteric” settings (ie, “tape”, “analog”, etc), and auto wah can really expand your horizons. Try this: slight low/high filtering, transient on High, Distortion type 1, Mix 50%, 12 bit. Perfect all around dirtyish delay that settles in the mix without sounding muddy or harsh. You can pretty much nail the same tones with Echo Boy, but you have to work at it more (often, a lot more, and not as intuitive). In the end, you can nail just about any tone with the bx_delay 2500 quickly, intuitively, and predictably. Btw, I tried Excalibur, sorry, can’t say anything great about its tone, left me very underwhelmed. I also tried UVI Relayer, really cool with all of its (easy to use) taps, but overall limited in terms of analog/dirty-digital sound (even though it tries to be versatile tone-wise). I think the 2500 will become my my goto delay for guitars. Weaknesses: only two delays, no ping-pong, or crazy/cool routing features, no diffusion, flanger/chorus lacks flexibility/range, doesn’t work well as a standalone flanger/chorus (would be really nice if it did because of its wide tonal range). The bx_delay 2500 should eventually be followed up by a V2 with more flexible delays and better modulation features. Now you’re probably wondering how this compares to Sandman. I just bought it on discount but haven’t had time to test it (work comes first). I’ll update this review if necessary at a later time. Love this delay!