Customer Reviews

  • Digital V3

    by element4audio
    Mastering grade eq, very good for fixed problems on the master. A must to have plugin.
  • Surgical Mastering Eq

    by Pekka
    This is the easiest, fastest and most cleverest eq plugin i've ever used that really can add that last touch soundwise.
  • My Go To Mastering EQ

    by Alex Picciafuochi
    bx_digital V3 is always the first plugin that I insert in the chain in each of the mixes and mastering I do for my customers
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it
  • Bx digital v3

    by Hflex
    Ok, there’s not much more to be said for this eq that hasn’t been said already, apart from WOW, WOW and WOW!!!
    After 20 years of recording on a DAW, this is the final word on plugin eqs, it’s pretty incredible and will now be used on just about every track, group/bus and master I record. No wonder it received a “Plugin of the Decade” award, it IS that good!
  • Rain

    by Rain
    excellent equalizer, I recommend to everyone!
  • Insta-Love

    by Carbinax
    Dialling in the exact frequency with the low "mid" component on solo and getting that satisfying sine tone as it sweeps to the precise point, is incredible. Perfect for getting exacrly the right tone on a kick or bass.
    I use the mono maker a lot too, to get that bass foundation sounding robust like a tonka truck.
    This is a plugin I wanted for a long time, and thanks to Plugin Alliance being so generous, I was finally able to get it.
  • bx_digital V3

    by chris air
    There's not a single project without this EQ on the mixbus and the stems. Even minor corrections help the mix to translate well and clean up the muddy areas. The mid-side processing is unbeatable as well. More presence, more transparency, less dirt, more refinement - definitely my number one go-to EQ on the busses.
  • Workhorse

    by Heiko Klüh
    This plugin is a real workhorse ! You can intuitively correct various things on mixes and submixes, such as mono compatibility, panning lightning speed and quality. Amazing!
  • Solid EQ

    by Mchangani
    What you read aren't made up stories it is all true...this works on tracking vocals, mixing individual tracks or buss groups and mastering!
    quite easy on the CPU and I don't regret acquiring such an amazing tool for my workflow.
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