Customer Reviews

  • Great channel limiter

    by Advisory
    This is a great tool to use on channels or busses where you need a bit more control over the peak volumes.
    Being able to change the L/R link and mix percentage is really helpful and provides some fine controls beyond setting a threshold.
    The XL dial is a nice addition that provides some good sounding saturation and it's a really handy and lightweight plugin that you can throw on any channels that need to be reigned in a bit.
  • limiter

    by J
    Does what it says on the tin and does it well as always with Brainworx plugins
  • bx limiter

    by PAPA WIZ
    yes yes yes, Just what the Limiter Dr. told me I needed so I came to Plugin alliance / Brainworx to get my Limiter Prescription filled
  • BX Limiter

    by DFA
    Absolutely invaluable for my sub groups in a mix. I don't know what I did without this. Helps the whole mix to glue together. The GUI is clear, responsive and accurate. The XL knob is great when you need added saturation. One of my most used plugins. Thanks.
  • bx_limiter

    by Panda
    Great plugin
  • bx_limiter

    by BaDbOb
    Great plugin..just keep em coming!!
  • bx_limiter

    by Schornie
    I use the plugin mainly in the buses, in order to get too high a level in the Mixbus
  • Bx Limiter,great one

    by MrB
    Very simple and transparent limiter,I have many of them but BX Limiter is one of my favourite
  • Bx_limter

    by Bamboom
    Easy to use and it has that harmonic edge to it... use it a lot on vocals and acoustic guitarr, to catch strong transients and bring the harmonic content into the mix.
  • Great limiter, with one minor fault.

    by In-Stereo
    This is a great low-CPU limiter that I use on many different kinds of tracks (Groups mostly). It's quite transparent (unless you add the XL, which adds a bit of loudness in a good way) and easy to use.
    The one fault for me is that you can't raise the output level post-limiter -- you can only reduce it. There are many times where the input level is low and I need extra gain from a limiter, and I'm used to having this on all the other ones that I've used. You can of course raise the input and handle it that way, but to me it's more intuitive and better to able to simply adjust the output, because if you need to change your input level in bx_limiter for whatever reason it can easily affect how much you're limiting. Not the biggest deal in the world, but I would suggest they make the Output Dim knob into a full range knob with positive values as well.