Customer Reviews

  • Xl

    by Control Freak
    My go-to track level limiter and it is also typically on my mixbus to get the mix closer to the right level before mastering. They should make a free plugin that has nothing but the XL knob on it because it just works and sounds great.
  • Bx limiter

    by j tayo
    My go to limiter, so easy to use its all over my mixes.You have got to love Brainworx quality plugs ins .
  • Does What They Say

    by GV
    The bx Limiter does just what it was intended to do--gently tame peaks on individual tracks and sub-groups. The meter is great for letting you know how far you've gone with previous compression, and sometimes I use it just for that. The mix control, release time and XL saturation just adds to its versatility. A great addition to anyone's toolbox!
  • meh

    by Bhang
    I'm really not that impressed with this limiter.Of course it needs to beat the almighty UAD precision limiter and that is a tall order. In this case it falls short. While I love all of the options it just isn't clean enough to my ears.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Sorry to hear you're not liking this one so much.Dirk.
  • Awesome bus limiter

    by Aidan Brock
    This has become my limiter of choice for limiting on the bass bus. Keeps the meter pretty stationary and can do a reasonable amount of reduction before distorting too badly.
  • bx limiter

    by Mako
    Simple and clear, if you don't want to use saturation you can bypass easily.
    I'll use this limiter for Groups and I love it.
  • bx_limiter

    by Fox-Rock
    Sounds very cool. Very convenient to use. Special thanks to: bx saturation section (it seems like make-up) and to stereo-link! Stereo-link is awesome function! For example with drum bus and master bus, each channel works separately by % . It's very easy and flexy plugin! I use it in every session.
  • bx_limiter

    by rapirela
    My go to brickwall peak limiter. In love with the XL saturator to increase perceive loudness in my tracks.
  • Often Used

    by RoyP
    This is my safety limiter on every group bus and any audio tracked hot. It is far too easy to forget the XL saturation can liven up anything in very quick fashion. Great on the mix bus for previewing higher volumes without massive coloration throughout the whole mix-down process - and earlier in the tracking process for anyone working like that.
  • bx_limiter

    by BobH
    Simple controls let you dial in the settings that you want to achieve without being overly complicated. The meter is quite useful to see how you are affecting the signal. The XL knob lets you add a little extra saturation when needed. Overall the plugin does what it supposed to do without being overly complex - you can get the sound you are looking for very quickly.