Customer Reviews

  • actrivar licencia

    by jose vinader
    no puedo activar mi licencia de limiter
    Mac Pro de Jose
  • Best plugin s

    by ACKnobbers
    Best accurate limiter top notch
  • Bx limiter

    by Bd lieutenant
    A great limiter, execellent utility esp the saturation,
    Bx trademark mono/stereo
    Great for checking, adjusting, manipulating mid mix
    Very handy
  • Xl

    by Control Freak
    My go-to track level limiter and it is also typically on my mixbus to get the mix closer to the right level before mastering. They should make a free plugin that has nothing but the XL knob on it because it just works and sounds great.
  • Bx limiter

    by j tayo
    My go to limiter, so easy to use its all over my mixes.You have got to love Brainworx quality plugs ins .
  • Does What They Say

    by GV
    The bx Limiter does just what it was intended to do--gently tame peaks on individual tracks and sub-groups. The meter is great for letting you know how far you've gone with previous compression, and sometimes I use it just for that. The mix control, release time and XL saturation just adds to its versatility. A great addition to anyone's toolbox!
  • meh

    by Bhang
    I'm really not that impressed with this limiter.Of course it needs to beat the almighty UAD precision limiter and that is a tall order. In this case it falls short. While I love all of the options it just isn't clean enough to my ears.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Sorry to hear you're not liking this one so much.Dirk.
  • Awesome bus limiter

    by Aidan Brock
    This has become my limiter of choice for limiting on the bass bus. Keeps the meter pretty stationary and can do a reasonable amount of reduction before distorting too badly.
  • bx limiter

    by Mako
    Simple and clear, if you don't want to use saturation you can bypass easily.
    I'll use this limiter for Groups and I love it.
  • bx_limiter

    by Fox-Rock
    Sounds very cool. Very convenient to use. Special thanks to: bx saturation section (it seems like make-up) and to stereo-link! Stereo-link is awesome function! For example with drum bus and master bus, each channel works separately by % . It's very easy and flexy plugin! I use it in every session.