Customer Reviews

  • bx_limiter

    by rapirela
    My go to brickwall peak limiter. In love with the XL saturator to increase perceive loudness in my tracks.
  • Often Used

    by RoyP
    This is my safety limiter on every group bus and any audio tracked hot. It is far too easy to forget the XL saturation can liven up anything in very quick fashion. Great on the mix bus for previewing higher volumes without massive coloration throughout the whole mix-down process - and earlier in the tracking process for anyone working like that.
  • bx_limiter

    by BobH
    Simple controls let you dial in the settings that you want to achieve without being overly complicated. The meter is quite useful to see how you are affecting the signal. The XL knob lets you add a little extra saturation when needed. Overall the plugin does what it supposed to do without being overly complex - you can get the sound you are looking for very quickly.
  • Forget any other one

    by Casuso
    I've never used a limiter so transparent and effective like this one. It's perfect on drum buss or groups... but also at single channel tracks.
    Some tweaks as the 'XL' and 'Link' knobs add value to any situation... Good Job!
  • bx-limiter

    by Ebro
    This is the first and the last in the row of tools to be used when mixing.
  • bx_limiter

    by Jack
    I'm finding this to not be a clean limiter but more of a character one. Not saying that's good or bad but just putting that out there. That being said it does what it says on the tin that it's supposed to do and you can argue with that.

    by Musician B.
    Amazing! Boost and Saturation XL - Love it! Must have!
  • Nice limiter but finicky controls

    by Marshall Haze
    This is a good limiter for tracks and busses, my only complaint is setting the controls can be a pain. The "Out" slider is the worst about that, it jumps all over the place and takes several tries back n fourth to get it set on a desired number. And the release is awkwardly slow, much slower than you'd expect.
  • BX Limiter

    by JH Studio
    This plugin is easy on your CPU and works great on channels or busses to tame the peaks. It can also be last in your chain on the 2 bus. Easy to use... straight forward and intuitive.
  • Brainworx bx_limiter

    by raatzfatz
    This Plugin is just awesome and so exciting, I really love it, cause it creates such a good and warm sound. I will never miss it while mixdown or mastering.