Customer Reviews

  • Klein - leicht - SPITZE

    by D_Jey_Age
    Macht was es soll und das schnell - CPU-schonend und einfach = geiler Sound - und zuverlässig .... mehr braucht man nicht bei vielen Anwendungen - vor allem um CPU-Last bei mobilen Geräten zu schonen ..
  • Superb Plugin

    by BluelagoonStudios
    This limiter is my go to, to get aggressive sounds under control, or in a live situation. Where you set up a live stream, only a EQ and the limiter and not more than 1db limiting the full range signal with a clean sound, which can be beefed up with the XL knob for a saturated sound. It's very easy to use and effective. In my opinion this plugin is the best of all limiters that Plugin Alliance provides. Thanks.
  • Good sounding but...

    by M.A.
    A good sounding limiter, fast to operate and set. I really use a lot the XL function to beef things up on tracks and buses. The only thing that really annoy me is the threshold and gain sliders: when I need to make small adjustment have to click exactly in the middle of the control or it will be moved (up or down) too much and loose the current setting...
  • Seriously impressed

    by JohnnyB
    The bx_Limiter is vanilla in the best ways. In my little home studio, it just won a shootout for the role of louderizing a mix with a lot of high end trouble and disturbance. The competitors were the bx_masterdesk, which I have been loving, the Shadow Hills (non class A), and a couple of UAD products. To say that the bx_Limiter was the most transparent doesn't even get at it; it was the ONLY one that I could get to sound transparent on this particular track. It won't win every time--in fact I am sure I will gravitate to a more colorful limiter on tracks that have fewer...complications (but the bx_Limiter DOES have a saturation feature that of course I avoided this time around), but damn! I am impressed with the way this performed and excited to know it is there in the Elements bundle. If I had more time, I am sure I could have gone the prescribed route of using this to tame peaks and then letting a different box focus on color.
  • Limiter

    by element4audio
    Clean and transparent, really really really good, but... I miss the dither, without the dither can´t win to other options. But if you don´t need the dither, will be your go to limiter
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it
  • bx_limter

    by synesthetic
    Exactly what I was looking for. A nice, transparent, lightweight limiter for tracks with saturation on top. And it's capable of parallel limiting! My L2 just got envious. This is a no brainer must-have.
  • bx_limiter

    by DPR
    This is a very transparent limiter. Transients are easily tamed with precision and accuracy. The saturation created is very pleasing and smoothly applied. There is no noticeable distortion or pumping created when setting reasonable dynamic ranges.
    The bx_limiter is very CPU friendly, thus latency isn't much of a concern, enabling you to use many instances of it throughout a complicated mix! The Channel Link function, variable Release, output Dimming function and Dry/Wet function (and more) take this limiter beyond the realm of ordinary...
  • A step up from Logic's stock limiter

    by Nick F
    VERY simple to use and get loudness up for a demo mix. I'm no mastering genius but it's a useful, transparent tool I use often.
  • bx_limiter

    by Peter Indenkämpen
    I thought that I had all that I needed for compression with the elysia alpha compressor. But this neat little plugin is the cherry on the cake. Together these two plugins are unbeatable. Again an excellent job done by the guys from the plugin-alliance!