Customer Reviews

  • Good

    by Angel Cano The Producer
    I love this plugin, it works well,easy to use, great concept. I give it 4 stars because im having some Random freezes/Crashes on Cubase when i load it.
  • Quick and easy

    by MattR
    Enjoyable to use and good sounding results!
  • BX Masterdesk rocks!

    by Megatracks
    Have been using it in my 2 bus for mixes just to see if it’ll work, my workflow is a top down style to mix. Masterdesk has not only opened up but has helped my mixes come together in a more predictable way. Also have been using it to master tracks for clients all I can saunas “ridiculous”!! This thing is ssssweet! I work for a broadcast network so turnaround time is always super fast. Masterdesk has made it so much easier, helping me produce masters that make my clients happy, the network loves what they hear.
    Thank you guys!!!
  • Great sound - time saver

    by BcH
    bx_masterdesk is exactly what I need to get a quick mix out to clients that they can listen to on their home system, car, ear buds and that stands up to a commercial mix. Easy to use, simple understandable UI that exposes enough control to let you do some fine tuning, plus some great presets to use as as staring points. PA has done all the have lifting for you. Very happy with it!
  • bx_masterdesk

    by Patrick
    Truly the easiest and most convincing all in one mastering tool I tried so far. It provides for clean and transparent masters and helps fix the main issues swiftly. Of course, it works better when the mix itself is already balanced. 2 minor issues though : it is not so obvious to set the max level in the optimal zone, and it lacks dithering functions
  • Great Tool to have

    by Richard
    I was very sceptical. There were and are so many companies who are advertising with "the best mastering plugin". But the quality on this one is great as usual. It is easy to use and it does the job well! I do use a little bit of EQ and Tape before the plugin and after the Weiss MM1. But that's just a personal taste. I also tried using it on my synths and drum bus. It's not just a mastering tool.
  • MasterDesk

    by JH Studio
    The more I use this software... the more I like it and find additional ways put it in my workflow. Having started in analog years ago, I really enjoy the way you can push your signal into this plugin with similar results. I'm becoming a huge fan of something I was skeptical about at first.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks Jim!
  • Master Desk

    by Terry
    I wasn't sure whether I would use pro mastering facilities or not. Now with Master Desk, I won't need to spend the money. I'm happy.
  • good!!!!

    by MP
    I really like it!!!
  • Instant success

    by Mike
    One screen, everything self-explaining, restricted possibilities, so one almost can't go wrong. As I am no mastering engineer, I am very happy to have a tool that enables me to quickly give a professional finish to my tracks without playing around for hours with several plugins. Within 30 seconds I get a result with more punch, more clarity, more body and more volume though there is almost no change in the metering. Love at the first sight!