Customer Reviews

  • Simple solution

    by Protoculture
    Sounds fantastic, easy to dial in and pretty light weight latency wise. I've found this incredibly handy on the master bus as a quick master for demos, previews and pitches for clients where I don't want to spend too much time on the mastering process. The results are incredibly good for something which literally takes a few seconds to dial in.
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    Thank you.
  • bx_Masterdesk

    by fileccia billy
    Ok.......... I was demoing Ozone 8 and bx_ masterdesk at the same time, like Tonal Balance. I also have T-Racks Max.
    bx_masterdesk just kicks! Yes to................ masterdesk...... It's "So Simple Smooth", ...................... absolutely love it.
  • Masterdesk

    by Perry
    I like this plugin because every time I use it I like it more.
    I am also a Mastering Engineer and this is more useful than
    a bit of my Hardware Gear
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    Thanks Perry, what an endorsement!
  • bx-masterdesk

    by Jam EL Mar
    ...more and more mastering becomes a task for independend producers. Masterdesk is a great tool to add that little bit of golden dust over the mix. It´s easy to handle and has just the right and effective tools at hand. Became one of my no1 choices, when do a quick final touch on a mix.
  • Luxurious!

    by Steve Helstrip
    Mastering can be a little overwhelming at times, but Masterdesk manages to simplify the process beautifully. It combines a chain of high end signal processors and years of mastering know how into one easy to use plug-in that even my grandmother could understand. OK, maybe not my grandmother, but you get the idea... Most importantly it sounds wonderful. Highly recommend.
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    Thanks, and say hi to Grandma for sure!
  • Finaly it´s final

    by Peter Riese
    Incredible! I compared the result of the Masterdesk with a recently made master of a wellknown mastering engineer and... it´s damned close! For me, it´s the ultimate instance at the end of my mastering chain now. Thank´s Dirk ;-)
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    Hey Peter, danke und viel Spass! Dirk.
  • Clever Idea

    by Rick Veneer
    Masterdesk sounds very, very good. The design concept of this plugin is pretty clever. It only takes a minute or two to get a great result.
    Don't just think of it as a mastering tool, because it works great on buses and tracks as well as the master bus. Designed with the recording musician in mind, but I'm betting this will get a lot of use with seasoned pros as well.
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    You bet! :-) Thanks Rick.
  • Professionelles Mastering - schnell & günstig!

    by DanielHefti
    Ein einfach zu verwendendes, klanglich hochwertiges Mastering-Plugin! Jetzt mit einem Plugin einen Song innert weniger Minuten mastern.
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    Danke. Was müsste drin sein, damit es 5 Sterne gibt?What is it missing to receive a 5th star from you?
  • All I can say is WOW!

    by Imrevealed
    I don't normally review products unless they blow me away - Dirk, you have created a very valuable tool. I put my bounced mixes against my previously mastered mixes in Ozone 8... I preferred the master desk workflow and sound much better. I love the simplicity. It allowed me to continue my creativity, rather than second guess my mixes. Mix on brother! - Mike
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    Thanks Mike!
  • bx_masterdesk

    by Spinncontrol
    I tried it for 14 days thinking, ok its NOT going to live up to the hype. Besides I already have the iZotope stuff....
    I now own it....
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    Thanks, and please enjoy your new toolkit!