Customer Reviews

  • Almost perfect

    by Serhii Duzhykh
    bx_masterdesk is my indispensable plugin on the master track
    I give 4 stars only for two reasons:
    1) Output Trim is limited to only -12 dB. In my work on TV, it is important for me to set this value to -18 dB
    2) There is no limiting of intersample peaks, which is also very important in my profession
    I really hope that these features will appear.
    Thanks for the great product!
  • Wonderful plugin

    by MTC
    Msterdesk is a huge plugin, it sounds natural and hot for mastering all my projects (electro and others). Ultra versatile and simple to use. Bx an PA rules ! Best.
  • bx_masterdesk

    by Yambu
    One of my best plugins.I love this musthave thing.It makes my songs greater and gives them a good sound.I am very happy with this!
  • Wow

    by Bruce
    User this on my master bus for the first time. Ran through some presets. Well after a bit of tweaking I get the hang of it.
    love what it does to my mix.
  • Very impressed

    by BluelagoonStudios
    Dirk did it again, this plugin is easy to use, sounds great, and spares a lot of time.
  • !!!

    by Drewfus
    Within 5 minutes of using this plugin, I was able to score an extra couple db of loudness on the master bus without distortion and with minimal transient destruction. I was struggling to achieve transparent loudness for a long time and bx_masterdesk delivers it without much fuss. Fantastic!
  • Must have plugin

    by Ndal
    The biggest advantage of this plug-in is that it adds "Analog Power". With only a few settings. The mastering compressor also adds FRESH LIFE to the music. In a very easy process!
    I think more sophisticated EQ and limiter work is needed. Before and after this plugin..
    It is an essential plug-in for home studio musicians. It is a Must have plugin.

    by Moretti
    Wow, amazing plugin! a "Must-Have"
  • Bx_Masterdesk

    by Brasco
    Unbelievable ! Plugin
  • great for your mix bus

    by modest heights
    I always remove this before actual mastering... HOWEVER this is the most amazing tool to get your mix sounding like a master for your clients... CHECK IT OUT !!!