Customer Reviews

  • bx_masterdesk

    by Yambu
    One of my best plugins.I love this musthave thing.It makes my songs greater and gives them a good sound.I am very happy with this!
  • Wow

    by Bruce
    User this on my master bus for the first time. Ran through some presets. Well after a bit of tweaking I get the hang of it.
    love what it does to my mix.
  • Very impressed

    by BluelagoonStudios
    Dirk did it again, this plugin is easy to use, sounds great, and spares a lot of time.
  • !!!

    by Drewfus
    Within 5 minutes of using this plugin, I was able to score an extra couple db of loudness on the master bus without distortion and with minimal transient destruction. I was struggling to achieve transparent loudness for a long time and bx_masterdesk delivers it without much fuss. Fantastic!
  • Must have plugin

    by Ndal
    The biggest advantage of this plug-in is that it adds "Analog Power". With only a few settings. The mastering compressor also adds FRESH LIFE to the music. In a very easy process!
    I think more sophisticated EQ and limiter work is needed. Before and after this plugin..
    It is an essential plug-in for home studio musicians. It is a Must have plugin.

    by Moretti
    Wow, amazing plugin! a "Must-Have"
  • Bx_Masterdesk

    by Brasco
    Unbelievable ! Plugin
  • great for your mix bus

    by modest heights
    I always remove this before actual mastering... HOWEVER this is the most amazing tool to get your mix sounding like a master for your clients... CHECK IT OUT !!!
  • bx_Masterdesk

    by Had to write this review
    This is my first review and I am compelled to say that Masterdesk is excellent!
    Placed it on the mix bus and my mix sounds excellent!!
    This is an excellent plugin... Thanks Brainworks
  • I NEVER write reviews EVER-- but...

    by Joe B.
    So, yeah, I honestly haven't ever reviewed a product like this. Endless voices on the internet can be found saying any given plugin is at once the best AND garbage. Signal to noise ratio is too high on the internet! Still, for the $50 sale of the Masterdesk, I read a few reviews & kept reading the word "skeptical" followed by a glowing review. It made ME skeptical these were a bunch of fake positive reviews. Glad my better judgement prevailed!
    ~24hrs. later and I'm sold. Honestly, it didn't even take that long! Thing sounds unbelievable-- for this price or 10x as much, easily. I was just won over by the Weiss Softube suite, but I a/b'd it against the ds1-mk3 and it's way cheaper to get a rad sound out of this guy. Has "color" for sure, but doesn't saturate things. Very clean color! And just the right amount.
    So, the reason I felt compelled to review-- "critiques" of the unit on here are WAY off. First, someone mentioned needing a brickwall limiter after this?! I can't make it clip boosting 12db, but okay. Some people seem to think it's subtle-- yeah, subtle like the way night is 'subtly different' than day. Here's the thing--
    **The controls are limited to a RANGE that makes them useful**
    Some people seem to want more. Like, they want the option to ruin their mix. If you need to boost/cut *more* than what is available here- I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it's *your mix*! Not the plugin. To that point-- even if you *never* used it other than to throw on a mix when you're done to see what pops out, it's worth the price. Makes mistake's crystal-clear.
    Just for fun I tried to see how *bad* I could make it sound, and it's not easy. With the most aggressive compressor setting, limiter turbo on, boosting 12db & cranking the EQ's up OR down... Still sounds pretty good! It's wild. The one thing I found could muddy up my sound was adding +/-3 or more on the "foundation" control. It's more useful than other's claim, but the last one I'm reaching for. Certainly no reason to dock it any stars-- like, just don't turn up the knob as much if you don't want. People complaining the In/Out aren't linkable? Here's the world's smallest violin for ya. It's 2 short knob turns or keystrokes. If you're going that fast-- slow down and close your eyes. That'll do more for your mix than any plugin if your mind is racing around. It's art. Give it a sec.
    Okay, going to go D/L a bunch of trials of BX gear now. I'm terrified how much this is gonna cost. Someone DM me if they if they have a yearly sale!! (if you can DM on here lol).
    Off my soapbox! PEACE!