Customer Reviews

  • Best Mastering Plug in

    by grazianova
    this is very cool sounding in masterbus
    1 plug in for mastering better louder krisall musik Warm Analog sound this is the one !!!
    very verry cool thanks for this plug in Hit maker plug in :-)
  • The Best! so far...

    by Anthony Lee
    This plugin is the reason I sold Ozone 8. I don't understand how they've done it, but it's warmer & creates more depth than other plugins of this type - everything just sounds better & louder.
    I suppose, if you have a great sounding mix, recorded in a great studio, Ozone 8 might be a great option, as you don't want it to add vibe necessarily. But, ITB, most of us need a mastering solution more like bx_masterdesk (in my opinion).
    With peak level reduction metering in future updates, I can't see this moving from my stereo bus in the near or far future!!
  • SCARY good!

    by J. Gabriel
    I admit I was feeling somewhat skeptical about this one - but it took less than 5 minutes to completely change my mind. It is scary good and simple to work with. I'm not much one of writing reviews, but I had to come here and say that this plug-in is AWESOME.
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    Thank you very much, and happy mastering!
  • Less is More

    by Dan C.
    In my opinion, this is the best example, in any industry, of turning a complex concept into a simple one, while retaining all of the intended functionality. This is what sets Master Desk apart and makes it such a winning product.
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    Thank you!
  • Amazing!

    by Neri
    Simply the best mastering plug-in I ever used.
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  • Final touches on Mastering

    by Alex Picciafuochi
    initially I watched it with suspicion, but then I realized that at the end of the mastering chain is a great addition to better control the sound balance of the Mastering
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it
  • Masterdesk

    by Pekka
    This is simply a clever plugin, you got the controls you need for total control gain and soundwise in the end of the mixbus chain.
  • Hobbyist

    by Christian
    Sound is great but I miss an option for ISP-limiting. Because of this only 4 stars.
  • bx_masterdesk

    by synesthetic
    If you want to tackle problematic mixes with the masterdesk alone it might fall flat a bit and other plugins might be needed. I would definitely need some parametric bands with q-factor, though the resonance filters work astonishingly well. But if you quickly want to turn decent mixes into in-the-box masters, this is the thing for you. Especially if your stock of plugins isn't that big or your mastering expertise is the one of the average musician.
    The concept, the GUI and the sound allow for a focussed workflow in a single device and will get you transparent, competitive masters quickly. The only crucial thing really missing is a bypass for the sections. You can work around this with the A B C D preset storage to some degree. Other than that, well done!