Customer Reviews

  • TopNotch

    by EugeneBelford
    Macbook M1Pro
    Sonoma 14.1.1
    Logic Pro
    Great for summing busses and stereo out. Full range of applications from subtle to extreme. Go-to for many projects. Has unique and familiar character that easily blends and "glues" the sound together. Would definitely recommend when someone is not sure of which compressor to use for a track.
  • bx_masterdesk

    by Sound Design
    The results of this analog mastering device in your workstation used on your recording sessions will be noticeable to listeners. The ease of use with time saving emphasised will be an asset to your time management strategy. Pro quality made for the beginer to learn without fear is so important for getting consistent outcomes.The consequence is another sure thing when planning to rely on this plug in. Great Job BrainWorx!
  • luiz mosquera

    by luizanyelo
    ahora es el momento
  • BUENOk

    by OswAlvrez
    Compactador Util
  • BX Masterdesk

    by bx_masterdesk
    I had this masterdesk plugin sleeping on my drive for a few months and I just used it for the first time to realize I am totally speechless. For a one-step mastering solution, not only does it work great, but it's also very natural sounding, in fact, it's so smooth and loud!!!
  • One of my favorite plugin, on all my masters

    by BigSmilezBeats
    This is a plugin which is dead simple to use and produces phenomenal results. Compared to the AI powered Oz**e plugin, the masterdesk has a different sonic signature and I really dig the results that I get from it.
    10/10, must recommended for the finalization stages of your track/beat.
  • updating the bx-masterdesk

    by bx-masterdesk pro
    up dating the bx-masterdesk to bx-masterdesk pro how much to pay
  • Excelent !

    by Amila M
    Must Have Plugin for Every Audio Engineers. Thankyou Plugin Alliance and Brain worx
  • Brilliant...but not (just) for mastering

    by Aurasphere
    I gave it a 4 because Im a hard marker.
    I didnt like what it did frequency wise for mastering and I did spend a bit of time with it
    Try this on the overheads for drums....absolutely fast to dial in and it just sounds perfect...I actually quickly slapped it on one of the DAWS in the other part of the studio (R88 in MS on a kit) and it just kills all my old go to's and in 1 plug. Its seriously really good. If it allowed linking here...I would put up a short loop; such good control of the room without killing it.
    NOW to find a dynamic eq that lets you use an internal sidechain from 1 band to control another
  • bx_masterdesk

    by OCTO8R
    As it's been suggested in True Peak Limiter' manual, this tool works perfectly in tandem to control your final Levels. It is really as simple as 1, 2, 3. Used it before the True Peak Limiter in the chain. Just perfect!