Customer Reviews

  • bx_Masterdesk

    by Junior James
    An amazing sounding plugin that I would never now be without. The simplicity for those of us that aren't mastering engineers is hugely impressive and the EQ and Imager is niiice.
  • This is magic!

    by Overdrive Music
    I usually scroll down and find the first preset if I'm sending a rough mix to someone so they can hear it in the car. So easy to get an amazing, almost-finished sound from this with one scroll of a mouse.
  • great mastering tool

    by Diwine UK
    Great mastering tool, can help you to get out the best of your mix.
    Simple straightforward flow and easy to learn. Once you know it, you can get the job done quite quickly.
  • bx_masterdesk

    by Scartato
    fantastic product for perfect mastering
  • Masterdeck

    by MS
    This is everything they claim it to be. Truly excellent sonic qualities and a lot of knowledge built in. Compares surprisingly well with my go-to chain and a lot faster to use. LOL, maybe they should have called it "minute-master" since that's about how long it takes to get a good master from a decent mix.
  • Love this plugin

    by Wonham
    One of my favorite plugin ! Powerful & Easy to use
  • Yes

    by Shakes
  • produccion

    by vicz3ta
    mezclas pro
  • Very good

    by Daniel M
    Mastering has always been the most frustrating part of making music. If I have an important project, I will send my final mix to a professional mastering engineer, but I'm usually on a tight budget so when it comes to smaller projects/covers etc. I master my tracks myself. Bx masterdesk alleviates my frustrations; I love how it gives you great results pretty quickly.
    I give 4 stars because I'd love to see gain reduction meter with numbers in the compressor knob as well as the possibility to apply paralel compression between 0-100% range, not only 86%-100%. That would be great. Other than that, it is simply awesome.
  • What magic is this

    by Chromatic Photophore
    Been using FL for years and beating my head against the wall trying to master effectively using Maximus. Good plugin, but irritatingly complicated to use. Got this, tried it, and I got better, clearer results in 10 minutes of tweaking than I could get in an hour before. It was a little tricky getting used to the interface, but this is my go-to mastering plugin now. It's so freaking good. I don't know what the people at Brainworx put in their plugins, but this is yet another of theirs that is just fantastic.