Customer Reviews

  • WOW!

    by Withajay
    This is so effing great!!! A very useful plugin for mastering or even on your master track. I use this one often when mastering and I cannot say enough good things about it! Using it with the Pro Audio DSP plugin really makes things right with your master track. Kick ass! Keep it up Plugin-Alliance!!
  • bx_masterdesk

    by sjcongo
    I love this !
    for me it s like a channel strip but better
  • works great

    by nox
    i have had my eye on this for awhile, i figured i could do without it, but after i gave it a try it made my track loud, clean and with dynamics.
    i am totally impressed with it and i know the reviews are legit.
  • Another PA Go-to Mix-bus Shiner!

    by bx_DESERVES_support
    I've been lucky enough to have worked with one of Canada's most proficient mastering engineers whose capable hands I've left much of my work in, amongst others' I have produced/mixed. I still learn a lot from him, and one of his quotes really struck me: "You may see a good mastering engineer making a list of everything a song needs to to be the best finished product it can be, but you'll see a GREAT mastering engineer making a list of everything a song DOESN'T need."
    That's very much along the lines of what makes this plugin GREAT. Anything you may throw at it will be fattened, softened, or sharpened to your liking is SECONDS, and on two memorable sessions so far, for me bx_masterdesk quickly indicated what was not needed. If you've been messing with it for over 5 minutes, that's even probably too long. Supposedly the purpose of this is just for making a very good, quick-cut pre-master (yet fully capable of finalizing at your discretion - that would require some referencing) One of the plugins that have gotten me, as still within my first few years of doing this professionally, to pay a lot more attention to the amazing tools floating around here. If you see this on sale, GRAB IT - you'll NOT be disappointed!
  • Great for a premaster!

    by Jesse Cook
    I find I use this for every project. The Masterdesk offers quick and easy controls to a thick and clean overall project. Its great for creating quick master demos and providing a clean sounding pre master to your clients. This is a must have.
  • bx_masterdesk

    by TRV503
    This plugin makes Studio One least for me. Wait until FL Studio 20.x gets a load of this desk. I knew that mastering is not an easy thing, but I understand more from the manual and the video instruction on this plugin. I'm still getting used to the different compression models and the turbo limiter, which helped me with an old remix I decided to dust off and fix. Using this in the Project page of Studio One, made me smile as well..
    Nicely done.
  • 10/10

    by Kido
    It's amazing tool. It's quick made my demotracks, beats and music sketches sounds better. Level up. Thanks for this plugin.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank YOU!
  • My Secret Weapon For Mastering

    by Alexey Soloviev
    bx_masterdesk is my secret weapon for mastering. This plugin helps me a lot to create clean, smooth and loud masters.
  • Must Have

    by Faustbot
    bx_masterdesk goes on every song I produce. The EQ controls are exactly as subtle as they need to be, the DR monitor helps keep my music feeling dynamic, the compressors are powerful without being overkill, and the THD control helps glue the mix together into a cohesive whole by adding just a little saturation. I absolutely recommend this!
  • MatserDesk - Excellent

    by Andrea
    I had this plugin for few months but I never used, then yesterday it saved my life by allowing me to remaster a full album of 11 songs in less than 1 hour! Results are amazingly good, it brought more consistency and definition on the low end and it removed the harshness from the highs with few moves. Its compression is definitely colored, but really pleasant to my ears, it can bring life and depth to my mixes (or previous masters) in unparalleled way. Highly recommended!!!!