Customer Reviews

  • bx_masterdesk

    This baby is a Beast...I love this adds fire to my mixes after all is done and I'm ready to put the final touch on them... Super duper plugin...thanks for making this one... Like I said, it's a Beast...
  • That's what I needed!

    by MrJimX
    I searched a long time, before finding "bx_masterdesk" which is finally what I was looking for my mixes! I could even compare with others, whose name I will not mention, and sincerely "bx_masterdesk" conquered me much faster and it is easy to use, to get fabulous improvements. It also works wonderfully well for several tracks on a bus in my console.
    In summary, it really brings something! And just for that, I do not regret at all.
    I am satisfied because it really serves something. My musical productions lacked heat before that. Now I am delighted listening to my work.
  • easy to use!

    by teen wei
    i love it!
  • Plugins

    by royboy1127
    I recently purchased the Masterdesk and the ad analyser. I am a plugin alliance “heavy hitter”, amdI am not saying that to impress anyone as I did not start out with that intent in mind. I started with theirM/S plugs, simply because I wanted a new and interesting way to listen to my mixes. The reason I became a “ heavy hitter”, was due to the sound quality and performance that theseplugs provide. Every plug seems to sound better than the last, then when I use my older plugs, I think, “naw man, these plugs are the best”. I trust the name implicitely, and love how they think outside the box, and employ very hip and cool creativity to their plugs that are technically and sonically awesome.
  • masterdesk

    by Doc
    OH MY!!!! This is spectacular...tremendous...I love this!! I have been waiting for this and now I have it...fabulous sound, all the bells and whistles you could possibly want on a master compressor..I'm going back and re mastering a lot of my tunes with this...I put it up against some other units and several limiters and the loudness is is equal to all those and cleaner and more musical,,,,,buy this unit no matter what the cost...thank you continue to excel and your plugs are my go to now...Doc
  • geinige masteringplug

    by alankara
    Very handy for fast mastering. All the basic in one plug in. Overall sound is very good.
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  • bx -masterdesk

    by music13
    It`s a really impressive plugin. You can enhance your mix with a few clicks and bring it to a much higher level. The quality of sound is absolutely brilliant, so it is recommendable for professional studios as well as homestudios. And it do it all in a very fast timesaving way. Top !
  • masterdesk

    by deltaart
    Great plugin. Really adding gear sound.
    Used with Shadow Hills mastering compressor, DW Feard VT-5 and HA Michelangelo can bring more character in mastering chain.
  • Impressive natural image and dynamics

    by Masterdesk: clear loudness and image
    This is like cleaning your glasses when you were painting a picture. If you use it with caution of course!
  • Awesome

    by Piet Sielck
    Inserted at the end of the chain it does what it is supposed to do flawlessly. Compressor works really great, the shaping tools are just right and the best part: no artifacts! I do metal productions and this is a highly appreciated new weapon in my arsenal \m/
    Plugin Alliance response
    Rock on!! Thanks.