Customer Reviews

  • Hobbyist

    by Christian
    Sound is great but I miss an option for ISP-limiting. Because of this only 4 stars.
  • bx_masterdesk

    by synesthetic
    If you want to tackle problematic mixes with the masterdesk alone it might fall flat a bit and other plugins might be needed. I would definitely need some parametric bands with q-factor, though the resonance filters work astonishingly well. But if you quickly want to turn decent mixes into in-the-box masters, this is the thing for you. Especially if your stock of plugins isn't that big or your mastering expertise is the one of the average musician.
    The concept, the GUI and the sound allow for a focussed workflow in a single device and will get you transparent, competitive masters quickly. The only crucial thing really missing is a bypass for the sections. You can work around this with the A B C D preset storage to some degree. Other than that, well done!
  • Master of Mastering

    by kbhatt
    Most beautiful things are also perhaps the most simple. This plugin converts your mixes just by turning three knobs into something so musically rich and pleasing that I've not experienced before! Repeat after me: BUY THIS!!!
  • Swiss knife

    by Carambo
    Easy fix the mix, the compressor is amazing. For a quick nice mastering the plugin to go.
  • BX Masterdesk

    by DYR Photography / CDM Music
    Excellent and Well Done with BX_Masterdesk! I purchased it a few hours ago and ran through the usual tests. It's doing an excellent job of refining the overall mix. The controls are particularly useful for reshaping the overall low/mids/highs and provide a nice saturation. No decibel is wasted. It squeezes out every last possible drop and can still deliver without completely squashing the overall dynamics.
    The EQ and De-Esser work fabulously, as well as the Mono Maker!
    With the Apple/Spotify/Youtube limiting dynamics, the Range Meter provides a good reference as to what will happen with your own mixes.
    2 Thumbs Up! A must have for any Mixer who needs to turn out a crisp and loud Mix for their Client(s), so they can make further artistic decisions with respect to their track(s).
  • good!

    by good!
  • Simple and effective

    by Kirill Afonin
    Great mastering tool for musician/producer! The interface is intuitive and easy to get started right away. I love the analog workflow and analog character it gives to your mix. And while I was sceptical about DR meter (instead of standard LUFS) it's actually very informative and allows you to achieve good results in terms of commercial loudness levels. Great job, keep up the good stuff!
  • Marvelous Plugin

    by Random Dirt
    I absolutely love this one. Always in my Master Bus. Try it and you will buy it.
  • Must Have!

    by DJ Linus
    This is the best Plug In i ever came across!
    Master your mix in 5 minutes - or go back an adjust your mixdown!
    Unbelievable great sounding product!
    Must have!
  • Masterdesk FTW

    by BK
    While the name is more so a catch-phrase, this thing really shines by simplifying a tedious a process. It also lends to those needing a quick bounce for playback and critical listening. In addition, it can also pass itself off as being a poor mans mastering solution.
    I have found this to be more of an exceptional compressor with transparent gain ability, mono maker, and stereo adjustment. The meter was great for all experience levels. Just make sure you’re in the green and turn it up. I use this as my final plug on every mix to get it to the pre-mastered stage. Definitely a must-have for all.