Customer Reviews

  • MasterDesk

    by JH Studio
    The more I use this software... the more I like it and find additional ways put it in my workflow. Having started in analog years ago, I really enjoy the way you can push your signal into this plugin with similar results. I'm becoming a huge fan of something I was skeptical about at first.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks Jim!
  • Master Desk

    by Terry
    I wasn't sure whether I would use pro mastering facilities or not. Now with Master Desk, I won't need to spend the money. I'm happy.
  • good!!!!

    by MP
    I really like it!!!
  • Instant success

    by Mike
    One screen, everything self-explaining, restricted possibilities, so one almost can't go wrong. As I am no mastering engineer, I am very happy to have a tool that enables me to quickly give a professional finish to my tracks without playing around for hours with several plugins. Within 30 seconds I get a result with more punch, more clarity, more body and more volume though there is almost no change in the metering. Love at the first sight!
  • Mastering - Now Easy as 1-2-3!

    by PC
    Easy to use with such high quality, that it is really fun to work with it! You get awesome results in no time!
    With this tool in my master chain I can replace almost all the plugins I needed before.
    M/S Section is great as always! (notice that this stereo enhancer is way more complex than in other plugins from Brainworx)
    The frequencies in the Tone Control section are well-chosen and it is very easy to increase the sound the way you want.
    Also it it no problem to get the needed loudness without artifacts or pumping.
    Only thing I wish for a future update would be a Bypass function for each element for easy A/B.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you, Mr Polished Chrome I believe I know who you are. :-) Dirk.
  • Game Changer

    by Mike Rocha
    This is such a fast tool to use for a usually labour-intensive process like your master-bus setup. When I first tested it out I slapped it on a bus for a finished mix where I had already spent a good amount of time and care with choice of EQ, compression and limiting, and in only a few minutes I had it sounding just as good as what took 3 different plugins to accomplish.
  • Start Here

    by CTRL-S
    Electronic Bass Music Producers: Start here. This is becoming the go-to on my master channel. Traditionally, I've been using other plugins and some outboard hardware to find the sweet spot. But I was impressed at how quickly I got in the zone using this. This is a worthy addition to your toolbox. Do trial and see for youself. Dial in the Foundation and Tone with ease. Set up your mono subs in minutes. You want to test that new tune in your DJ set tonight? Start here. You want to send demos to labels? Start here. Sure, you can still take mixes to your favorite mastering house, but you'll find that premaster sweet spot much quicker. If you want to earn those precious hours of your life back to do other fun things, start here.
  • Superb

    by Wires Ed
    I was skeptical of this miracle box at first, but it very quickly won me over. I was trying to remaster some mixes that I wasn't happy with and had been trying a bunch of solutions, including ozone and some other plugin chains. None of it really got there for me. This, on the other hand, gets amazing results very quickly. I still find dropping some tape simulation beforehand can fatten it up nicely (I like the UAD studer 800) but this then does the compression, eq and limiting beautifully. And the resonance filters are also extremely sweet. Great job. Very impressed. Gives me the confidence that I can get professional sounding masters quickly.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you, awesome review!
  • BX_MasterDesk

    by Jungle
    I am utterly amazed at how delicious this plug-in sounds. It is the first plug that truly sounds analog from top to bottom. It has an incredible effect on finished audio, even when you think you can’t get an ounce more air and bottom, this plug adds an incredible amount of detail across the spectrum and always retains a smooth analog sound.
    I admit that I employ a hybrid analog setup during tracking, mixing and mastering... however, this plug is in a class by itself and is so well conceived and so easy to use, I must congratulate the developers who created this.
    Also, thank you Plugin Alliance for offering the plug-in for only $99 to us members. You truly do treat us well.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you, great review! Cheers, Dirk (I designed this, so double-thanks)
  • bx_Masterdesk

    by Jason Goldstein
    I just used this as the key pieces in my mastering chain for a whole album I just recently mastered for Billboard Magazine. Amazing! Great for overall tone sculpting and the compression algorithms are spot on! The only additional plugins used were the bx-V3 to carve out some problem frequencies and my favorite Limiter and ditherer at the end of the chain. Wish list would include a bypass for each section, A/B level matching pre/post-processing, and a little bit more comprehensive metering. A great new weapon to add to the arsenal.
    Plugin Alliance response
    If we add all your wishes, will we get 5 stars? :-)Thanks!