Customer Reviews

  • Masterdesk

    by Bob Gassert
    Its in my workflow on everything now . If it works great use it
  • masterdesk

    by noizboy
    Typical of many PA plugs, this one is on point. Sure you can master with some knowledge and some plugins, but this one is designed for just that. The feature set is innovative while also including tried and true tools that you'd expect to see on someones mastering setup. Of course, you can add it to any source that needs some mastering type touch up, and it sounds great. Nice work PA!
  • bx_masterdesk

    by rabipablo
    I have been working in Mastering for more than a decade.
    Finally I find a tool 100% practical and intuitive, which allows me to reach an excellent result in record time. A true achievement of the Plugin Alliance!
    Pablo Rabinovich, Mix & Mastering Engineer. Argentina
  • Very good!

    by IanM
    I was originally skeptical of this plugin, but now I'm blown away! It's extremely transparent, flexible and useful. Nice one!
  • Wow!

    by Mike
    Cannot mix without it. The tone controls and foundation knob alone is worth the price plus you get all the other good stuff which is exactly that. Good Stuff. Smoother, Faster, workflow that gives me what I would call, "The Sound of Hits".
  • MasterDesk

    by W Watt
    Disappointing ! You'll need a brickwall limiter afterwards because transients will pop through. The EQ is overly subtle and the fixed frequencies might work ...or not. "Foundation" past 1 o'clock is mud. I hope Ver.2 is contemplated.
    Plugin Alliance response
    bx_masterdesk doesn't have an Intersample Peak Limiter, if that's what you mean when you say transients slip through. But this is intentionally, as I don't like the sound of those limiters. This whole plugin is subtle, as it is a mastering device. If you can't get mixes to balance with bx_masterdesk I strongly advise to go back and work on the mixes, or tell the engineer to go back and work on the mixes. I haven't run across a mix yet that I couldn't balance with this plugin. There is no V2 planned for bx_masterdesk at this point as I am and we are happy with the plugin, just like thousands of customers so far.I hope you'll get into the plugin more over time, maybe also try it on sub groups / stems, as I honestly feel it has a lot to offer, and we receive so much great feedback from hobbyists and pros alike right now.Best wishes, Dirk (designer of bx_masterdesk)
  • Perfect

    by Brainworx bx_console N
    What a great tool to have it saves a lot of time. WoW
  • Masterdesk

    by RORO
    Masterdesk is an ingenious tool, especially if you have to mix a master in a short time (Jingle, commercial, etc.).
    But also for demo tracks in a small budget project.
    Easy to use, big in effect!
  • Master desk is very well designed

    by A Hoover
    If I could give it 4.5 stars I would have. It can range from subtle to extreme with fairly extensive sound sculpting capabilities. Gives real warm, deep, analog sound that is rich. Metering is just adequate. I also found it a little tricky to push that little extra loudness for the master, but you can eventually tweak to get there.
    This plugin offers a great one-stop shop for professional sounding masters for good mixes.
  • Masterdesk

    by Damian
    After about a month of daily use, I love this unit. Is it a mastering solution? No, not a professional tool but I’m using everyday to give quick, decent references to my mixing clients. I believe those laptop jockeys that would’ve never used a real mastering house will be the core adopters, it’ll never replace my real mastering chain, regardless I’ll still use it for the tasks I described above. Good work Dirk.