Customer Reviews

  • Great sound

    by Mark M Thompson
    Superb sound, but absolutely murders your CPU.
  • There is a quality about this thing that is intoxicating

    by Mirthfulmadness
    There is something about this particular synth that just sounds right to me. Many software synths kind of bother my ear in a digitally kind of way, but this has this warm vibe that is hard to describe unless you try it. The presets are all very useable, and there is a lot. Extremely impressed by this one, and really the oberhausen thing isn't even my favorite kind of sounds out there, but this has given me a much more favorable view on original. (And well I was an 80s kid so it's not that hard).
  • Synth in the box

    by BluelagoonStudios
    A great emulation of the OB-6 synth, which I have the hardware here for many years. First I was a bit cynical about the plugin, but after working with it, it's just great and easy to use. The hardware synth doesn't have much work anymore since it's all right in the box.
  • Very analog-sounding

    by Rex
    This is a very good-sounding softsynth. It's become my go-to for pure analog synth emulation. The tonality of it is super authentic and sounds very 'real'. You can tell when you switch on the TMT that it really is doing exactly when they say it does: adding those subtle imperfections which create the analog sound.
    Only a couple of things holding it back from a five-star rating. The LFO has some unusual properties. Whenever TMT is switched on, the LFO will operate at different speeds for all the different notes played. This can sometimes be cool, but it should be an optional feature; it's frustrating when trying to create a consistent pulsating effect with the LFO, but having it change because of the TMT.
    Also, you should be able to run it standalone outside of a DAW.
    Also, it doesn't even recognize MPE controllers. Most virtual instruments will recognize MPE controllers and they will still function as regular controllers, even when they don't support MPE.
    Also, it's fairly taxing on the CPU.
    Overall, there's nothing sonically lacking about this instrument, but there are a number of things which could definitely be streamlined.
    Again, great synth! I didn't want to leave on a negative note. This thing is awesome.
  • A great sounding synth

    by Jeremy Greysmark
    I was on the lookout for something a bit more unique when it comes to plugins. I use a lot of bigger synth such as Serum or Hive. But sometimes it is nice to open up an emulation of something old and unique.
    The way this plugin operates, and the way it sounds is truly exceptional. It has been part of a lot of productions, just simply for the fact of how it sounds.
    For me it is easy to dial in interesting patches, as the way patches are dialled in feels so different than the usual emulations I use. And that in itself makes me think and come up with different type of sounds.
    The sound is warm, rich and super easily incorporated into a production.
  • Best SEM VST

    by Christian
    I'd go for a lengthier review, but honestly, if you want the SEM sound, this is the best way to get it. Period.
  • Extremely precious

    by Stefano De Chirico
    Incredible, huge, sound design and music with Oberhausen, it became the best in my vst vintage synth arsenal. It is well articulatex in gui and matrix. The built in fx are so powerful and the arp is phenomenal. Stunning and aggressive sounds for TV Shows and Movies. I’m no so satisfied with CPU usage when playing 32 voices, but it is a great incredible sythesizer. The best vintage and the best modern at the same time.
  • Nice

    by fash40
    I've been playing synths since the late 70's and although I've fully embraced working 'in the box', I've always been a bit underwhelmed with soft synths (with the exception of Omnisphere), especially those purporting to be emulations of classic hardware. However the Oberhausen definitely has an analogue 'vibe' to it. Its also got that slight unpredictability to it, as if the oscillators are real. Be careful with the filter as its quite aggressive and watch your volume levels as the resonance could rip your tweeters apart! An excellent synth though. Only slight downside is the CPU hit but for a synth of this quality, its a minor criticism.
  • Great sound, quite taxing on CPU

    by Tomi Kokki
    This plugin sounds damn good. It has warmth and character and I think the additions, like unison and mod matrix, makes this refreshingly different from the original and some other emulations. BUT... this one can be really taxing on CPU. Also in the modern day I think not being able to run synth as a standalone application is a big minus for sound design and jam sessions. But a huge plus for NKS support! Running this in Komplete Kontrol saves a lot from the aforementioned "no standalone" gripe. :)
  • Simple powerful

    by Pdawt
    Amazing synth, the options are limited to other digital synthesizers but I find it to be easier to stay on task with sound designing and manipulating the sound with just the basics. The effects racks that comes with it is amazing too. The only thing I want more is to be able to modulate all the parameters; there's only a limited amount of parameters to modulate.