Customer Reviews

  • Super!

    by Nittendorf
    Super und ich freue mich sehr!
  • Oberhausen

    by MS
    What a wonderful take on the early Oberheim with perhaps the most realistic analog sound there is in software form. Just spectacular. Normally I don't comment on FX and GUI, but both are world class.
  • bx_oberhausen

    by Yuri TovSt'Gun
    very interesting synthesizer with analog sound. I really like the sound of cash synthesizers. I like this one, I will definitely use it in my new musical compositions.
  • gonzalez

    by matias
  • ober

    by Chaiyo
    Fantastic , this bad boy give us a nice 80s classic sound.
  • Fantastic softsynth

    by Aud10Keb
    This is a very tasty softsynth. It has power and width and can go from basic but solid raw monophonic subtractive synth tone to more complex polyphonic sounds with effects and arps. This is a go to softsynth for me. I enjoy the tone of it.
  • In my top 5 soft-synths...

    by mholloway
    This is one of my favorite 'analog' soft-synths, easily in my top five. Why?
    The Pros:
    • The sound quality is fantastic. Like, a serious cut above most analog emulations. It has the weight and liveliness of a real instrument.
    • The TMT creates a lot of variation across voices, similar to how recent Arturia synths provide a panel for adding per-voice variation to cutoff, pwm, pich, etc; though notably, TMT doesn't allow you any control over the parameters or depth the way the Arturia synths do.
    • The UI is clean, clear, and easy to work with. This is a testament to the quality of both the original SEM and also how nicely brainworx have taken that concept and turned it into a workable plugin interface.
    The Cons:
    • The presets are mostly garbage
    • I never, ever use any of the on-board effects. Seriously. I actually think they just get in the way of the synth. I vastly prefer doing my sound design with the core instrument, then adding some chorus / delay / reverb (and any mix-level stuff like EQ) in my DAW, with third-party stuff.
    • TMT only works in polyphonic mode, as far as I can tell, and is inactive in Mono mode. This is utterly bizarre, because the original SEM is a monosynth, brainworx has invented a new patent-pending technology for emulating vintage analog synths, and then implemented it to only work in polyphonic mode. Very, very strange choice.
    Despite these issues, I come back to this synth again and again, choosing it over dozens of others that I own and hold in high regard. The sound quality and ease of use are why, simply. Ignore the fluff of the effects and presets and extra junk, and just use the core synth itself: basically it's an OB-X, because it's a polyphonic SEM.
  • tim

    by Timson
  • Love this plugin

    by DaveE
    Excellent sounds. Be aware that this plugin demands very high CPU. Using a monster Intel i9 10900K build here. With only bx_oberhausen in a session, some patches have the CPU at 3%, others at 30%, and others at 70% or HIGHER. The patches have various levels of voices or FX so it can be helpful to lock the voices at a low setting while auditioning patches.
  • Stunning re-creation!

    by dgadwa
    As someone who once owned the actual hardware - a SEM Pro to be specific - I'm amazed. While I am unable to test the two side-by-side, the bx_oberhausen absolutely gets me there when it comes to scratching the itch and inspiring creativity in a way that only the SEM can do. For what it's worth, I've also owned an Oberheim Matrix, Xpander and OB-6 in addition to the SEM so I feel very closely acquainted with "the Oberheim sound". As far as "that" sound goes, bx_oberhausen is family.
    Needless to say, there are all of the modern conveniences - polyphony not the least among them - and it all works out marvelously well. The effects are a key piece and I say this as someone who more often can't be bothered by the "on-board" effects that other plugin manufacturers add. The effects included here really add character and stand on their own as being useful additions.
    I could go on and on but suffice it to say that the oberhausen really is one of my personal "top shelf, can't live without" plugins of all time.