Customer Reviews

  • A blast to play with and a true-to-life "analog" sound. FX are not as good as they could be.

    by In-Stereo
    This is not the most flexible synth you can buy, but that's not the point -- it sounds like the real deal and has really great character. I love using it because of its simplicity and outstanding sound, plus a few of the extra goodies they've added like the m/s thing and widening controls. Really fun stuff for this simple yet amazing synth classic.
    Why four stars? The FX section is a great idea with some solid things that also needs some help:
    > Metal 666 is nice for what it is but it sucks out a lot of the sub-low end out so I rarely want to use it for many types of sounds, and since there's no mix knob we're stuck with that. Better would be a saturation/distortion unit with different characteristics and a mix knob -- wouldn't need more than a few knobs and a few switches. This would vastly improve the capabilities of this synth without needing to pile on another plugin just to get a nice rich saturation that doesn't kill your sub low end. BX has lots of great saturation plugins they could use as a basis.
    > The Reverb is only "meh" sounding to me, could be much better-sounding and more flexible sonically.
  • Love this thing!

    by Stephen Bentley
    This synth has so much great character (in the best sense) when TMT is switched on. For the first time in a plugin it 100% feels like I'm playing an analogue synth. I also own Omnisphere, which comes very close, and also Diva nearly gets there when 4x oversampled (using Metaplugin), but still, no other soft synth I've tried manages to sound this real.
  • Oberhausen such a great emulation

    by MrB
    Only one word for such a great emulations, GREAT, and many more modern option added to bring analog sound big and transparent
  • Awesome

    by JAmd
    I had an OB-6 for a while, and while it sounded amazing, I let it go, because it was a lot of money to tie up in not much functionality.
    So this plugin is very exciting, because to my ears it sounds shockingly Oberheimish, with all that trademark fizz and chimey piano-like tone that I’ve missed since selling the hardware. The mid/side filtering thing is a nice touch that really opens up some new frontiers in fitting a big stereo patch into the mix.
    This thing absolutely has five-star sound, but the reason I’ve taken one star away is that it lacks something I think is a must: a random/S&H LFO. With all the crazy LFO curves included, this seems like a glaring oversight to me. That said, it might not be important to the next person, and I wouldn’t let it stop me from buying this thing if I were you.
  • bx_oberhausen

    by Mark in Florida
    I lost my 1981 Roland JP-8 synth in a Florida hurricane back in 1995. Though I never had the opportunity to own or use an Oberheim synth back in the early '80s, the bx_oberhausen reminds me a lot of the amazing vibe of my old JP-8. And even though I've only been exploring it for a few hours, I can tell this will become one of my favorite soft synths. It really feels like a top-tier analog synth to me -- so I'm very pleased. Many thanks to the team that worked on this. And, by the way, I wouldn't complain if you decided to tackle creating a Roland JP-8 soft synth in the not-too-distant future!
  • Wow

    by P Bond
    Maybe the most analog sounding synth plugin I've ever heard. Beautifully organic.
  • Great addition to my studio!

    by Tom Peterson (
    Great sounding emulation of the original monster! The unison mode is a magnificent addition, and the integrated effects sound great to! Presets by airwave and plugin-guru, what do you want more?
    Ok one thing would be great, a TMT slider to adjust the amount of variation allowed.
  • BX Oberhousen

    by Hexfix93
    Where does it shine? When you push it, 8 voice unison, with filter sweeps, the way the filter breaks up, no other VST sounds this good doing this. The resonance is spot on, and the shimmer and harmonics are all there. This reminds my of the ob6 and jupiter 8, but in plugin form. Very impressed, and the arturia version doesnt even come close on extreme sounds.
  • Gorgeous

    by Protoculture
    Oberhausen shows PA's modelling tech really translates perfectly to synths... the unison mode with TMT enabled per voice sounds absolutely massive and the filters on this thing are pure magic.