Customer Reviews

  • Rockrack

    by Salt
    I love it. I do wish they had a stand-alone version though.
  • You've done it on purpose right?

    by ITS
    Brainworks make quality amp sims and by now everyone knows that. I used most of them and I know they are good. However one of the few things I'm not very happy with is the fact they don't have dedicated Marshall type sims. I really liked the previous version (bx_rockrack pro) but its cabinet IRs were not very easy to use. This newer version (V3) sounds more friendly, generic so to speak, easier to play but to me it feels less authentic. So when I need 800 type of sound I end up using previous version 800 amp and V3 version cabinet - sometimes ENGL 765 cabinets. (Or other sims/IRs I don't mention here) Other thing is they say they made IRs using NEVE VXS72 and they surely sound good but sometimes I need more transient rich "transformerless" type of sounds. Especially for soloing. In anyway if they make some Marshall dedicated sims I will really appreciate.
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it
  • rockrack v3

    by ibz
    The only thing I don't like is that the delay won't reproduce enough highs. There should be an option for a hi-fi delay for more variety. The lo-fi is great for some things, perfect for Hadley Hockensmith type leads (listen to Pilgrims Progression by Koinonia for an example) but not all things. I want singing delays for satch/vai type leads.
  • bx_rockrack

    by Schornie
    Habe meistens Guitar Rig benutzt. Komme aber schneller mit diesen Plugin zu meinen Guitar- Sound ohne reamping nur aus dem DI Signal
  • bx_rockrack V3

    by Michal Kowalski
    Best amp sim on the market. Sounds really inspiring. And the different irs are just amazing.
  • rockrack

    by OSAR
    Great plugin!
  • Beefy! (and not so beefy if that's what you are after.)

    by Cat-in-a-blender!
    Simple, straight forward, great tones and stays away from the guitar hero sounds that fool you into thinking they sound great whilst soloed but ultimately are unusable in a mix. This thing just sits in the mix nicely, minimal tweaking required.
  • Bx Rockrack V3

    by MrB
    Amazing sounding amp simulation, fantastic from clean to heavy guitar tone,8 amp simulation, fantastic
  • Rockrack ROCKS

    by Wolfman
    Best amp sim imo