Customer Reviews

  • good sounds

    by shingo
    it is like a jcm800.
  • Good

    by bx_rockrack V3
    Super good sounds, beyond my expertation
  • BEST

    by BEST
    Really good!
  • Very Decent

    by Jay Lane
    This does so like an amp. The rock tones you can get out of this are great. I also dig the clean amp's also. You can really dial in a great sound and it has a very authentic sound.
    A few omissions. From what I can see there are only 4 slots to save your own presets and no presets built in. That said this is a totally different paradigm than say Bias but it would be nice to save your own presets.
    No reverb. This was a big letdown. The delay is decent but I'd likely use a different plug for that. Stand alone would be a good idea too.
    Beyond that this is made by the Nembrini guy and he really makes some great stuff on ios.
  • Flexible!

    by Faydit
    A lot of different tones in a single plugin! I personally like most the two Jazz amps for cleaner tones and the Metal 666 for the heavier ones, because it has it's own, very good tone and is no copy of some real amp. Combined with the Shape- and Shred-controls plus the Equalizer you get a lot excellent high-gain sounds.
    The other amps also sound very good, I normally am not such a big fan of a JCM800, but I must admit, this simulation sounds much better than my original Silver Jubilee 2554 ever did.
    The Rect-O-Verb also does a good job, for me sonically somewhere between a Mk. II and a Rectifier.
    The Engl channels (apart from the Jazz) tend to sound a little bit too sharp for my taste, but this issue I also had with the real preamp. So this also sounds very authentically.
    Generally you get very good, very authentic sounding and - maybe even more important - also reacting and behaving tube amp tones out of this plugin.
  • Rockrack

    by Salt
    I love it. I do wish they had a stand-alone version though.
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it
  • rockrack v3

    by ibz
    The only thing I don't like is that the delay won't reproduce enough highs. There should be an option for a hi-fi delay for more variety. The lo-fi is great for some things, perfect for Hadley Hockensmith type leads (listen to Pilgrims Progression by Koinonia for an example) but not all things. I want singing delays for satch/vai type leads.
  • bx_rockrack

    by Schornie
    Habe meistens Guitar Rig benutzt. Komme aber schneller mit diesen Plugin zu meinen Guitar- Sound ohne reamping nur aus dem DI Signal
  • bx_rockrack V3

    by Michal Kowalski
    Best amp sim on the market. Sounds really inspiring. And the different irs are just amazing.