Customer Reviews

  • The best of all

    by Faland
    I have tried all the amp emulations out there; some of them are very good, some are fulfilled with so many amps and effects you'll barely have the time to try them all in your entire life, some are so and so, others are simply awful and unreal. This one is THE thing.
    It delivers 8 amps (5 actually, 3 of them with clean and crunch channels) but just the Marshall JCM 800 worth the price alone.
    Believe me, I used to have a real one in the '80s and I was after a good emulation for years. End of the search. I bought rockrack few days ago, and I play with it intensely since. 99% of time with the Marshalls.
    It brings me back to my youth. Thanx PA.
  • A guitarist dream

    by Edward Selberie
    I am a guitarist and studio owner. Since using this virtual amp, I did not had the need to track any guitars through a real amp. This amp sounds excellent. You feel every nuances as if you are playing through a real amp.
    Give it a try if you want to buy immediately. In my case, I just buy plugins from Plugin Alliance. They have top notch products @ excellent prices!
    Please see my other reviews (Eddy) for a complete outline of my mixbus.
  • rock rack V3

    by Dan
    Simple to use, great sounds at almost any configuration. This is a inspiring amp simulation, you will not want to stop playing. The impulse responses are very nice. They are even better than my bigbox set. A very realistic sounding simulation.
  • Not Very good

    by CLNyc
    If you want authentic amp tones don't buy this. The JCM 800 is terribly not like the original. Brainworx did a great job however with Bassdude which is one of the best amp models I've heard.
    Get the VSM3 in front of the Bassdude and get great tones. They are not in this kit however.
  • Rockrack!

    by Rockrack!
    Stunning amp sim!!!!!!
  • Works Great!!!

    by MikeW
    After buying the BIAS FX I was really let down by the poor sound, and poor UI. I was never going to buy another Amp Sim again. Plenty of free ones out there that work just as well if not better. Well Plugin Alliance must of heard me because last week they had a killer sale on the Brainworx bx_rockrack. V1.7 So I took a chance and bought it. Loaded it up on my DAW and re-amped some guitar tracks. Wow!!! I couldn't believe how great it sounded. Plus the fact the UI is just about as simple as you can get. Plus with 4 or 5 guitar tracks going CPU usage was at a usable level. Not so with the BIAS FX, its a CPU hog! Any way V3 Just came out and they let me upgrade for only $29.00. Love it! More Great Sounds and Cabs. Great Product from Brainworx