Customer Reviews

  • bx rockrack v3

    by Richard Salay
    Superior guitar plugin for milion uses!;)Lot of editing,natural warm sounding!Great work!;)..thnx
  • bx_rockrack V3

    by Alain
    Excellent plugin
  • bx_rockrack V3

    by igblack78
    Great sounding amp. Versatile and full of options. I used in my entire creative process as well as in my recordings and in given mixings. It's difficult to dial a bad sound from that amp plugin.
    Great job Brainworx!!!
  • Brainworx bx_rockrack V3

    by S_FISH
    Dear Guitar Heroes,
    now i have just a little bit time to comment this great .... VR-Plug-In.
    Yeah, really great ...
    In combination with a PAULA and the parameters of ENGL/Orange Clean sounds a powerfull guitar form clean over kinky to very dirty.
    Clean tube sounds with clear and dominated overtones and on the other hand singing distorted hard and heavy sounds like actual the hard and heavy preachers.
    Best regards and keep on headbanging
  • bx Rockrack

    by Lex Luther
    The bx rockrack saves a lot of time and heartache when it comes to dialing in a good electric guitar sound. I use it on the bass as well and I love the results. I am runnind Pro tools HDX and I love the fact that a lot of Brainworx plug ins are available as AAX DSP! All of my plugins from Plugin Alliance Have been simple and efficient to purchase, install, and authorize.
  • A Power House

    by 77Stratman
    The Rockrack is must have VST amp loaded with a wide range of tonal sounds. From a clean soothing tone to a bluesy Rhythm and then Metal Monster. It's like a JCM 800/900 on steroids!
  • Incredible!!

    by Laurent
    Already have a megadual (really great!), I was searching for a good JCM 800 emulation because of that Marshall sound I wanted in my music.
    And that's the beginning of my troubles. The others JCM 800 plugs cannot work like a true Marshall apparently so I've been looking for that amp for a long, long time and now with my Rockrack V3, the search is over. I have a bunch of really good and cool amps and among everything, I own a JCM 800 that behaves like a Marshall with a lot of cabs.
    I can record it for hours immediatly, no need to tweak a lot. Just switch on, play and record.
    It's the same for all the amps.
    It's incredible, great job!!
  • Excellent

    by qKmusic
    From all the plugins emulations I´ve checked, the best one I´ve tried. Not perfect yet, but for the price is an excellent product. I don´t get much of a difference from the previous version though.
  • Fun to play!

    by NateK
    So far I really like it. I have used most of the popular Guitar Amp emulation plug-ins. What I like most about this one vs. the others is 1- It has a certain feel in the articulation of the fingers, frets, and strings. It seems to really pick up on every little nuance which is the main thing I was missing when playing through other sims/ or emulation programs. The other plug-ins seem to be lacking in this area, a little dull or not as responsive as a real amp, and I was really surprised about the way the rockrack feels. It doesn't beat playing a real amp, but for in the box guitar tracking I am really impressed, I think it's the best feeling one I played so far. This one won't slow me down at all. It doesn't have a lot of amps and features, but it does have pretty much everything needing to make a great guitar track. Sometimes less is more. I spend a lot of time in other programs tweaking and playing through my endless options, which can take a lot of time if I let it, and for a mix seems to get overdone. With this one it's more like instant gratification. Can pull up clean, make a few tweaks and it's ready to go, or hard rock or metal. Most of the sounds are possible without much shuffling through 100's of presets and amps like other programs, though that is a strength of the other programs. 2- The other really nice thing about the rockrackV3 is that it is the lightest on my CPU usage of all the other programs. I have some that use 20+% (yes my computer is not up to par in cpu power, it's just an i5, but it's still very capable), so I can't bring up much more than two instances in a session before I have to render out the tracks to free up CPU. This one doesn't use much more than 10% and it doesn't sacrifice sound quality for it either. I love Plugin Alliance for being so friendly to my computer and yet not sacrificing any sound quality! The not strong points: and please Plugin Alliance read this and think about a small update. It's that the presets are not integrated into the plugin (maybe to save on cpu?). True I can still load up presents on the Pro Tools preset menu section of the insert and save, but I haven't figured out how to use my presets cross platform yet, specifically with Ableton Live. The free player has the presets integrated, and the full version has a big black empty pace in that same place. Why not just make a tweak on the full version and put what's in the free version in the full version too? The other thing I would like to see, and it's a small thing is a bypass switch on the interface by the cabs. I don't want to scroll down to the last cab setting which is "no cab" every time I want to turn off the cab. Right now I save one patch like patch B with cab off as a workaround. I just miss the switch that most other comparable plug-ins have. Besides, all the other features of this plug-in have on/off switches, the gate, the delay, the eq, ect. I think it could be easy to put one on the cabs too. Beside that I think this could become my goto Amp plugin, enjoying it so far but will have to see how much I use it in the future.
  • Great

    by Kvan
    Great for the guitar needs.. and thank you so much Plugin Alliance for "super price" ...adjustments are useful and easy and very important point for lazy men just like me :) ... the rockrack gives the power and the sound to me in seconds