Customer Reviews

  • The "bx_rockrack V3" is a plugin simulador de amplificador fabulous .

    by Geraldo Estrela
    This "bx_rockrack V3" amplifier simulator has completed my arsenal of amplifier simulators, I recommend that every Home Studio and / or audio mixing technician have this amplifier simulator in their arsenal of amplifier simulators.
  • Great amp sound!

    by Jacek Strzelczyk
    With a guitar boost (Seymour Duncan 805) it’s amazing feeling that we have really powerful guitar amp. I’ve tested many vst amps and this one has a big balls! :-) V3 is a „must have” tool! Enjoy!
  • bx_rockrack V3

    by Acrymatrix
    When I work hard at achieving a comfortable balanced guitar tone for either live or studio performance, the results that I immediately realize with the bx_rockrack V3 plugin are what I expect...though I seldom arrive with an external amp rig. It doesn't matter where your guitar knobs are at any given moment. It always always thumps.If you are a mature accomplished player you will hear it and feel it right away. It is the most refreshing thing I have ever plugged my Gibson into. Thanks for sharing this wonderful sonic masterpiece!
  • bx rockrack v3

    by Richard Salay
    Superior guitar plugin for milion uses!;)Lot of editing,natural warm sounding!Great work!;)..thnx
  • bx_rockrack V3

    by Alain
    Excellent plugin
  • bx_rockrack V3

    by igblack78
    Great sounding amp. Versatile and full of options. I used in my entire creative process as well as in my recordings and in given mixings. It's difficult to dial a bad sound from that amp plugin.
    Great job Brainworx!!!
  • Brainworx bx_rockrack V3

    by S_FISH
    Dear Guitar Heroes,
    now i have just a little bit time to comment this great .... VR-Plug-In.
    Yeah, really great ...
    In combination with a PAULA and the parameters of ENGL/Orange Clean sounds a powerfull guitar form clean over kinky to very dirty.
    Clean tube sounds with clear and dominated overtones and on the other hand singing distorted hard and heavy sounds like actual the hard and heavy preachers.
    Best regards and keep on headbanging
  • bx Rockrack

    by Lex Luther
    The bx rockrack saves a lot of time and heartache when it comes to dialing in a good electric guitar sound. I use it on the bass as well and I love the results. I am runnind Pro tools HDX and I love the fact that a lot of Brainworx plug ins are available as AAX DSP! All of my plugins from Plugin Alliance Have been simple and efficient to purchase, install, and authorize.
  • A Power House

    by 77Stratman
    The Rockrack is must have VST amp loaded with a wide range of tonal sounds. From a clean soothing tone to a bluesy Rhythm and then Metal Monster. It's like a JCM 800/900 on steroids!
  • Incredible!!

    by Laurent
    Already have a megadual (really great!), I was searching for a good JCM 800 emulation because of that Marshall sound I wanted in my music.
    And that's the beginning of my troubles. The others JCM 800 plugs cannot work like a true Marshall apparently so I've been looking for that amp for a long, long time and now with my Rockrack V3, the search is over. I have a bunch of really good and cool amps and among everything, I own a JCM 800 that behaves like a Marshall with a lot of cabs.
    I can record it for hours immediatly, no need to tweak a lot. Just switch on, play and record.
    It's the same for all the amps.
    It's incredible, great job!!