Customer Reviews

  • bx_rockrack V3

    by Michal Kowalski
    Best amp sim on the market. Sounds really inspiring. And the different irs are just amazing.
  • rockrack

    by OSAR
    Great plugin!
  • Beefy! (and not so beefy if that's what you are after.)

    by Cat-in-a-blender!
    Simple, straight forward, great tones and stays away from the guitar hero sounds that fool you into thinking they sound great whilst soloed but ultimately are unusable in a mix. This thing just sits in the mix nicely, minimal tweaking required.
  • Bx Rockrack V3

    by MrB
    Amazing sounding amp simulation, fantastic from clean to heavy guitar tone,8 amp simulation, fantastic
  • Rockrack ROCKS

    by Wolfman
    Best amp sim imo
  • Wow

    by InnerChild
    I have nearly every guitar amp emulation known to man. The RockRackRanks at the top. PA does it again ... And again... And again ....
    Plugin Alliance response
    Keep on rocking! Thanks.
  • Great tool very flexible

    by Casey Beavers
    I am a novice at making music, but this is a great plugin to have in your library. It can provide a variety of cool effects on guitars,bass or any instrument. It provides tremendous ways to shape the sound you are looking for! Thanks
  • No brainer!

    by SrC
    Well well well worth the price, especially with the Labor Day special! A no brainer for the ENGL 530 alone, plus you get the other amps too. The Metal BX 666 is a nice treat as well, very smooth, non-irritating highs, etc. I have other "high end" amp modeling packages, but none that sound like this. I love the easy to select recording chain for cabinet + mic selection. There's no guess work, just cycle through the list until you find what you want. The 5 band EQ is very good, you can focus on the tone you want without muddying up and scratching up the natural sound. There's not a bad sound in this whole module. Well done!
  • Rockrack V3

    by Spinncontrol
    I use GTR programs since I don't play GTR. I used the Player version for a few weeks, had a chance to get the full version at a discount and JUMPED on it. I have tried a lot of amp emulations and this thing really knocked me over. Then I added the BX room simulator and now I am set....AMAZING!!!!!!!
    Spinncontrol Productions
  • A+

    by RayWisby
    Great plugin, must have!