Customer Reviews

  • Beautiful

    by XDØSE
    He probado reverbs hasta la saciedad y realmente esta es de las mejores que he podido probar , sencilla y poderosa.
    Una reberb transparente y profunda.
    Un diseño increíble al igual que la espacio que genera.
  • great

    by Ethan M
    the sound is rich and organic and the presest are fantastic you can find any setting for everything you throw on it
  • bc rooMS

    by Sidney T.
    It’s as transparent as you can get! The M/S processing allows you to even a mix out! It only takes a minimal time to learn and operate! In my opinion it takes my tracks to the next level! It has become my go to plugin for reverb!
  • Rooms

    by Douglas R
    I had no intention of buying another reverb. I don't need another reverb. But when I went to purchase bx_console E (the original version) I was offered a deal I couldn't pass up (sneaky bastards at PA) and I bought rooMS, too. I figured, what the heck, I may as well listen to it once, even though I probably won't use it much because, did I mention, I don't need another reverb?
    Before I even had a chance to dial in some appropriate settings for the song I was mixing (vocals and acoustic guitars) I was lifted off my chair by the injection of life into the tracks. Where did *that* come from? Then I heard the tails and realized, you know, I really did need another reverb. Thanks PA and bx. Stunning plugin. I'm floored and don't feel the least bit sorry I fell for that great offer!
  • BX Reverb...Rooms

    by JH Studio
    I have many reverbs. They all have a place in my toolbox. BX_Rooms brings the algorithms and MS features to my list that no other Reverb has. HP/ LP Filters are a must and low CPU makes this a winner.
  • bx_rooMS

    by d3llio
    I started using this plug-in right away and am very impressed with it. I have had trouble in the past finding a good reverb plug-in but this has definitely solved that problem! The layout is very self-explanatory and I found myself much more interested in exploring rather than plugging in a preset. Great layout, great sound. Thanks brainwork!!!!
  • Outstanding!

    by Ivochkin
    I think it's great alternative to TC VSS3. Modern, deep and bright reverb that can move you to heaven...
  • Nice CPU saver

    by ohrwerk
    A really nice, lush and natural sounding reverb with very CPU-friendly performance that's perfect for most reverb situations. Compared to Waves' H-Reverb or Rob Papen's RP-Verb, it lacks (modulation) parameters for more extreme and experimental settings.
  • nice sound

    by ramitech
    very beautiful reverb tail
  • bx_rooMS

    by Milton Messenger
    This reverb was very easy to program. I first just picked a preset and then tweaked it a little, and whola! I really love the lush reverb tails. M/S is great when you only want the Sides to reverberate. My only complaint is that this plugin is not offered in the UAD platform (yet?) In fact, I believe that users should get a discount if and when any Plugin Alliance plugins do become available on UAD.