Customer Reviews

  • Tranquil and thundering reverb - at the same time

    by S.S.
    In just a few short months, this has become my go-to reverb. The nuances and subtleties in this plugin are superb. Nothing about the controls is harsh or overdone. Yet, the results can be anything in the range of virtual space creation. I am enjoying the results I'm getting from this reverb so much.
    Besides the controls, the fact that the tails are complete is crucial. I've never heard this done so well. Add to that the M/S and you have a force to be reckoned with in the reverb plugin world. (I wish I'd gotten my for the current sale price, but you can't have everything...)
  • Worst reverb ever

    by Demious
    Ive been trying to get something usefull out of this thing for over 6 months, but everything sounds like a sewer pipe. I must have tried every possible combination of settings by now, but I always hear that awfull hollow tone of a big, steel pipe.
    I compared this reverb to over 20 other reverbs, ranging from free ones, to reverbs of several hundreds of dollars, but the RooMS is without a doubt the worst sounding reverb that I own. It sounds awfull and fake.
    Ive always been very happy with every of the well over 40 P-A plugins I own, the RooMS being the exception.
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it
  • Simply amazing

    by Randal
    Let's just say... I'm blown away! What a beautiful reverb, I'll probably never use any other reverb from now on. It's perfect!!

    by Roland
    Hi, mehr oder weniger habe ich ein neues Hall Plugin gesucht und es in BX_rooMS gefunden! Ich mache sehr oft DECCATree Aufnahmen und oft sind hier räumlich klingende Hallvarianten nötig, die nur sehr schwer zu simulieren sind. Mit diesem PlugIn hat das sehr gut funktioniert. Es klingt sehr natürlich. Allerdings muss man sich ausgiebig damit befassen um ein brauchbares Ergebnis zu erzielen.
  • Blown away!

    by mindbeet
    I did not expect this. There is no way to distinguish the tail on this one from an impulse response.
    I write music for film, tv-series and games for a living. The basis of my tunes are strings and piano and this is where it shines. I have paid ridiculous amounts for every kind of reverb there is, this is by far the best algorithmic reverb I have ever heard. It will be on every project from now on.
  • Vocal savior!

    by Mchangani
    I demoed this for 5 minutes on my vocal mixbuss and I could not believe my ears when I bypassed it...this thing works great when the dry and wet knob is applied sparingly, I don't think I will ever mix vocals without this plugin damn!!! Eq frequency selection for lows and highs helps cancel muddiness plus unnecessary bright highs,the mono knob and Stereo widener are where the money is at!!! I can go on for hours but I need to finish my mix! hahahaha! LATER!
  • Good for small rooms

    by Heiko Klüh
    If you want diversity of room in your mix and a different room for percussion, hihats and smaller things, this is the one which sits in your mix and gives your instruments a better separation. Subtle, but amazing

    by Yellen
    Just buy it,you will know.
  • bx_rooMS

    by Spinncontrol
    I have several reverbs from an orgin PCM70 to an Eventide H3000SE. In my DAW have been grabinbg the VSS3 from TC but this thing really kicks butt on b-3's & gtrs... Love it!!!
    TIM in Texas
    "Trust your Ears...Not the Gear.