Customer Reviews

  • Good for small rooms

    by Tonstudio Melodee
    If you want diversity of room in your mix and a different room for percussion, hihats and smaller things, this is the one which sits in your mix and gives your instruments a better separation. Subtle, but amazing

    by Yellen
    Just buy it,you will know.
  • bx_rooMS

    by Spinncontrol
    I have several reverbs from an orgin PCM70 to an Eventide H3000SE. In my DAW have been grabinbg the VSS3 from TC but this thing really kicks butt on b-3's & gtrs... Love it!!!
    TIM in Texas
    "Trust your Ears...Not the Gear.
  • Bx_rooMS

    by j tayo
    I have lots of reverb plugs,I think bx rooMS is a little bit different!Sounds great and is easy to dial in results fast brainworx always on the money..
  • T H E O N E !

    by Mario Rdz
    Really flexible and easy to use reverb! Great results in no time! My go-to reverb since I demo'd it. Got it on sale! Bargain!
  • Awesome reverb!

    by Martijn van Dongen
    This is the best reverb I have ever used! Tried so many different ones, from Valhalla to Softube TSAR, they are nice but not always easy to blend in. This one really does!
  • no presets

    by lichtentunes
    It said in the description that there were a bunch of presets with this. There are no presets, only the types of rooms. So I'm frustrated. I usually like to find a preset I like and just tweak it a little, not start from scratch.
  • bx_rooms

    by Fried
    Love it! One of the best high quality reverb plugins with low cpu load that I've come across.
  • Beautiful

    by K r a d . F a c e
    He probado reverbs hasta la saciedad y realmente esta es de las mejores que he podido probar , sencilla y poderosa.
    Una reberb transparente y profunda.
    Un diseño increíble al igual que la espacio que genera.
  • great

    by Ethan M
    the sound is rich and organic and the presest are fantastic you can find any setting for everything you throw on it