Customer Reviews

  • Complete Control

    by Vern
    After years of using RVerb and Pro Tools' own Reverb (and still thinking they ar very good), I decided it was time to see what all the fuss was about over bx_rooMS. Pleasantly surprised indeed.
    The complete control you have with rooMS is really exceptional for sculpting the reverb in the way that you want to hear. While I don't use rooMS for every mixing situation, I do find that it does work well in many applications where I'm looking for a very specific sound. Not all reverbs are created equally and the spaciousness that rooMS lets you create is quite big and realistic. It has a slight learning curve, but once you get into it, you'll find that it is indeed a very powerful plugin.
  • all-rounder

    by Gearmaster
    I find a simply usable, but all-rounder, good sounding reverb. This is it!
  • bx-rooMS

    by fretbone
    The bx-rooMS reverb plugin by Brainworx has enough included presets to basically only need to mess with the wet/dry knob to adjust the amount of sweetening that you want. This is my go to plugin if I want to add some "special sauce" to a track. I love how easy it is to use and how good it sounds. Great Job on this one !
  • Stunning results!

    by John E.
    Watched a few vids to get a good understanding of what this plugin can do and how to use its various extra features. Blown away with the beautiful sounding results on the very first song I enhanced with bx_rooMS. The included Damping and EQ High and Low pass filters worked great, saving time and resources, which resulted in stellar output. Less is more works equally well, if your song calls for an old school feel. Some effects wimp out like an under powered tube when turned down, but not bx_rooMS. This is my new go-to Reverb.
  • Tranquil and thundering reverb - at the same time

    by S.S.
    In just a few short months, this has become my go-to reverb. The nuances and subtleties in this plugin are superb. Nothing about the controls is harsh or overdone. Yet, the results can be anything in the range of virtual space creation. I am enjoying the results I'm getting from this reverb so much.
    Besides the controls, the fact that the tails are complete is crucial. I've never heard this done so well. Add to that the M/S and you have a force to be reckoned with in the reverb plugin world. (I wish I'd gotten my for the current sale price, but you can't have everything...)
  • Worst reverb ever

    by Maarten
    Ive been trying to get something usefull out of this thing for over 6 months, but everything sounds like a sewer pipe. I must have tried every possible combination of settings by now, but I always hear that awfull hollow tone of a big, steel pipe.
    I compared this reverb to over 20 other reverbs, ranging from free ones, to reverbs of several hundreds of dollars, but the RooMS is without a doubt the worst sounding reverb that I own. It sounds awfull and fake.
    Ive always been very happy with every of the well over 40 P-A plugins I own, the RooMS being the exception.
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it

    by Roland
    Hi, mehr oder weniger habe ich ein neues Hall Plugin gesucht und es in BX_rooMS gefunden! Ich mache sehr oft DECCATree Aufnahmen und oft sind hier räumlich klingende Hallvarianten nötig, die nur sehr schwer zu simulieren sind. Mit diesem PlugIn hat das sehr gut funktioniert. Es klingt sehr natürlich. Allerdings muss man sich ausgiebig damit befassen um ein brauchbares Ergebnis zu erzielen.
  • Blown away!

    by mindbeet
    I did not expect this. There is no way to distinguish the tail on this one from an impulse response.
    I write music for film, tv-series and games for a living. The basis of my tunes are strings and piano and this is where it shines. I have paid ridiculous amounts for every kind of reverb there is, this is by far the best algorithmic reverb I have ever heard. It will be on every project from now on.
  • Vocal savior!

    by Mchangani
    I demoed this for 5 minutes on my vocal mixbuss and I could not believe my ears when I bypassed it...this thing works great when the dry and wet knob is applied sparingly, I don't think I will ever mix vocals without this plugin damn!!! Eq frequency selection for lows and highs helps cancel muddiness plus unnecessary bright highs,the mono knob and Stereo widener are where the money is at!!! I can go on for hours but I need to finish my mix! hahahaha! LATER!