Customer Reviews

  • ★★★★★
    Simply the best
    by Eric Snodgrass
    Choosing and tweaking reverb settings has never been my favorite past time when mixing. I found it very time consuming to get just the right sound out of any of the multiple reverb plug-ins I own, from simple ones to complex IR Convolution plug-ins. Then the bx_rooMS came along and all of that changed for me.
    Every online review is correct - this is the easiest interface of any reverb plug-in on the market. With all of the controls laid out on the face I can dial in the right sound for any scenario very quickly and easily without having to dig into layers of controls, like on many other reverb plug-ins. The built-in EQ section eliminates the need for a separate EQ plug-in for the reverb and helps tailor the reverb to taste.
    Oh, and the reverb itself sounds fantastic.
    I've been using it for many different tasks, from giving drums that huge 70s arena rock sound to more subtle things like giving a dry kick track a little depth or creating some space on a dry acoustic guitar track. I've found the CPU usage to be so low that I don't even hesitate to put multiple instances in a single session.
    This has quickly become my go-to reverb plug-in. I don't think I'll ever need to purchase another reverb plug-in.
  • ★★★★★
    by shanefontane
    I have waited a lifetime for an in-the-box verb with such detail and warmth. The added M/S and FX add a whole new creative processing palette to quickly dialing in unique verbs. Honestly, the ease-of-use and lush sound is brilliant.
  • ★★★★★
    by Bill Harrison
    The movement in the tail on this reverb is the reason I bought it. I tried to emulate with my other reverbs and couldn't match it. I only buy plugins if they standout and this reverb has a beautiful depth and outstanding features.
  • ★★★★★
    by Dean Roberts
    In a word: stunning!
    The M/S features are amazing.
    Kudos to BX!