Customer Reviews

  • bx_rooMS

    by Hank Mojito
    One of the best reverbs I´ve ever used. A lot of needful parameters to tweak your perfect reverb sound plus brainworx typical m/s options make this reverb top. I can strongly recommend to check this plugin.
  • BXRooms

    by audioangel
    Fantastic - another great plugin by Plugin Alliance. Such great variety and flexibility to adjust the room rsponses
  • One wicked plugin

    by mr_glitch
    I wish I had had this a long time ago. The possibility to control reverb parameters M/S without complicated routing is remarkable, apart from all the other features that make workflow a breeze (trademark of Brainworx, really! I've never gone wrong with these folks). Dialing in a great sound is just silly, and the monitoring features are incredible as well being able to process the original signal.
    Honestly, I can't say enough good things about bx_rooMS, it just sounds great.
  • Killer Verb

    by GPiazza
    Many EQ plugins use the same or similar algorithms; not so with reverb plugins. From the lush tails of mid 80's studio staples to modern room & ambience targeted designs, a hearty collection of well designed verb plugins can give a production extra edge & polish.
    The bx_rooMS is such a plugin: high quality, flexible & unique, filling a gap left by more traditional emulation & convolution designs. This is a top notch extraordinary plugin that any serious engineer/producer should have in their arsenal. It is great for all styles, from rock to hip-hop, country to post production. Enjoy!
  • bx_rooMS

    by Sundisc
    Easy to use! Once you are familiar with with the spaces you are emulating, you can quickly tailor your 'space' to your liking.
  • Bx Rooms

    by Rashrule
    I love this reverb plugin! I produce and mix a lot of Reggae music, plus Dance and other material, and Bx Rooms are perfect for dialing in the space I am looking for. I am very picky when it comes to reverb and I love this one!
  • bx_rooMS

    by Vicsaund
    Simple and effective plugin!
    Thanks to the developers!!!
  • bx_RoomS

    by mikedaly
    Awesome sounding tail! Lots of really unique tools to tweak and shape your verb with. Thanks PA!
  • Nice reverb - M/S very usefull

    by RPRM
    The rooMS has a wide range - from natural sounding room reverb to dramatic sound design. The M/S function really makes this stand out especially when combined with the EQ options. Has replaced a few of my other reverb plugs. Nice job Brainworx!
  • REVIEW THIS PRODUCT $199 Brainworx bx_rooMS

    by buckan
    I bought bx_rooMS after demoing and checking with gearslutz
    As an EDM producer, I appreciate bx_rooMS
    - sound, which fills a gap between artificial and realistic
    - smart interface and features such as M/S, mono maker and stereo width