Customer Reviews

  • BXRooms

    by audioangel
    Fantastic - another great plugin by Plugin Alliance. Such great variety and flexibility to adjust the room rsponses
  • One wicked plugin

    by mr_glitch
    I wish I had had this a long time ago. The possibility to control reverb parameters M/S without complicated routing is remarkable, apart from all the other features that make workflow a breeze (trademark of Brainworx, really! I've never gone wrong with these folks). Dialing in a great sound is just silly, and the monitoring features are incredible as well being able to process the original signal.
    Honestly, I can't say enough good things about bx_rooMS, it just sounds great.
  • Killer Verb

    by GPiazza
    Many EQ plugins use the same or similar algorithms; not so with reverb plugins. From the lush tails of mid 80's studio staples to modern room & ambience targeted designs, a hearty collection of well designed verb plugins can give a production extra edge & polish.
    The bx_rooMS is such a plugin: high quality, flexible & unique, filling a gap left by more traditional emulation & convolution designs. This is a top notch extraordinary plugin that any serious engineer/producer should have in their arsenal. It is great for all styles, from rock to hip-hop, country to post production. Enjoy!
  • bx_rooMS

    by Sundisc
    Easy to use! Once you are familiar with with the spaces you are emulating, you can quickly tailor your 'space' to your liking.
  • Bx Rooms

    by Rashrule
    I love this reverb plugin! I produce and mix a lot of Reggae music, plus Dance and other material, and Bx Rooms are perfect for dialing in the space I am looking for. I am very picky when it comes to reverb and I love this one!
  • bx_rooMS

    by Vicsaund
    Simple and effective plugin!
    Thanks to the developers!!!
  • bx_RoomS

    by mikedaly
    Awesome sounding tail! Lots of really unique tools to tweak and shape your verb with. Thanks PA!
  • Nice reverb - M/S very usefull

    by RPRM
    The rooMS has a wide range - from natural sounding room reverb to dramatic sound design. The M/S function really makes this stand out especially when combined with the EQ options. Has replaced a few of my other reverb plugs. Nice job Brainworx!
  • REVIEW THIS PRODUCT $199 Brainworx bx_rooMS

    by buckan
    I bought bx_rooMS after demoing and checking with gearslutz
    As an EDM producer, I appreciate bx_rooMS
    - sound, which fills a gap between artificial and realistic
    - smart interface and features such as M/S, mono maker and stereo width
  • Quick and Versitile

    by Mdjagg
    Bx_rooMS was a plugin that I wasn't seeking, but I am so glad I found it. I've got a couple of other quality competitors in the arsenal, and while everything has its place, I have been reaching for this one more than any other.
    I recommend this on Vocals and Drums, in my opinion the two most critical sources, and the ones that need a smooth, natural sound, which this tool can produce. Also, it makes some of the riches plate ringing tones I've heard, great for effects and adding overtones to synths and other unique sounds. I use this on an aux buss when using it in this fashion.
    Great plugin, and I highly recommend test driving.