Customer Reviews

  • Quick and Versitile

    by Mdjagg
    Bx_rooMS was a plugin that I wasn't seeking, but I am so glad I found it. I've got a couple of other quality competitors in the arsenal, and while everything has its place, I have been reaching for this one more than any other.
    I recommend this on Vocals and Drums, in my opinion the two most critical sources, and the ones that need a smooth, natural sound, which this tool can produce. Also, it makes some of the riches plate ringing tones I've heard, great for effects and adding overtones to synths and other unique sounds. I use this on an aux buss when using it in this fashion.
    Great plugin, and I highly recommend test driving.
  • bx_rooMS

    by votive
    bx_rooMS - Well designed and very useful. It shows off its skill with vocals to me. This isn't just another verb either. It is unique in sound, look and feel.
    It's not washing unless pushed really hard. With vocals, the intimacy of the room is captured and the image is projected very well. All and all it is another brilliant and very worth your money Brainworx hit.
  • What I was looking for!

    by Adam Bruns
    This plugin is great! I have quite a few reverbs in my arsenal, and to be honest, this one is one of the best. Even though the GUI is clean and familiar (similar to Digidesign D-Verb in a way), the sound is phenomenal. I was skeptical at first, but then I tried the demo and was convinced. "A+" to both Brainworx for a familiar friend with a lot of what people look in a reverb: clarity, options, and smooth believable feel. At the very least, it's always nice to have another reverb that you can use to broaden your color palette. Great job and I highly recommend this plugin. Sound great on anything!
  • One of the best!

    by ko52284
    Incredible reverb,you want this one for your mixing arsenal!
  • bx_rooMS

    Good plugins!!!
  • Bx rooMS

    by Kashoo
    Best soundng reverb! Very natural. Highly recomend it and will likely be my go to reverb going forward. And I stll have evem got a chance to play arounf with mid and side processing yet. Five stars all the way!!!!
  • Very good Reverb

    by Nicolas Choma
    Bx_RooMS is very good plugin.
    Very usefull for mono track.
    I often use it for creative room , but it work too for realistic room
  • bx rooms

    by leeknow
    When i heard this plugin the first time was my first reaction boooom. I have ua reverbs but this is more flexible and the sound is great.
  • What a reverb!

    by Earbug
    This reverb has all you need, it sounds amazing, it's versatile, and dead easy to use. I can see this one easily ending up in all my projects. And here I was thinking I didn't need another reverb plug-in. So glad I went for it!
  • Creative FX Reverb

    by Alex Hepting
    It was never easier to change the room settings reaching from plate, hall or church. On the top of it all there is a mixer knob which balances the room tone in this godsent plugin. It works almost like a limiter or feels like a limiter, which makes the mix section essential to finalize the source or mixing in parallel. I discovered or learned almost one half of the functionality. This plugin is definitely in the row of plugins like eventide blackverb or tverb but has very unique functions which are like a swiss army knife for every fx channel. I think the m/s section is super easy to access without much fiddling around in routing. The metering on this plugin is essential for fast m/s mixing.