Customer Reviews

  • Increíble Magnifico plugins

    by Puchito777
    Esto se merece más de 10 estrellas por lo magnifico que es
  • error

    by gabriel
    no me reconoce el plugin fl studio
  • Sbter

    by Alpha
  • vst

    by Axelitoflp
    muy bueno
  • Contraseña

    by Djivanmarin
    Muy bueno
  • masculino

    by masculino
    hola hola
  • For bassssss

    by Díselo Mosh
    I use this for more power in the bass. Insane!!
  • Plugin Setup

    by Trevor
    First off, the plugins are great. They provide more power to the punch and help me achieve a richer, more immersive sound. Combining completely different genres of music is where I find the most satisfaction. Future Bounce with Country, Synthwave with sound clips from NASA, and very old pre-1925 recordings with whatever.
    Normally I would install a package manager due to the massive (not) 256 main SSD drive. Being able to specify an alternate destination, in this case, an external drive was the do or die factor. It also automatically located my VST folders on the same drive. Many installers skip this step. It just shows a lot of fore thought on your behalf.
    Back to the plugins, I appreciate your efforts. I may be new to the production game, but I have spent 20+ years arranging events with a strong musical presence. When I sanity-check my work with my contacts, they are generally surprised at how far I've come in a short amount of time. I specifically solicit constructive feedback, if not "this is crap", because it let's me know where to put my focus. These plugins help me rise above each critical point. - What they don't know is that I was a primary DJ in the early 90's at 2 different clubs. We had 1 dusty CD player because we preferred vinyl. Someone lifted my 0-9 & A-M record catalog while another DJ was on deck. That ended that career... until now.
  • incrivel

    by muito bom
  • dj

    by torres
    excelente pluging para edición de audio profesional