Customer Reviews

  • You need it's big brother

    by Vern
    Tried it. Liked what it did. Then bought its big brother (bx_subsynth) and really found out that I loved it. Bx_subfilter gives you just a taste of what you are missing out with in bx_subsynth. Demo it then buy it ;)
  • BX Subfilter

    by DJ PureFire
    Awesome for adding heavy low end & punch to a bass guitar sound
  • accid

    by xasltx.cid
  • lo necesito

    by DAM
  • Bx subfilter

    by Anurag
    I really like this plugin because it's free and powerful for bass thanks plugin alliance
  • ddd

    by zent
  • bx subfilter

    by Yory
    Действительно крутой плагин, который реально дает богатые низа на кике и басу. Интуитивно простой в работе с большим КПД. Рекомендую однозначно всем...
  • bx_subfilter

    by ND
    I love this plugin. It's my favorite processor for both synth and acoustic kicks...really makes them come alive in a mix. Unbelievable that it's free. I also have it's big brother, the bx_subsynth, but I honestly use this more often. It gets used in every session.
  • 10

    by mb
    muy buen plugin
  • Sajche

    by Brayand