Customer Reviews

  • Great!

    by B
    Perfect for my needs, much better than stock I was using
  • musico

    by joche
    buena aceptacion del programa
  • BX Subfilter

    by MikeCasey
    This simple, clear plugin goes on just about every project of mine in multiple spots. It works for boosting that kick or bass synth, or for adding some frequencies to fill out (when placed before an EQ) on a vocal track. It’s pretty versatile!
  • Sub filter

    by Enforcer
    Use this a lot simple controls that give you the results you want
  • Clear and Punchy

    by Hitchenson
    my main tool when the bass instruments are lacking of bottom end in the recording stage.
  • Boom Boom

    by Kicevski
    I'm really excited and satisfied with this effect. He gives me extra sub-bass...
  • Awesome

    by BluelagoonStudios
    Had a metal project, were instruments kicks to and from each other, tricky genre. I felt the bass guitar wasn't 'dark' enough, tried first the subsynth (which is also great), but didn't give the result I wanted. Put this one in the chain, and a clipper behind it, and got my sound. Can't believe this is free to be honest.
  • Subfilter

    by Roostie
    Great free VST for your Low End
  • You need it's big brother

    by Vern
    Tried it. Liked what it did. Then bought its big brother (bx_subsynth) and really found out that I loved it. Bx_subfilter gives you just a taste of what you are missing out with in bx_subsynth. Demo it then buy it ;)
  • BX Subfilter

    by DJ PureFire
    Awesome for adding heavy low end & punch to a bass guitar sound