Customer Reviews

  • 混音

    by 王新
  • Kick and Punch...Taichi!

    by Mchangani
    This plugin just saved my kick,!!! It added none muddy bottom my kick is really solid, Bx Subfilter just taught me to never underestimate freebies functionality!!! This plugin deserves a Black belt coz it kicks and punches all the right pressure points!!! Salute !!!
  • Cool Plugin

    by Hitplacemusic Studio
    if they add a wet and dry know its cool for the next, the best for sub and Drums 808 hard carefully this little its boom.. thanks Plugin Alliance
  • Big punch

    by TheBSideStudio
    Tone, character, fine tune, all sound amazing.also easy to use, no brainers. Replaced 2 eqs and compressor on a weak kick , in one fell swoop. Worth it.
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it

    by Davyjax777
    I use it on EVERYTHING! Better Vocals, better separation of kick drums and basses. Fantastic EP, great for highlighting and enhancing instruments. Works wonders for virtual instruments like strings and piano. I use Pro-Tools 2018.12 with over 100 plugins, but now I only need 5 to get good mixes. I thank the creators!!!
  • Sub control

    by Ted Brennan
    Magic Fx for Kick and other low percussions. Essential in my tool box.
  • Vocal Enhancer

    by Jan
    Its hidden purpose for Vocal enhancing. :)
  • Very Useful Tool

    by Local Man
    This is the best tool I've found for quickly beefing up the low end of instruments. It obviously works great on drums and bass but I use it all the time on polysynths and it sounds great. It works well on anything with lows or low mids that need a little more heft. There are plenty of other ways to achieve similar results but I can't think of any that are as fast and that yield such great results. I reach for it all the time. Don't pass it up!
  • Kicking the next nevel

    by UB
    Very convenient tool for shaping and performing basic operation on kicks, for more in-depth processing I´d recommend Subsynth :)
    Herramienta muy apropiada para dar forma y realizar operaciones básicas en los Kicks, para obtener un procesado de mayor profundidad recomendaría Subsynth.