Customer Reviews

  • bx subfilter

    by Bd lieutenant
    plenty of options, scope to carve or craft.
    Personally very gentle use, enhancement (with an eq).
    good with loops etc,
    handy option in tool box
  • Nice but issue in cubase

    by Two Cat Audio Labs
    I really like the plug-in for adding a nice resonant bass boost when needed. But in Cubase 9.5 there is an issue during the first couple bars of a mix when using this where it seems to cut out and them come back on which isn't good. Easy work around is to start the track one bar later leaving a bar of empty space before the track starts.
  • bx_subfilter

    by Roch
    Bass Bass
  • bx_subfilter

    by djtoho
  • punch & body

    by vc
    bx_subfilter: a great little helper. real fundamental base.
  • Amazing!

    by rodneyorpheus
    This little plugin is a wolf in sheep's clothing... great for tightening up low end while remastering. An easy 5 stars.
  • Down Low

    by Jeremy Graham
    The bx_subfilter has become an indispensable tool for adding low(er) end to kicks or bass. The butterworth filter really helps define and tighten the ultra low end and has saved many tracks where extra weight is needed in order to stand up next to other commercial sounding tracks. Can't wait to try out it's big brother; the bx_subsynth next!
  • Great low end!

    by Chuck Baker
    This is a useful, innovative plugin for the low end...really potent, and does what it says. And, it's freeeeeee! Thank you Plugin Alliance!
  • Easy Does It!

    by Jos
    I found the "takeover" mousing of these bx_ plugins (bx_solo included) to be very unstable. Even when in combination with the +shift-key the volume levels became erratic and surged my speakers. Sorry to say, not for me.
  • Low end miracle

    by violencer
    Brainworx made analog of the sub-Midas touch. And it's free. You definitely should try this one.