Customer Reviews

  • 10

    by mb
    muy buen plugin
  • Sajche

    by Brayand
  • piano

    by elsapo
    muy bueno
  • great sound, easy to use

    by Preincarnation
    I discovered that my mixes compared to the professinal mixes I get from our engineer lack some bass foundation on the kick, so, this was a easy and quick solution to make my mix way better and punchy. Thanky Brainworx!
  • easy & punchy!

    by grandcanyon
    Very easy sub-harmonic fx!
  • song

    by dart
  • 混音

    by 王新
  • Kick and Punch...Taichi!

    by Mchangani
    This plugin just saved my kick,!!! It added none muddy bottom my kick is really solid, Bx Subfilter just taught me to never underestimate freebies functionality!!! This plugin deserves a Black belt coz it kicks and punches all the right pressure points!!! Salute !!!
  • Cool Plugin

    by Hitplacemusic Studio
    if they add a wet and dry know its cool for the next, the best for sub and Drums 808 hard carefully this little its boom.. thanks Plugin Alliance
  • Big punch

    by TheBSideStudio
    Tone, character, fine tune, all sound amazing.also easy to use, no brainers. Replaced 2 eqs and compressor on a weak kick , in one fell swoop. Worth it.