Customer Reviews

  • bx_subfilter - Instant Magic!

    by Liza
    This plug-in is wonderful. It's given hours of my life back! It gets straight to the point and instantly works the magic. Both an enhancer or problem solver - no more time and frustration spent trying to get sounds to sit just how you like. This can toughen, give depth and fullness, richness and weight without squeezing the life and dynamics. This can take a push without any harsh, plastic sound or distortion. Another heavy weight yet organic and sweet tool for your arsenal!
  • bx_subfilter

    by Dj John-Player
    Your low end´s best friend,
    Thank you Brainworx´s for this little badboy!

    by Bro Montana
    This plugin will make it into every mix from here on. it's THAT good! It also may have saved my marriage!
  • Fantastic !!

    by AreG
    Very efficient and easy way to focus in on the fundamental frequency of percussive elements while simultaneously balancing low end rumble according to taste. This little magic wonder will transform your kick drum, snare, tom etc in seconds and save you hours of work. I love it !
  • Not just for bass guitar and drums

    by Cat music
    I just used this thing on an orchestral string bass track.
    Its low frequencies really punch through.
    This is especially true when track hits the lower octaves.
    Very happy with this.
    Thanks for the plug-in.
  • Great plugin

    by Parag
    It really makes my kick sound tight... And bass synth as well. Loving this free beast.
  • BX Sub Filter

    by Sal Paradise
    Yep, does what they say..creates a tightening at the low end that would take a lot of fiddling around to create otherwise. I would like to know how they did it!
  • It's sexy.

    by MRB
    I really love the bx_subsynth but this free little brother is sweet as fux too.
  • bx_subfilter - PHATT!

    by James Mullen
    Wow, this must be the phattest plugin you can get for free. My speakers jump in joy. ;-) I love the big brother bx_subsynth already, but for less complex signals this absolutely does the job. Drums, bass, mixes, synth, they all sound great with this little rocker inserted. Thanks Brainworx & Plugin Alliance!