Customer Reviews

  • Smooth and gentle

    by jaborisakdar
    The baxandall curve is very smooth and when used alongside the high and low-frequency cut filters, can create some dramatic EQ moves. Great for mastering! The only reason I give this four stars instead of five is that I wish there was the option to resize the plugin window. On a hi-resolution monitor, the plugin is just too small to see comfortably, and I have no issues with my eyesight, it's just that small.
  • This Is HUGE!!!

    by Nuevex
    After years trying many options this is my way to go when I need bring Kicks to the life without to destroy my mix. I can't believe what it can do. Literally I can push it to the limits and still sounds amazing!
  • very flexible and sweet

    by Ndal
    I was wrong. I thought it was a simple shelving eq. However, the BAX EQ sounds very flexible and sweet. It also made my music wider. It is transparent, but it makes the original color more beautiful, opens it up, and makes it stronger. Even with a simple knob, I was able to create very diverse and creative curves. This guy is very basic and essential.
  • BAX EQ

    by Peter Indenkämpen
    Installed it and loved it immediately...
    Instant control over problematic frequencies especially at the low end.
  • One of the best option for cutting the extremes

    by Elliott S.
    In my opinion the BAX EQ is truly one of the best tools available to cut the extremes (low cut / high cut). It causes no phase issues or high resonances in the low end which can often be the case with other EQ's/Filters. In addition to having this very "musical" sound, pretty gentle with most materials.
    This is most of the time my first insert when mastering a project.
  • Low end magic

    by Naji
    Great to give this little extra to the low end on master bus, very subtle. Four stars only, because autogain compensation is missing. A 249 USD plugin without it is a no go imo. We have one mouse only and software could have more features than hardware, don't just copy hardware, make it better or appropriate
  • BAX EQ

    by Galaxy Bridge
    Disarm cymbals, make guitar sounds more present or give the master the final touch. This EQ is a must have!
  • Music On !

    by Studio Aspiotis
    Very Nice Eq ! Very transparent .. We use it almost on every ITB Mix Buss! For Analog Mixing, we use similar Outboard Mix Buss Eq's .. this is one of a kind!
  • sweet

    by azlan
    I like this EQ, it also has one of the sweetest highs ever heard in a plugin!
  • Bax EQ

    by Alfredo
    with minimums moves and with a subtle respond, the Bax Eq give a nice new curve of sound. I liked a lot, because is wide and with a good tone, good enough for have on the arsenal and use on the master session