Customer Reviews

  • BAX EQ - Simple amazing

    by Monotonne
    There's no such thing as magic in the world of engineering, but this plugin seems to have a little bit of it. You put it on any track and it starts to sound more "right"
  • Nice one!

    by Milian
    Sounds good!
  • good

    by blacksheep
  • Smooth and Natural EQ

    by MiamiDude
    Wow!! I have used many EQs, but this EQ is simply analog sounding! Easy to tighten up sounds and instruments with the filter cuts. And then boosting with the shelves. This adds big bottom end on bass. And silky highs. Great in mixing. In mastering for the final polish, I use it at the end of the chain, before final clipper/limiter.
  • Fantastic

    by Emulator
    Very great plugin but ...rezisable UI would be a nice addition...please!
  • Maravilloso

    by @audiofriki
    Maravilloso EQ. Acostumbrado a la frialdad y poca musicalidad de los EQ digitales. Este EQ me ha sorprendido muchisimo.
  • BAX EQ

    by Ivan Pesut
    The most pleasant-sounding filtering in a plugin format.
    BAX lives on the mix bus, and will never leave it!
  • almost perfect

    by Luke@Golden Horse Records
    Add an auto-gain function (to all plugins btw), and I'll give it 5 stars!
  • The Best At What It Does...

    by Lucas
    Every so often another company comes out with yet another emulation of the Baxandall Low/High EQ, and they always have some shortcoming, most often in the retaining of definition of the low end, or the ability to keep the highs from becoming overly thin. This plugin nails all of the nuances that lend towards keeping a tight low end, boosting or cutting, and keeping high end boosts smooth and cuts transparent. It's everywhere in my mixes as it's simply the best at what it does.
  • Classic

    by Paul Misty
    Smooth. Smoother. Bax EQ.