Customer Reviews

  • Nice

    by Boaz-Chris v.k.
    This is one of these special plugins, nice tool to have for placement. But besides that it can be used for good Reverbs as well, little cpu heavy though
  • dearVR music

    by Ven
    The plugin is very well but I am not satisfied with the handling. After I purchased the dearVR music I got the information in my account that there is a newer one calls pro available andI have to pay $99 more. That's not my kind of thinking of a good customer support and serious dealer. When PA offers older plugins for a lower price then they should inform the customer that there is a newer version available. Then it makes sense to keep a partner of PA and to buy more of theat really good stuff for music producers and sound designer.
  • great!

    by Eine Alte Oma
    soundwise this plugin is just perfect. it even exceeded my expectations when i found out that it even has a mode for speakers. i also like the gui a lot. i would give it 9/10 stars if that was possible, but this rating system only has 5 stars, so i had to go with 4. the only little downside of this plugin is that it does not let me see what every instance of it in my project is doing. that would make it even better cause then i could view and place all instruments in the same window
  • more space

    by J
    I've been looking forward to using this for a while now, and I'm very impressed, used carefully it can open up a mix by getting frequencies out of each others way without having to suck tone out of instruments
    It gives dimension and depth to a mix without phase issues (used with care), Of course it can also create some great effects when used for that purpose, I love this thing, I may well upgrade to the pro version
  • Dear 3D

    by Dear DR
    Waited for this to go on sale I’m pumped that it did haven’t used it much yet lol
    But the potential here is sick when I do nice dynamic stuff. Or even my usual
    Heavy stuff
  • Effective for Avant-garde Compositions

    by Ted Clayton
    A fantastic tool for anyone mixing Avant-garde music. For compositions that demand the listener's attention, DearVR Music allows one to create distinction within a sonic space. The ability to separate instruments into the foreground, middle ground, and background bring pieces to life.
    In addition, listening in Binaural emulates the human experience exceptionally well. It does not sound "strained" as is typical with binaural.
  • dearVR

    by callow
    so much Yezza
  • cool

    by Dear Reality dearVR music
  • Dear VR

    by Kevin from Canada
    So far, I am using Dear VR Music in post for broadcast. Great tool for placing elements in a mix with an amazing feel of depth and space.
    For my taste, bit more control of the reverb would be perfect. Dear VR Music is a super fun and creative tool for any audio professional.
  • dear VR

    by DearVR
    one of the best sounding plugins i ve ever heard.a time saver. the best tool to create ambience. sound very natural.